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Profile Overview


Reman Male

Character Information


First Mate
SS Viridian Expanse





Former shock trooper, now first mate on an independant freighter


Not much is known about Timek’s youth, and he prefers to not think about it. Like many Remans he toiled in the mines of Remus as a slave. He was a good worker and became an amateur engineer over time. He learned to maintain and tinker with equipment and these skills were noticed by the Romulan overseers. When the oppurunity came to serve as a shock trooper during the Dominion War though, Timek was one of the first to take up the oppurtunity. Though he went trhough a number of the worst battles, Timek managed to survive the war. Shortly after the war, he caught the eye of a Tal Shiar officer named Jurel who took Timek on as a personal enforcer and bodyguard.

In addition to his duties doing Jurel’s dirty work, Timek was also responsible for keeping an eye on the young Keren, Jurel’s great nephew who she frequently took care of while his mother was on military assignments that were not suitable for family to be present. Timek taught the young man many of his combat and engineering skills and even went with Keren when he served on a transport during the evacuation of Romulus.

Some years later, when Keren “acquired” a surplus military freighter and started plying the space lanes, Timek was asked to go with him by Jurel. Timek now serves as Keren’s right hand, first mate, and advisor. Whether he really works for Keren or Jurel is a fair question, but what is undeniable is that he won’t willingly let the young hybrid come to harm.