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Profile Overview

Keren tr'Serov

Human/Romulan Hybrid Male

Character Description

Officially, Keren was born in the medical bay of a D’Deridex class warbird on which his mother, Valera, was serving as science officer in 2370. Just like much of his story, even this point was in doubt. The fact he was half human was a surprise to pretty much a surprise to everyone around his mother and, like pretty much everything in Romulan life, raised many questions. Still, it never proved much of an obstacle for him in life. Because his mother was in the military for much of his childhood and no one seemed to know, or at least didn’t want to tell, who his father was, Keren spent most of his childhood being looked after by various relatives on Romulus. In particular he spent a lot of time with his great aunt, Jurel.

Jurel was an individual with her fingers in many pies. She was a very senior Tal Shiar agent for starters and seemed to be grooming Keren for that life from a young age. Keren was introduced to all sorts of people, military officials, senators, and the like, of which he grew quite fond of. She wasn’t afraid to use him in operations, to the immense displeasure of his mother. Of particular note is that A prevailing rumor regarding Keren is that he was the product of some wild genetic experiment on the part of Jurel with a rather unusual human parent, though this was just the most convincing of many wild theories surrounding him. What mattered is that Keren was as much Jurel’s child as his mother’s.

At the time of the Supernova, Keren was studying at an academy to become an officer on a merchant ship, at Jurel’s suggestion. With the Federation’s rescue fleet destroyed, Keren was among many young cadets that were pressed into service at fairly young ages. He took to this well, becoming an accomplished pilot and engineer, though the later was less by training and more by the need to keep the aging transport he was serving on from falling apart. Like any other Romulan, Keren lost a number of friends and relatives in the disaster, but doesn’t really like to talk about that period of his life. Most importantly though, his mother and Jurel made it through.

Not much is recorded about Keren for the first few years after the supernova. At this time his mother became a senior military officer in the Romulan Republic while Jurel didn’t clearly align with any of the three successor states. Keren, despite his mother’s desire to have him join the Republic military, ended up becoming an independent trader instead. Valera knew this had to have been Jurel’s doing as there was no other way he could have obtained a sophisticated ship, a former military freighter, and the necessary resources to begin such a career. Jurel and Keren both denied it, instead claiming that Keren called in a number of favors he had personally accrued over the years.

Whatever the truth was, if you could even find that out, Keren was set up for a rather prosperous life. There was plenty of profit to be had in the post-Supernova era in that area of space. Keren has obtained a reputation as a trader who can obtain pretty much anything for the right price, if it suits his purposes. He’s been known to operate throughout the successor states, into bordering Federation sectors, and even occasionally does business with the Klingons. Of course, many suspect he’s doing his great aunt’s bidding as well, but that’s just one more mystery Keren enjoys.

Character Summary

Son of a Romulan military scientist and an unknown to him human father. Raised in large part by his aunt, a high ranking Tal Shiar operative.