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USS Dvorak (Archive): Let Them Eat Cake

When the Velorum Sector declares itself a free state, USS Dvorak is tasked with bringing food security to Remans on a refinery planet that has been cut off from all sources of food.

Mission Description

Previously on Star Trek Dvorak: On Captain Taes’ maiden voyage as commanding officer of the USS Dvorak, the majority of her senior staff was body swapped in an archaeological weird science accident.  After Taes and Lieutenant JG Yuulik were able to return the crew members to their own bodies, Dvorak continued on their missions of archaeology and anthropology exploration, just beyond Federation space, into the Typhon Frontier.

And now the continuation…

The majority of Remans  have cut all ties with the Romulan Star Empire and the Velorum Sector has declared itself free to chart its own destiny.  Suddenly without the infrastructure and resources of the Romulan Star Empire, worlds like Kunhri III lack the means to provide the basic necessities to its population — necessities like food.

It’s been almost three months since Captain Taes took command of USS Dvorak.  When the Remans ask the Federation for help in reaching self-sufficiency, Captain Taes and the USS Dvorak are assigned to feed the world of Kunhri III.  Not only will the science ship Dvorak need to give the Remans a figurative fish, they will need to teach the Remans to fish, and identify what fish can thrive in the ecology of Kunhri III, and determine what species of fish will be most nutritious to Remans, and discover if Reman mythology will even allow them to eat fish!  Figuratively speaking.

Has Taes bitten off more than she can chew??

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4 July 2022

Let Them Eat Cake

USS Dvorak (Archive): Let Them Eat Cake

Watching the romulan shuttle dropping out of the sky, Taes felt her stomach drop in dread at a proportional rate of descent. They were discovered. Not that it was surprising. Taes had expected this day would come. The paranoid shard of Taes had expected it from the very first day of hiding out in [...]

1 July 2022

We Let In Light

USS Dvorak (Archive): Let Them Eat Cake

Huddled around the camp fire among the motley band of Dvorak farmers, Leander Nune laughed at something T’Kaal said, and when she asked him what had been humorous, Nune could only respond with more laughter.  Although Melchor Dolan’s eyes had been following Nune the whole time, he missed [...]

29 June 2022

Bitter Sting of Tears

USS Dvorak (Archive): Let Them Eat Cake

Trudging into her quarters aboard the USS Antonín, Captain Taes requested the computer leave the lights dim.  Although the viewport offered little but the overcast skies of Kunhri III –which is where the captain’s yacht was parked– there was just enough light for Taes to muddle her way [...]

27 June 2022

Throw Your Arms Around The World

USS Dvorak (Archive): Let Them Eat Cake

Feeling oddly sentimental on this day, Captain Taes asked the computer to play ‘Symphony from the New World‘ over the internal comms in the cockpit.  In the captain’s yacht, the USS Antonín, Taes had taken the flight controls for herself and framed up a view of the USS Dvorak through [...]