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Profile Overview

Annikafiore Szerda

Elaysian Cisgender Woman

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Szerda


As an outspoken and confident officer, Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Annikafiore Szerda would be the first to laughingly refer to her job as being the chief gossip officer.  According to Starfleet records, Szerda serves as the Chief Flight Controller of the USS Ascension.

Everything she’s learned from serving as a logistics officer for Starbase 72, to operations manager of the Raven-class USS Nestus, to chief flight control officer of the research cruiser USS Sarek has empowered Szerda to spread her wings in a position of greater responsibility.


At 167 cm and 68 kg, Annikafiore is all freckles, curves and fiery red curls. Her physical form is relatively athletic, if not toned, from frequent running and parrying in low-gravity gymnasiums. As an Elaysian, Annikafiore has a v-shaped cranial ridge at her mid-forehead, and another where her eyebrows would be if she were human. There’s always a challenge waiting behind her grey eyes.

Anniakfiore has above-average strength and muscle tone for an Elaysian, due to a specialized diet and exercise regimen to help her function in the gravitational and environmental conditions found on most Starfleet facilities. Having been raised on a low-gravity planet, Szerda wears an anti-gravity-enhanced exoframe on her shoulders, arms and legs at all times. While serving within Starfleet facilities, the Lieber exoskeleton allows Szerda a close approximation of her natural range of motion. While venturing outside the confines of a starship’s EPS grid, the exoframe can be somewhat less reliable on battery power.

Annikafiore Szerda

Ensign Annikafiore Szerda


Annikafiore tends to come across as overbearing and abrasive when she first gets to know someone new. Forthrightly, she will rarely censor the words she chooses. Once a relationship is established and the uncertainty ends, her brashness is often tempered with the loyalty of one’s oldest friend. Much of the motivation that drives Annikafiore’s temperament comes from her desire to be thought of as unique. Growing up, her parents always told her how special she was, how limitless her opportunities were. Inside, Annikafiore felt as if she were secretly, terribly dull. Boring is a dirty word to Annikafiore, and she fears she won’t be liked if her boring nature were ever discovered. Because Annikafiore wants to be liked, Annikafiore is never boring.

Although she was raised by parents who were cool and reserved, Anniakfiore was always encouraged to behave according to her own choosing. Annikafiore is genuine, and authentically herself. She yells without meaning it and flirts with people she despises. After witnessing her swiftly-changing temperaments, some are surprised to discover that Annikafiore is entirely competent and serious about her work.

While Annikafiore can waffle, and be uncertain of what she wants, she is determined once her mind is made up. She doesn’t give up. This was most blatantly demonstrated in the physical adversity she faced in leaving the low-gravity of her home world, and the gruelling training she underwent to survive within the environmental norms of the Federation. She put in the mentally, physically and emotional labour to fight her way into Starfleet. She’s not about to take it easy now, now that she’s in.

Despite that, Annikafiore doesn’t enjoy conflict. She avoids it. At times, this can lead her to behaving in a two-faced manner. When she’s in the moment, talking bout a colleague or a boss, she will talk big about their many, myriad failings. But when it comes time to talk to that same person, face-to-face, she will remain polite (as polite as society requires, and no further) without making mention of her grievances. At times in her life, in moments of extreme stress or troubling family dynamics, Annikafiore has been prone to compulsive lying.


Early Life

Annikafiore Szerda applied to Starfleet out of a sense of duty. Her parents were competitive dancers, and yet Annikafiore was born with all the grace of a hippopotamus. Although she learned to skydance, she never learned to love it for herself. Accepting that dance was a chore to Annikafiore, her parents encouraged her to follow other passions: music or writing, perhaps. Annikafiore excelled in school, exceeded the expectations set out for her, but she none of the subjects translated into something she wanted to do every day for the rest of her life. She enjoyed artistic expression, but it was a hobby for her. It was an outlet to distract her from her studies. It was never her passion.

Some say Annikafiore joined Starfleet because she wanted to defend her parents’ right and freedom to spend their days devoted to the arts. It was important to her. Growing up in the shadow of Dominion and Borg attacks, Annikafiore attributed that freedom to Starfleet. Others are less kind. There are others who say Annikafiore’s Starfleet career came about because of her desire to bed soulful explorers and muscle-toned soldiers, and her inability to choose between the two.

Starfleet Academy

Once accepted by Starfleet Academy, Annikafiore struggled with her academics. She was distracted by the process of acclimatizing herself to Federation standard environments. She physically trained her body just by being there, and later through extensive cardiovascular training, weight training, and studying of martial arts. In her time on Earth, and during her first starship assignment, Annikafiore was largely confined to an anti-grav chair that provided her mobility. As she continued her strength-training, she attained greater personal mobility through Lieber exoskeleton technology she wore over her uniform.

Annikafiore’s studies benefited from an orderly and technical mind. She benefits from an eidetic memory, able an entire paragraph from a book she read two years ago. Following her passions, Anniakfiore took to starship operations, along with the manipulation and designing of computer access and retrieval systems. From her longings for home, Annikafiore’s most common hobby became flight. With the life-support and artificial gravity settings in just a certain way, flying a shuttle could almost feel like sky dancing to Annikafiore.

USS Nestus

For over a year after her graduation from Starfleet Academy, Ensign Szerda has served as a hanger operations officer for Starbase 72, learning various functions in both flight control and operations. In early 2400, Szerda has been selected as the flight controller and operations manager for the Raven-class USS Nestus when it jaunts from Starbase 72 on science missions of archaeology and anthropology.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2398 - 2399 Logistics Officer Starbase 72
2399 - 2400 Hangar Operations Officer Starbase 72
2400 Operations Manager USS Nestus
2400 Chief Flight Control Officer USS Dvorak
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2400 - 2401 Chief Flight Control Officer USS Sarek
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2401 Chief Operations Officer USS Olympic
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2401 - Present Chief Flight Control Officer USS Ascension
Lieutenant Junior Grade