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USS Aquarius: New Beginnings

After a year in space, the Aquarius returns to a Federation Starbase to resupply and acquire a new commanding officer, who's connection to the shattered Romulan Star Empire will make the assignment personal.

Mission Description

Advancing several months ahead of the previous mission, The Aquarius’s mission under goes a soft reset as they pick up new relief supplies and a new Captain to replace Acting Captain Makoto…though the “New” Captain is hardly new to the job of a Starship Commander serving in the Neutral Zone…She’s just new to which side of the Zone she is serving on.

About the Mission

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9 July 2023

The New Doctor

USS Aquarius: New Beginnings

Humans found this an exciting of perhaps a stressful time. New assignments brought with it the novelty of the unknown and of potential danger. Generally not physical danger mind you, despite the holo-vids most of life within Star Fleet was safe, but emotional danger. Would you get on with a new [...]

1 May 2023

So Many Spiders

USS Aquarius: New Beginnings

“To Lieutenant T’winn N’Dir, who upon arrival at Starbase K-8 will be taking up a new post as Chief Operations Officer aboard the USS Aquarius, and Commander Dietlinde, who will be heading off to a well deserved retirement!” “Hear Hear!” came the chorus. T’winn was certain that the [...]

14 April 2023

A Commanding Encounter - Vaelana/Q’orvha/McKnight

USS Aquarius: New Beginnings

The tour had been mostly uneventful so far, except for a small tense moment in a forward torpedo bay when an anti-grav lift momentarily failed and nearly dropped a Quantum Torpedo directly onto the deck-plating. The rest however, had gone as smooth as possible. This had allowed for Q’orvha to [...]

8 February 2023

Analyze This!

USS Aquarius: New Beginnings

Lt. Dr. Rena Campbell was the newly-assigned counsellor on the USS Aquarius. Which was weird because she WAS an Aquarius.  Must be fate.  Not that Rena believed much in fate, but she certainly didn’t have other ideas. Anyway, it was time for the usual all-staff psych evals, as part of [...]