Excelsior II-class • NCC-87003 • Task Force 47

Welcome aboard the USS Aquarius as it begins its adventures in the old Romulan Neutral Zone. Since the attack on Mars and the subsequent withdrawal from evacuations from the impending supernova, many Romulan refugees distrust Starfleet. The Aquarius will face challenges as they attempt to give humanitarian aid to these refugee worlds. Hopefully, over time with diplomacy and patience, they can begin to repair the damage.

The USS Aquarius (NCC-87003) is an Excelsior II-class heavy cruiser that was introduced in the late 2380s as a modern update to the long-serving Excelsior-class cruiser, which had just passed its tenth decade in continuous service. Unlike the similar-looking but much larger Obena-class explorer, the Excelsior II is designed to fill precisely the same niche held by the Excelsior: a medium-sized all-rounder. Working in tandem with her contemporary, the Reliant-class frigate, the Excelsior II is a solid, dependable cruiser that shores up patrol lines and handles generalist duties within and near Federation space. Under the command of Captain Vaelana, Aquarius is operating in the old Romulan Neutral Zone in the Beta Quadrant.

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10 October 2022

Four Minus Three Equals One

USS Aquarius: New Beginnings

The boarding status was back to red.  Imaru had traversed the archaic corridors of Starbase K-8 to finally arrive at the berth where the Aquarius was docked. She discovered several interesting sights along the way and she made a mental note to explore them before the ship left the station. [...]

24 September 2022

Cold Thoughts

USS Aquarius: New Beginnings

Imaru glared at the two humanoids that were detained in the cell block of the Promenade section of Starbase K-8. One was a portly Bolian man who was about middle age with a belly that protruded like a torpedo and biceps that looked like they could punch through bulkheads. His name was Tyko Jwern. [...]

5 September 2022

A Fresh Start

USS Aquarius: New Beginnings

The small convoy fleet of vessels was laid out across the speckled darkness of space, magnified into detail even at this great distance by the Bridge’s Main Viewer. Commander Vaelana t’Kaeyn, formerly of the Romulan Star Navy, sat perched forward on her command chair and dais, studying the [...]

16 July 2022

Keeping Up With Maintenance

USS Aquarius: Gravitational Anomaly

Elizabeth sighed looking at the PADD in her hand.  The work was constant. The ship had changed since their old captain had been rushed off to Trill. The details of which she wasn’t certain where to separate rumor from fact.  Gossip on a ship like this was at an all-time high. She sipped [...]