Profile Overview


Vulcan Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade N'dir


T'Winn N'dir

Mid 2321



An unusual Vulcan, N’Dir spent much of his childhood studying with the monks of P’jem before expressing an interest in the stars.  N’Dir is of the type of person that can’t stand an unsolved question.  In general, there will be a ‘question of the day’ that he is focused on, and if he cannot solve it by the end of the day, it gets back into rotation, with the reasoning that perhaps more time will unveil answers that were unavailable the first go around.  N’Dir often annoys his fellow officers with his dogged pursuit of answers and a prior crewmate describes him as “the most emotional emotionless Vulcan I’ve ever met”.


Of middling height for a Vulcan at 6″ nothing
Dirty Blond hair, with green eyes

Can and will forget which uniform he’s wearing if in pursuit of an answer.


Surprisingly forgetful N’Dir will 100% rescue a comrade in danger, but if an answer to his question is there, he will forget the rest of the situation in a heartbeat.  N’dir looks through the world with intense tunnel vision, some would say like he’s looking through a microscope.


After N’dir left P’jem for starfleet academy, he was quickly recruited into the Science division to best utilize his inherent research ability, though to their frustration he often has gotten sidetracked.

After the academy, N’dir served for some time in starfleet before retiring for about a decade.

N’dir spent some time on the USS Tesla as an Ensign, surveying the Paulson Nebula for a year before being moved to the USS T’Pal to assist in the studies of the Typhon Expanse.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2399 - 2400 Ensign - researcher USS Tesla
Leutenant - Junior Grade - researcher USS T'pal