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Part of USS Horizon: Episode 7: Deep Strike and Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

Deep Strike – 2

Barzan System, Alpha Quadrant
February 2401
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The starships Horizon and Glasgow joined the USS Alexandria after a successful rendezvous, and together they steered a single course through the cosmos. The combined strength of these ships, each carrying their own unique skills, established a course for the distant Deneb sector as their warp engines propelled them forward with steadfast determination.

The doors to the Horizon’s briefing room opened with a gentle hiss. Treylana led her senior staff into the room, each taking their seats around the large, sleek conference table at the centre of the room. Positioned at the head of the table, she settled into her chair, her gaze fixed upon the commanding viewscreen that adorned the opposing wall. As the vibrant hum of conversation gradually subsided, she keyed in a sequence on the touchpad to her right. The viewscreen flickered to a split-screen view of two Starfleet captains, her former XO, Captain Phil Nichols and the Captain of the USS Alexandria, Akiyama Makoto.

“Welcome, Captains Nichols and Makoto,” Treylana said, her voice filled with a mixture of determination and anticipation. “Thank you for joining us. We have much to discuss.”

Phil’s expression was serious but focused. Akiyama’s calm demeanour reflecting her experience and confidence.

The briefing was opened by Treylana, who placed a holographic representation of the three target installations in the centre of the table. We are on a mission to perform a series of raids behind enemy lines in an effort to disrupt Dominion activities and supply routes, as you are all well aware at this point. Our main goals are the Shangris Science Station, the supply depot on Messif VII, and the repair facilities in orbit of Pesak III. These targets are essential for assisting Dominion forces and keeping track of our movements.

She pointed at each installation as she spoke, providing brief details on their composition and strategic significance. “Our goal is to hit these targets swiftly and efficiently, causing maximum disruption. However, we must prioritize the safety of civilians in the vicinity. Under no circumstances should they be harmed.”

Akiyama leaned forward, her eyes scanning the holographic display. “What’s our plan for dealing with the civilians, Captain Hess?” she asked.

Treylana nodded appreciatively at the question. “We have two options: either conduct a risky extraction of civilians before the assault or ensure our strikes target key infrastructure without any loss of life. We’ll assess the situation on-site and make the appropriate decision for each target.”

Phil interjected, his voice filled with determination. “We also need to address the defensive infrastructure the Dominion has placed in the region. What do you think we can expect?”

Treylana activated another holographic display, revealing a detailed schematic of the defensive infrastructure surrounding the targets and routes to bypass them. Orbital weapons platforms and detection grids appeared as pulsating icons, representing the formidable obstacles that awaited them. Treylana proceeded to outline the intricate network of defences. “To successfully strike these targets, we must navigate through an array of obstacles,” she explained. “The Dominion has deployed formidable orbital weapons platforms, armed with advanced firepower. These platforms can pose a significant threat to our ships and must be neutralized.”

She pointed to another section of the holographic display, highlighting the detection grids. “In addition to the weapons platforms, the Dominion has established detection grids. These grids are equipped with sophisticated sensor arrays, designed to identify and track any unauthorized vessel in the region. We must find a way to disable or bypass these grids to maintain the element of surprise.”

The senior officers absorbed the information, contemplating the challenges ahead. Akiyama leaned back in her chair, her expression thoughtful. “The Berrin Nebula could provide cover and disrupt their sensors, but navigating through it while avoiding their defences won’t be easy,” she said, her tone reflecting her tactical expertise.

Hess nodded in agreement. “Indeed, Captain Makoto. The Berrin Nebula is our best chance to remain undetected, but we must exercise caution. The Dominion forces are significant, and engaging them directly would compromise our mission’s success.”

Captain Nichols shifted slightly in his seat, “We’ll need to coordinate our efforts effectively. The Horizon can provide cover for the strike teams and engage the enemy’s orbital weapons platforms. The Glasgow will focus on disabling the Dominion’s detection grids, ensuring our approach remains undetected. And the Alexandria will provide support for the strike teams during their raids.”

“Excellent, Captain Nichols,” with a satisfied tone in her voice. “Each ship in our squadron must play a crucial part in this operation. Our success depends on accuracy, synchronisation, and steadfast focus.”

She paused, her gaze sweeping across the faces gathered around the table, her eyes inviting questions and concerns. “Now is the time for any inquiries. Are there any questions?”

As the officers focused on the targets on the holographic display, the room fell silent as they carefully examined them. There were no questions, remarks, or worries to break the silence. The room was filled with a sense of authority when Treylana got up from her seat.

“Prepare your crews,” she declared, her voice resonating with purpose. “Refine your strategies and be prepared for swift action. Our departure is imminent, and the triumph of this mission hinges on the dedication and commitment of every member of the Horizon Squadron. Dismissed.”

The officers all got up from their seats at once. The briefing had come to a close when the viewscreen showing the captains of the Horizon Squadron flickered and faded to black. As the space gradually disappeared, Treylana was left alone as the echo of their footsteps faded into the distance. She adopted a meditative stillness as she lost herself in meditation, mentally preparing herself for the arduous tasks that lay ahead in the fights that lay in wait.


  • I sometimes find it difficault to write chapters where the aim is to deliver your mission setup and establish exposition without it sounding like a list; but you've succeeded here whilst still giving us a nice sense of the growing nervous confidence. Double plus good 👍

    May 20, 2023
  • Gotta say I enjoyed this one. A keep it simple briefing by the squadron commander. Sometimes they make for the best type. The only thing I wish it was a bit more from the other two commanders, even if you it was a simple response when she asked if anyone had any thoughts. Can't wait to see how Horizon Squadron works this situation.

    May 20, 2023
  • It certainly sounds like the Horizon squadron is going to have their hands full as they start their raids against the Dominion. I'm intrigued to see how swiftly they are able to do it without being caught and/or taking too much heavy damage. Plus the Berrin Nebula maybe a safe haven for now, but what happens if those pesky Jem'Hadar work out what they're doing and start to comb that area for suspicious activity? Looking forward, let's get some pew pew pew action going on here!

    May 21, 2023