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USS Tianwen (NCC-97602)

The Tianwen was assigned to the Neptune Division for the specific purpose of helping with scientific missions that were just not possible otherwise.

USS Tianwen

Pathfinder-class • NCC-97602 • Task Force 93

Neptune Advance Exploration Division

The Neptune Division is an unit used for exploration under the command of Fleet Captain Mero Tomuya stationed within Fourth Fleets Task Force 93. The Neptune Division supports the humanitarian work of Fourth Fleet, but also is at the forefront of fleet exploration through its diverse officers and varied ships each of which help to make the division stronger.

The Neptune Division  is comprised of three different vessels, which complement the divisions strengths and weaknesses.

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30 June 2024

A Pleasant Guest

USS Tianwen: A Simple Transport

The Tianwen had been pulled away from the Division per the orders of Fleet Captain Tomuya. The truth was the Tianwen was going to be used for a transportation mission, but because where the person needed to go was Starbase 93 and the Division was stationed at Starbase 93 within the Fourth Fleet it [...]