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Profile Overview

Created with Midjourney

Ryke Ashfield

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Ashfield


Starbase Bravo


Ryke Devynn Ashfield

6th July 2355



Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 45 years old

Eye colour: Blue-grey

Hair colour: Dark Brown

Height: 6’ 1


Ryke is a tall, heavily built man who works hard to maintain himself in good physical shape. He aims for power and function rather than appearance and gravitates to boxing training for cardio and conditioning in the gym. He runs, but dislikes it intensely.

Created with Midjourney

Ryke Ashfield


A good listener and excellent conversationalist, Ryke adapts easily to any situation he finds himself in. He is friendly as a default, and appears to be an open book. He has a darker past though, and this tends to express in dark moods he takes care to conceal from others. He does not talk about his past, nor anyone from it.


Ryke is very much a latecomer to Starfleet service, having had a somewhat diverse (and not always legal) career beforehand. Because of this, he is adept at dealing with people and highly persuasive when he wants to be, with the ability to gain information easily. However these days he listens more than he talks and has found a new calling in counselling. He has taken up new hobbies since joining the fleet and plays drums with a rock band. Since all members are stationed on different ships and facilities, they tend to meet over holo-link on a regular basis. (Which is the only time Ryke is known to rock eyeliner)