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Profile Overview

Created in Midjourney

Enna Mason

Llanarian Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Chief Petty Officer Mason


Deck Chief
USS Hathaway


Enna Rae Mason

12 August 2359



Blonde and blue-eyed, Enna is slender and leanly muscled. Standing at just over 6’2” she has the distinctive height and build of the Llanarian species and is shorter than her two older siblings.  Keen on fitness, she runs most days and makes time to workout in the holodeck on a daily basis. She also has an inherited sweet tooth and will never pass up on dessert.

Created in Midjourney
Created in Midjourney
Enna Mason - Llanarian Service Portrait. (Created in Midjourney)


Blunt and forthright, Enna can be more literal than most. After growing up during a war on her home planet, she is very aware of life’s sometimes uncomfortable realities and does her best to look after those around her. However, that care is sometimes a little hands-off, and she can find it challenging to open up to people outside of work.


After completing mandatory military service on her home planet, Enna was keen to make her mark and followed her older brother, Raan, into Starfleet service. While she loves visits home, her family name is more of a hindrance than a help and she prefers the independence and chance to stand on her own two feet that Starfleet service offers.