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Profile Overview

Created by Annex.

Nisha Kedam

Cardassian Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Kedam


Science Officer
USS Hathaway


A Cardassian refugee from the Dominion War, Nisha managed to gather enough sponsors to claim a place at Starfleet Academy. Five years later, and having shown more than a passing aptitude for the Stellar Sciences during a short stint on the Santa Fe, Kedam was head hunted by Venture‘s Chief Science Officer for a role in Stellar Cartography.

Having struck up a relationship with Dazia Kiaol, Kedam’s juvenile antics threatened to destroy the promising legacy she had established elsewhere, but after some course corrections (and in no small part thanks to the events of Frontier Day), Nisha’s career remains on track. Following Venture‘s arrival at Avalon Fleet Yards for extensive repairs, Nisha was temporarily assigned to Starbase Bravo.