USS Santa Fe (NCC-65533)

Newly assigned as the garrion ship to the Federation colony on New Bajor, the USS Santa Fe is in the final stages of her refit. Awaiting her new command team, the New Orleans-class starship will soon be ready for whatever the fledgling exploration initiative in the Gamma Quadrant throws its way.


New Orleans-class • NCC-65533 • Task Force 17

Death and destruction. Intrigue and suspense. A colony in ruins, its atmosphere still burning. On the surface, its people are reduced to smouldering piles of bone and ash. Ohnia III, deep inside the Gamma Quadrant, has suffered an atrocity of unfathomable proportions, but why? Who could have carried out such a depraved and brazen assault? After nearly three days of travel at high warp, a Federation Runabout from the USS Santa Fe arrives to find a planet still burning. Soon enough, the mystery takes a twist when a lone survivor paints a startling picture of the brutality she endured, but the worst is yet to come…

Under the command of the newly minted Captain Sebastian Farrell, the Santa Fe will need all of the resources at her disposal to solve this most curious of mysteries…

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22 January 2022

Let the search begin

USS Santa Fe: Whispers in the Dark

Traipsing along the corridor of deck seven, steaming mug of Vulcan tea in her hand, the executive officer of the Santa Fe was sure she must have been hallucinating when she had received the summons to report to the mess hall at zero-four-hundred. Still, upon entering the mess facility, she was [...]

2 January 2022

Out Among the Stars at Last

USS Santa Fe: On the Precipice of Greatness

“A dark blanket, contrasting with blacks and yellows, and the occasional white, which is shaped as a circle and sometimes a crescent. There are stars which dot the blanket in an intricate pattern. This is space.” Words of his grandfather, words that had stayed with him for all his life [...]

21 December 2021

An Intelligent Maneuver

USS Santa Fe: On the Precipice of Greatness

Fresh from getting greasy helping with one of the engineering teams looking at the lateral sensor array on deck three, the Commander of the Santa Fe was now strolling along deck seven, headed for the ships medical complex in the hope of speaking with the two most senior medical officers on the [...]

19 December 2021

Resisting Change

USS Santa Fe: On the Precipice of Greatness

Javorian stepped out of the turbolift with a determined look on his face, one might even say a certain fire in his eyes. In his left hand, he held the padd he’d transferred his latest communique onto. Approaching the ready room doors he reached out and pressed the chime to request admittance. [...]