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I've been a fan of Star Trek for over 30 years and more. I turn 40 in 2017 and I'm sure I've been a fan pretty much since day one. I have always been a fan of all of the Star Trek Movies and TV Series. My favourite show is Deep Space Nine and my favourite character has been Captain Benjamin Sisko.

I started roleplaying in Bravofleet back in 1997 where my character Jack Solomon was both an Ensign and Chief of Operations aboard the USS Wildcat-A under a certain Captain Tomas Wolfe.

As well as being on board the Wildcat, I also had characters on the USS Nimitz, the USS Phoenix, the USS Saratoga and the USS Essex. I took a break in 2010 due to real life issues.

In 2013 I returned to Bravofleet aboard the USS Pandora, where I have a characters serve today (Owen Nash). My original Character Jack Solomon serves on Starbase 400 as Chief Engineer.