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Office of the Bravo Fleet Judge Advocate General

Case JAG-005

Bravo Fleet


Thov th'Zeles

Trial by Judge  •  Decided January 23, 2021

Presiding Judge:


Defense Counsel:

Acker Kather    


The Defendant, Thov th'Zeles, is charged with violating the following Article(s) of Conduct and Reprimand as defined by Section 6 of the Bravo Fleet Judicial Code.

  • 2x Verbal Abuse (Plea: None)

    No member shall engage in the excessive verbal abuse of another, including, but not limited to: insults regarding a member’s real-life political affiliation, gender, race, creed, heritage, nationality or sexual orientation; character assassination; or unjust use of Bravo Fleet resources to attack another through defamatory statements.

Statement of Facts

On January 8, 2021, a heated exchange took place in the Canon Lounge of the Bravo Fleet discord, wherein the defendant misunderstood and went on the offensive regarding the tone of the conversation that was being had. When his error was clarified, he continued to go on the offensive and made the argument personal. At that time, the Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer instated a 24 hour timeout as an executive action.

On January 18, 2021, defendant brought up concerns that the website was not easy to navigate, when attempting to find games. At that time, he was advised how to find this information, the ease of finding it, and that it’s not front and center anymore as gaming (siming) is not the primary focus of Bravo Fleet. Once again after a brief exchange, defendant took it personally and indicated that he would file a complaint for harassment. He was advised at that time to frame his inquiries and criticism more constructively.

After all of this occurred, a PM between he and another member took place wherein defendant began to verbally attack the other member.

Defendant was notified of the charges of verbal abuse via email from the Magistrate and the Magistrate Defender. Defendant responded to Defender’s email with more verbal abuse, and did not enter a plea.

Per Section 3 of the Magistrate Code, as the defendant did not enter a plea, the default of Trial by Magistrate was instated. After weighing the evidence brought forth, the Magistrate found that his initial action had risen to an actionable level per the Magistrate Code. An additional charge of verbal abuse was added, to make the total charge count 2, upon receipt of the reply email from the defendant.


The Presiding Judge, Nushif Ejoma, reached the following verdict with regards to the Defendant, Thov th'Zeles.

  • On the charge of Verbal Abuse, the Defendant is found GUILTY on 2 counts.

Judge's Opinion

A spirited exchange of ideas is expected and celebrated within Bravo Fleet, and as with all groups of people collectively drawn together by a passion for a hobby, disagreements are expected to take place. The expectation is that these disagreements and conversations take place with respect for one’s fellow members.

Indeed although the tone of conversation was strained in the public forums of the discord, there was no outright violation, although there was heightened emotion. However this went from heightened emotions and misunderstanding to verbal abuse at the point where defendant began to actually verbally abuse another member over PM. When the Magistrate attempted to mediate the issue over Discord PM, the defendant left the server and reconciliation was unable to take place. Additionally, the defendant continued verbal abuse in his response to the Magistrate Defender.

Disagreements are expected and welcome when constructive, disrespecting other members of the Fleet is not something that will be tolerated.

Nushif Ejoma, Presiding Judge

Defendant's Sentence

Judicial penalties are governed by Section 7 of the Bravo Fleet Judicial Code.

The defendant is ordered banned from the Bravo Fleet Discord for a period of 90 consecutive days, and a letter of reprimand will be added to his dossier.


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Judge Advocate General's Office

This trial was conducted by the Judge Advocate General's Office. If you have questions about this trial, please contact an office staff member.