Bravo Fleet v. Leslie Ramsey #557 (BFM-001)


(Note: This ban is not from an actual Magistrate trial that took place, but only for informational and archival purposes.)

The Defendant is a member who through their actions and inactions helped precipitate the near-collapse of Bravo Fleet in 2019. Although there were many other bad actors in these events, beeman was the only one who attempted to stay with Bravo Fleet as a member of the Bravo Fleet Admiralty. As a result of his actions during that time and then threatening real-world legal action against Bravo Fleet during his removal, he was permanently banned from Bravo Fleet in perpetuity.


  • Exhibit A

    Archived evidence in the BFA chat logs circa 2019.

Defendant's Sentence

A summary of the Defendant's sentence, as defined by Section 7 and Section 8 of the Magistrate Code.

beeman has shown no contrition or remorse for their actions and therefore remains banned from Bravo Fleet for life.

Magistrate Opinion

Much like Bravo Fleet v. Kelly Jean O’Connor (BFM-002), the history of this case stems from the turmoil and near collapse of Bravo Fleet in early to mid-2019. In the fallout of those events, a Transition Team was created to help facilitate a way forward for Bravo Fleet. The Transition Team was made up of several people who formerly held the position of Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer. During the process to stabilize the fleet, it became apparent to the Transition Team that the Defendant was one of the main actors who precipitated the events that nearly led to the collapse of Bravo Fleet. Because of that, it was unanimously decided to remove the Defendant as a Task Force Commanding Officer, from the Bravo Fleet Admiralty, and effectively from leadership where he would no longer be able to cause harm to the fleet. During the removal process, beeman threatened real-world legal action against Bravo Fleet. Much like the aforementioned Bravo Fleet v. Kelly Jean O’Connor (BFM-002), and much like in the opinion Bravo Fleet v. Confusedfire (BFM-003):

Bravo Fleet takes the threat of real-world legal action very seriously with only a single outcome, and as a result, Confusedfire was immediately banned from Bravo Fleet for life. This is a legal liability that Bravo Fleet Command is not willing to take on itself, not willing to let the Conservatorship take on for simply holding our assets, or allow any member of the organization to suffer. The punishment is that we separate ourselves from you indefinitely in the only way we know how to. Bravo Fleet is a Star Trek club where our members come to have fun, not be threatened with some real-world legal action against them.

The same applied in this instance as well. Therefore, beeman was immediately banned from Bravo Fleet in perpetuity.

Case Overview

June 13, 2019
Trial Type
Trial by Magistrate

Presiding Magistrate

Teylas Ramar

Bravo Fleet Magistrate


Leslie Ramsey


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