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Office of the Bravo Fleet Judge Advocate General

Case BF-005

Bravo Fleet



Trial by Judge  •  Decided January 1, 2018

Presiding Judge:


The Defendant, FFion, is charged with violating the following Article(s) of Conduct and Reprimand as defined by Section 6 of the Bravo Fleet Judicial Code.

  • 1x Harassment (Plea: None)

    No member shall engage in persistent harassment or torment, or outrageous attacks on any other member. This includes statements and actions taken to attack a member’s real-life political affiliation, family or significant other, gender, race, color, age, disability, creed, heritage, nationality or sexual orientation. This article extends to cover harassment through the distribution of personal information, the creation of groups or modes of communication for the purpose of attacking the member, and unwanted contact with the member through non-internet means of communication. Harassment punished under this article must be to the extent and of the form that would injure a reasonable person of normal sensibilities; mere mocking does not suffice.

  • 1x Cloning (Plea: None)

    Members must not, without prior approval of the Judge Advocate General, have more than one Bravo Fleet account within a single household or on a single connection. Any offense committed by such an unauthorized clone will be attributed to the original member. Matching IP addresses create a presumption of cloning that can only be rebutted by evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that two people exist.

Statement of Facts

Defendant consistently harassed game managers after rejection of their applications to their games. During the previous Bravo Fleet Administration, Defendant was asked to please recuse themselves from the fleet, and after a year the administration would re-assess and determine if they would allow Defendant to return to the Fleet.

Defendant began repeating the same behaviors a year later, and when asked about it by the current administration, advised of the above. As the behavior had not changed, a permanent ban was placed on the Defendant from participating in Bravo Fleet. To circumvent this, Defendant began creating new accounts to join the Bravo Fleet Discord and with which to apply to games in the Fleet.


The Presiding Judge, Nushif Ejoma, reached the following verdict with regards to the Defendant, FFion.

  • On the charge of Harassment, the Defendant is found GUILTY on 1 count.
  • On the charge of Cloning, the Defendant is found GUILTY on 1 count.

Judge's Opinion

The Magistrate has unfortunately also had numerous run-ins with this Defendant applying to his games, and summarily harassing players and staff when the applications were denied. Many current and former Game Managers are able to claim the same from this Defendant.

Nushif Ejoma, Presiding Judge

Defendant's Sentence

Judicial penalties are governed by Section 7 of the Bravo Fleet Judicial Code.

This ban was enacted prior to Bravo Fleet having an active judicial system. Given the nature of the offenses, and the overall disruption caused to the Fleet by this Defendant, the ban will stand.


  • Exhibit A

    As the Defendant is believed to be below the age of majority, no substantive evidence that would indicate their identity will be provided.

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