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Part of USS Neptune: Into The Eyes of Madness and Bravo Fleet: Blood Dilithium

C2 This Should Be Easy Right?

USS Neptune
October 2400
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Michael had been trying to prepare for this mission, but like most he never knew what to expect. As a Captain, who had seen more than his fair share of surprises he didn’t expect an easy mission, but he would let the crew keep the hope that such a thing existed. The Neptune was a well supplied ship and his crew was one of the best he could have ever hoped for. He couldn’t actually remember the last time the ship was at a station for resupply due to the Vesta’s nature. 

The biggest challenge was going to be the Delta Quadrant, especially due to the fact that Michael had never been there. It was the only uneasy doubt he had with the mission moving forward. Regardless of his personal feelings he always tried to keep a professional demeanor with his crew. 

He heard a chime at his office door and walked to the door opening it to see the ships crimson headed Astrometric’s officer. “Lieutenant Bolton, this is unexpected what can I do from you?“

Michaela smiled and walked into the office “Sir, I looked over the data you had asked and I discovered the most likely spot for the blood dilithium is near Devore territory. As we haven’t had any issues of conflict in the past this should be a fairly run of the mill mission. The information indicates the dilithium should be easy to find if there is any near the area that is. All indications point to the fact that we would most likely see it forming near the edge of the Devores territory.“

Michael nodded “That is some excellent work Lieutenant. I think the possibility of finding the dilithium is very high, but if it’s on the threshold of Devore territory I don’t want to underestimate this. While we haven’t had issues with the Devore I can’t say that conflict is not possible. The Devore have been peaceful because we have not done anything to cause an issue in the past. That might change when we bring a ship so close to their territory.“

Michael thought a moment and tapped his badge “Commander Richards, please have Midshipman Sahal and Lieutenant Kennedy report to my office at once.” 

Tallie was always looking to help the Captain, as it was her job. She prided herself in not disappointing him. “Aye, Sir.” she replied, before drafting the appropriate messages to the two members on the ship.  

Hallih had finished her regeneration, which though a process she was used to still seemed to cause issues with some of the crew on the ship because of her extended time off duty. Hallih didn’t worry about it because the Captain had approved her to be on the ship and he knew her condition. She had recently been promoted to Midshipman and was working her way to Ensign. She had been in Starfleet so long she had been told she should go for officer. Due to the unique physiology she possessed she had lived longer than most species and still had many years to go. She was just preparing to leave for her shift when she got the message to report to the Captain. She acknowledged the message and headed that way.

Amanda had been just getting ready to end her shift when she got the prompt to meet the Captain. She didn’t hesitate anytime the Captain needed her she was there. It had been mentioned in her evaluations on how she always made sure things were taken care of regardless of the situation. She had planned some holodeck time but that would have to wait. As she reached the hall to the office she saw a Midshipman heading in the same direction. Amanda was familiar with Sahal, especially how the crew didn’t like her. Amanda didn’t pay them no mind though if the Captain approved it that was all that mattered. They reached the office door and watched it slide open to see the Captain and the Astrometric’s officer waiting for them.  

Michael smiled as the two woman entered the office “Thank you for both coming so quickly I need your opinions as we prepare to reach the missions start. Midshipman from all your time of studying the area around Devore space over the past week to prepare do you see anything that we need to worry about?”

Hallih thought for a moment specifically on the information she had been looking at just yesterday before replying “Unless you call the normal issues of the Delta Quadrant a problem than no Sir I don’t believe so. All the information that was gathered show that things near Devore is rather calm. That should make things easier in the standpoint of mission success, but then I guess we can never know what surprises might await us.“ 

Michael nodded “That is true I have learned to never underestimate a mission and in this case since we will be in the Delta Quadrant I wouldn’t put anything as being too crazy. This is a first for the Neptune, though I know you’re all up to the task at hand.“ He stopped and looked over at his Chief of Security “Lieutenant do you see any issues that would play into the overall security of the ship as we Head into unknown territory? Is the security teams ready for any kind of surprises that might try to hit us while we are exploring the area?”

Amanda nodded “The security teams are prepared for the unexpected, though we can never fully prepare I have made sure to teach them to prepare the unexpected that way they are never surprised by what may come against us. I have been in the Delta Quadrant once and I can tell you from experience that even if we think we might be safe we are never safe. The information I read says that the Devore are friendly unless provoked. This could serve as an issue because even if we do nothing to provoke them if they feel they have been provoked they will attack us. If they do we know nothing about their combat skills or power and we will be going into that battle completely blind. I hate not knowing my opponent, but that’s where we stand.

Michael rubbed his beard for a minute as he contimplated what had been said. Michaela and Hallih both stated that this should be easy, but Amanda didn’t seem to think as liberally as they had. He was about to speak when Amanda continued. “Furthermore from a Tactical standpoint we have no advantage, though the ship may be prepared for a fight we do not know what we could be up against. I know we are not looking fight and all information seems to show this will be a peaceful mission I do not want to say for a minute that this will be easy.“

Michael nodded while it was true the mission was supposed to be easy or so that’s what he was told he knew not to take any mission for granted. He looked at the three woman that were surrounding his desk and smiled “I thank you for your insight and your time. We will be arriving at the spot that the dilithium should be at in approximately 8 hours. Please continue to prepare for the unexpected. Lieutenant Bolton and Midshipman Sahal, please continue to look at the area and the information for anything that could give us an indication of danger should it arise. Lieutenant Kennedy, continue to run drills and prepare for any eventuality. I am not sure what to expect, but I don’t think it’s going to be as simple as I was led to believe.”

The three woman nodded in acknowledgment to the Captain and departed the room. Michael looked out the window ‘This isn’t going to be easy. I’m not sure why, but I feel like this mission is going to test us all. May we be ready for what’s to come.’

To be continued…