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Part of Bravo Fleet: Blood Dilithium

USS Neptune: Into The Eyes of Madness

After a formation of Blood Dilithium is Discovered near a secluded Devore Imperium Detention Facility everything falls into Madness. Will the crew of the Neptune help or will they be helpless to see the extermination of a planet.

Mission Description

Under the Delta Exploration Initiative the USS Neptune has been tasked with the exploration of Blood Dilithium near Devore territory. A pretty routine mission becomes a fight for the preservation of many telepathic life’s as a formation of crystals influences a Devore Detention Facility, causing the fall of the facility and the Devore Imperium scrambling to destroy the facility and all of those within.

The crew of the Neptune unsure of what to do begins to fight for the survival rather than the genocide of telepathic individuals.

About the Mission

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14 January 2024

C2 This Should Be Easy Right?

USS Neptune: Into The Eyes of Madness

Michael had been trying to prepare for this mission, but like most he never knew what to expect. As a Captain, who had seen more than his fair share of surprises he didn’t expect an easy mission, but he would let the crew keep the hope that such a thing existed. The Neptune was a well supplied [...]

12 January 2024


USS Neptune: Into The Eyes of Madness

Lieutenant T’Rel stepped into the lounge of the USS Neptune, a stranger in a strange land well away from his usual assignment. With his actual vessel, the Argonaut going through an extended refit cycle, he and others aboard the ship have been temporarily reassigned elsewhere in the galaxy so that [...]

7 November 2022

C1 Yet Another Mission With Unknown Elements

USS Neptune: Into The Eyes of Madness

Michael had just gotten out of a meeting with the Admiralty and the mission ahead was like nothing he had ever experienced, even with his many years of missions. In the back of his mind he felt something about this would cause huge problems for his crew. The task of going to the Delta Quadrant [...]