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Profile Overview

Aryanna Rigras

Trill Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Rigras


USS Dragon (Archive)


5’2” / 131 / 39



Genial, good-natured, openness to experience, persistent, confident, creative, innovative, discreet, impulsive, de[endable, tacticul, vigilant, mentor

Rigras is the symbiont, this would be his fourth host and first female host. Rigras in the past has leaned more towards tactical and operations strategist in his past lives. Think of Rigras as a grizzled military vet with some good ol southern boy truck driver  for his demeanour. Then for his other side think of a brilliant tactician and strategist who likes to see the big picture before he jumps into a situation. Since their merger he often acts like Aryanna’s big brother/mentor/voice of adventure with a side of that gruff military vet pushing her to be better and telling her what he sees as it is, no sugar coating from him. There are a few other surprises about him that will come out as the stories are written, after all this is his first time in a female body 😉 Often during situations where strategy and tactics are needed he will have a heavy hand in helping Aryanna come to decisions, she credits the loss of her arm to him, if it was not for him she doesn’t think that she would have been able to order the engineer crewman to do what had to be done to not only save her life but save the lives of the ones she could on the ship.


Lost her left hand just below the elbow during the recent Romulan crisis when attacked by the rogue Klingon faction, she had to have one of the crew members cut it off as it was stuck under the tactical console and wreckage.  She was the XO on a New Orleans class ( USS _____) after being attacked and losing most of the crew including the Captain she was able to pull the crew together to get them back to star base bravo.

Aryanna is of star fleet parents, Trills of course one joined (father) one is not (mother). Her father is part of the diplomatic corp(his symbiont has always been a diplomate) her mother is the flight control Officer (helm) for a ______ class (USS ___________) which her father also currently serves on as the diplomatic officer and helps out  as the assist. Counsellor. This has not always been the case. There have been times during Aryanna’s childhood where her parents were assigned to different ships during her early years when this happened she went with her mother but as she started to enter her teenage years she went with her father.

Extremely intelligent for her age she outpaced many of her fellow students especially when it came to reading and comprehension, social studies, history and some areas of grammar studies. She may not be able to always write grammatically correct papers but she had a way of  writing that reached out to the reader and grabbed them, speaking to them in a way that was beyond her years and most often not only got the point across but was able to back it up with investigative research and proof. This also bled over to how she communicated with others.

Entered the Trill diplomat university at the age of 16, after graduating from her “high school” a year early.  Excelled in her studies over the next two years, again taking what she had learnt from her father and integrating it with what she learnt allowed her to graduate in the top 5% of her class. Knowing she wanted more, she wanted to actually use the skills that she had learnt so she applied to Starfleet Academy and was accepted shortly after she turned 18. She had her first encounter with Rigras here, though she did not know it he took up a liking to her and started watching her and following her progress at this point.

The academy for her was tough, it made her think and do things that she had not concerned herself with as much in the past. The Math’s were achilles heel, almost flunking out on a couple occasions in her first two years because she pushed through, knowing that if she wanted to be a star fleet officer, to command a ship some day then she needed these studies and skills. This led to a lot of late night study groups and lucky for her she met a young vulcan that was weak in his studies where she was strong, so they reached a mutual agreement to help each other, push each other. It didn’t hurt that as far as vulcans go he wasn’t half bad looking either. Her last years are where she excelled the most as now she was able to  focus on the diplomacy and command side. She found that maths wasn’t too bad after all, sometimes it just took slowing down and working the problem through and asking questions if needed. She was able to “enjoy” her senior year somewhat though the rotation on board the USS _____________ was tough as she actually had to put what she had learned into use especially in the areas that she was not the strongest in. While on the USS ______________ she took and passed her command/bridge exam. She received top marks during her rotation from the various department heads including several letters of acknowledgement and recommendation to be placed in star fleet records.