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Profile Overview


Orion Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Zhaishi


Chief of Engineering
USS Dragon (Archive)


Lieutenant Zhaishi, engineering officer, orion, female, bisexual

5’9”/ 156

Flirtatious, Intelligent, gives off the girl next door vibe. Loud, some would say rude, especially in engineering, hardworking, athletic, known to use her “sex” as way to get past obstacles, 

Degree in warp systems engineering from Starfleet Academy.

Learned to play the guitar while at the academy by one of her “flings”

Was at one point romantically linked to Scamandrius while they were at the academy.

Currently in a relationship with Viameli and possibly someone else, so the rumours go.

The person who saved Commander Rigras’s life by amputating her hand.

Served as then Lt. commander Rigras’s engineering chief when stationed at Bravo station’s Beta six hangars.