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Part of USS Saratoga: Victory and Relief and Bravo Fleet: Ashes of Deneb

3 – Victory and Relief

Multiple Locations - Saratoga
May 2401
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Captain’s Log Stardate 2401.5


We are currently en route to the Nasera system to take over humanitarian assistance from the Polaris. While we had left a few days ago we still have several days until we arrive in the system. We received the needed supplies as well as the new command and control center that our engineers from both the Saratoga and Triumph will work on installing. Was informed that they currently have a makeshift one but that would only last for a short time. Let’s just hope it holds out until our arrival.


To top everything off we currently have Triumph’s Chief Engineer sitting in our brig facing charges for striking a superior officer. This would be her second incident with striking an officer who tried to ‘interfere’ with how she ran her department. This time there isn’t going to be a slap on the hand and a mark on her record. Charges have been filed so now I have to deal with that on top of assisting the residence of Nasera II.

Even though the brig was larger it was still the same as any other brig onboard any other ship. Aarven Ashaita laid on the hard bench that acted as a seat and a bed. She began to stare up at the ceiling while thinking. There was only one other person in the brig with her for disorderly conduct while drunk.

“What are you in here for?” The young officer asked as he sat up leaning forward to hear her better.

Aarven pressed her lips together as she looked over towards the person who decided to talk to her. She looked at him for a brief moment before returning her gaze up to the ceiling. She wasn’t up for talking, especially not to him.

He looked at her with a head tilt as if either she was just plain rude or just didn’t want to talk about it. Though he thought it could be a bit of both as the look that she gave it probably was. “The silent type alright.”

Silence filled the brig again as one of the guards kept watch just outside at one of the posts just before the entrance. Dazra had entered looking at the officer. “Bring Aarven to interview room one.”

“Understood,” the officer replied before walking away from his post and into the brig with cuffs. Walking up to Aarven’s cell she looked at him before sitting up. Tapping the controls he lowered the forcefield and had her hold out her arms while he snapped the cuffs on. “Come with me.”

“Hey, when am I getting out of here?” Asked the young officer who had become restless just sitting there doing nothing.

He didn’t reply as he walked Aarven out of the brig and down to where the interview rooms were located. All the while the officer was still shouting as they left and got frustrated when he didn’t get a response. Upon entering the room Aarven sat in one of the chairs as the security officer made sure that she was secure before leaving.

The room was dimly lit with only four chairs on either side of the table that sat in the middle. Comfort wasn’t on the minds of those who designed these rooms. The only reason one would be in this room is if they were in some kind of trouble. With one trying to build a case against someone which now happened to be Aarven Ashaita for attacking a superior officer. She sat there quietly as she waited for whoever was going to come through those doors and begin her interrogation.

Dazra sat in the small office just outside of the interview rooms that contained monitors so she could watch whoever was in that room. To make sure whoever was interrogating people was safe and could act at a moment’s notice. She watched and studied Aarven as she studied her file and the charges that had been filed against her. She had begun to download the files onto her PADD.

The Ranch had been a staple onboard the Saratoga since the Odyssey class. Though the current incarnation was a bit smaller than the last it still had the same feel to it. A place where the senior staff could just go and relax without it being as crowded as other lounges seemed to get. This included the Hillside Bar & Grill which was always busy no matter the time of day.

The room was dimly lit to give it a relaxing feel to it with tables spread out throughout the lounge. Designed to almost resemble that of country decor as one would see in old Earth historical Saloons. With holographic wait staff that looked the part as well which gave it that fun feel to it. There was a section of the lounge that had different types of games for people to play including poker and even had a 3D chess board for those who fancied a challenge.

Officers were sitting at a large table set up for poker. Each of them had a drink as they waited for everyone to arrive. They had a few days before they arrived at Nasera so they figured that they would enjoy some downtime while traveling. They tried to make it a weekly event but they knew that once they arrived they would be busy and probably not have the time.

Chon’al kind of looked a bit out of it as if he had other things on his mind. “Hey, are you alright?” Ritru asked Chon’al as she was concerned.

“I am alright,” he replied, though he wasn’t telling the truth. Things weren’t going well between him and Deza since she came out of her coma. She was different and it had put a strain on their relationship. She was going through counseling for her trauma so he wanted to be patient and give her space.

Ritru looked at the others for a moment who had the same expression as she did before she turned her attention back to Chon’al. Pressing her lips together for a moment thinking of how to respond. She knew that he was blowing hot air. “You know we don’t believe that. What is wrong? You haven’t been yourself lately.”

“We are your friends, you know you can always confide in us,” Teila replied softly with concern in her voice as the others nodded in agreement.

Chon’al looked at them as he took a quick drink before setting the glass down on the table. He let out a sigh. “Just worried about Deza, she hasn’t been herself since she recovered from her injuries.” Chon’al began to explain before looking down, working his jaw for a brief moment. “I have been giving her space as she requested but I feel it’s putting a strain on our relationship.”

“I noticed the change in her demeanor from what she was before. I hope she’s seeking help to work through her trauma.” Teila replied with a concerned look for her friend who could come across as stuck up but she was a good person.

Chon’al nodded. “She is seeing a counselor to work through it.”

“Good,” Ritru replied before taking a drink.

“Where is Dazra?” Odan asked to change the subject as he noticed that she wasn’t there. She usually always joined them on nights they played poker.

“She is working late and won’t be able to make it,” said Ritru as she knew that she was working on the Aarven case.

“Well in that case we should go ahead and start,” said Odan as the others nodded in agreement.

Aarven had been sitting in the interview room for a good twenty minutes before Dazra walked in. Taking a seat opposite of her she looked at her for a brief moment to get a feel for her. Silence filled the room for a few moments before Dazra spoke up. “So you are being charged with striking a superior officer. Though this isn’t your first time striking an officer, is it Commander?”

Aarven looked at her briefly before looking back to the wall, not responding to her inquiry. Dazra raised an eyebrow before working her jaw as she pressed her lips together. “According to your record, you punched a department head for ‘interfering’ with your department at your last posting.” Dazra began seeing if she got some kind of reaction but she got none.

“Seems you only got a slap on the wrist and a mark on your record.” Dazra began as she shifted in her chair crossing one leg over the other. “You do realize this time it’s not going to be that simple.”

Again met with silence from Aarven as if she wasn’t fazed by what Dazra had to say. Meanwhile, Azras Dex was in the room that Dazra had been in watching the interaction herself. Things were getting nowhere and she knew the next question would probably be met with the same reaction. She had statements from Commander Aleish Trol as well as everyone in the engineering department about the incident and how she was treating them since her arrival.

“Care to explain in your words what happened?”

Wasn’t a surprise when Aarven remained silent, not even looking at her or making any attempt to react. Dazra was beginning to get frustrated though she remained calm as she sat there waiting for a while giving her a chance to speak. After a few minutes of silence, she stood up and walked out of the interview room leaving her to sit there to her thoughts.

“I raise you ten,” said Odan as he picked up some chips and placed them in the middle of the table.

“Fold,” Jeesa replied as she placed her cards down.

Teila shook her head as she placed her cards down on the table. “I fold as well.”

“I’ll call and raise you twenty,” Chon’al replied with a grin. Pushing the chips to the middle.

“Fold,” Ritru exclaimed, slapping her cards down on the table in frustration. The others laughed as she always seemed to either have horrible cards or folds too quickly. The laughing continued as the other two remaining went back and forth before Odan eventually won the game with a full house.

They were all laughing and had been having a good time when the doors to the lounge opened up and Deza walked in and noticed the group. Chon’al looked over at her and they happened to lock eyes for a moment. “Hey, care to join us?” He asked, looking at her.

“We saved you a seat,” Ritru said with a smile.

Deza stood there for a moment thinking, the counselor did mention getting back to doing normal activities to help in the healing process. She used to always participate in their weekly poker games. She grabbed a drink and made her way over to the group and sat down next to Chon’al.

“So how are you doing Deza?” Teila asked with a warm smile.

“I am doing alright considering,” Deza replied with a small smile. “I hope I am not interrupting your game.”

“Not at all.” Odan waved his hand as it wasn’t a huge deal. “We were just about to start a new game,” Odan replied as he gave her some chips.

Odan began to deal out the cards as they chatted and laughed amongst each other. After everything they had been through it was good to just spend some time enjoying each other’s company while not having to worry about running into a fight. They would continue to play poker for the next several hours until they all decided to call it a night. Chon’al and Deza decided to head to her quarters so they could chat about everything and their relationship. She had been given enough space that she was ready to tackle this next step in her recovery.

Dazra had walked back into the office to see Azras sitting there watching the screen. Sitting down in the empty chair that was next to the one Azras was currently sitting in. Placing the PADDs she had in her hand on the desk in front of her she looked at the captain. “That didn’t go as I’d hoped it would.”

Aarven hadn’t moved a muscle, not said one word the whole time she had been sitting in the interview room. “Makes you wonder what is the gain of remaining quiet? Does she realize that she’s done for and just doesn’t care?” Azras asked as she turned her attention to Dazra.

“I would have thought she would want to share her version of events. To get her side of things.” Dazra replied though she wasn’t sure if that would help as there were overwhelming statements on her conduct as an officer.

“Her court-martial is set for when we are due to arrive in the Nasera system.” Azras began as she worked her jaw for a brief moment before turning back to the screen to see Aarven still in the same position. “Put her back in her cell, I’ll try to engage her in a couple of days.”

“Aye sir,” Dazra replied as she got up from her chair. “I hope you will have better luck than I did,” Dazra replied before walking out of the office leaving Azras alone who turned her attention back to the screen.

Dazra returned to the interview room standing at the door. “Come with me please,” Dazra said as Aarven looked over at her and stood up from the chair she was sitting in. They both walked out and headed back to the brig where she would remain. Silence filled the remaining trip back. Upon arrival, the young officer was still there sitting in his cell looking bored and restless.

“When am I going to get out of here?” He piped up the moment he saw Dazra.

Dazra finished putting Aarven into her cell, removing the cuffs, and placing the forcefield back up. She stopped at the young man’s cell. “You know you are in here until tomorrow so stop asking,” Dazra replied before leaving the brig.

The young man looked as if he could argue but let out an audible groan before lying back on the bench. Aarven looked over at the sound and rolled her eyes before lying back on the bench. She began to stare at the ceiling again before she wound up falling asleep.


  • Very curious as to what's going through Aarven's head right now (aside from annoyance at the fellow in the drunk tank lol). On the other side of things, Chon'al seems like a good fellow, giving Deza space despite how much it pains him. Glad that it seems to have (hopefully!) paid off!

    September 11, 2023