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Part of USS Odyssey: This Far, How Further? and Bravo Fleet: Frontier Day

This Far, How Further? – 1

USS Odyssey (NCC-80000), Earth, Sol System
Stardate: 78250.7
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“Fleet Captain’s log stardate seven-eight-two-five-zero point seven. We are finally home on Earth, and with ten days to go until Frontier Day celebrations, the crew is looking forward to some well-deserved R and R. We will be participating in the upcoming festivities alongside the Themis and Triton. Until then, Starfleet has ordered further upgrades to our communication and computer systems. We are handing everything over to the engineers and technicians at Spacedock.”

“Spacedock, this is N-C-C-Eight-Zero-Zero-Zero-Zero, ready for docking,” spoke Lieutenant Commander Jen from the operations station. 

“Copy that, Odyssey. You’re cleared for arrival. Welcome home,” replied a deep male voice over the communications system. 

“Take us in, lieutenant,” Captain Duncan ordered Lieutenant Marova. “Thrusters only.”

Odyssey’s Hekaran pilot acknowledged with a nod and an ‘aye, sir’.

The large Earth Spacedock was an impressive feat of engineering. It housed numerous starships and served as a hub for interstellar travel. The sleek, metallic structure glinted in the sunlight as it orbited Earth, a symbol of the Federation’s technological advancement and exploration of the galaxy. It was a bustling hub of activity, with crew members and travellers alike scurrying to and fro, preparing for their journeys to the far reaches of space. Despite its size and complexity, the Earth Spacedock operated with remarkable efficiency, a testament to the ingenuity and skill of its designers and operators. The Odyssey gently flew around the Probert-class station as it approached the main hanger doors, slowly opening for them. 

Everyone on the bridge of the Odyssey was in a calm and orderly mood. Entering Earth’s Spacedock was like a gentle tranquillity enveloping them as if a calm wave had washed over their being. The hum of the ship’s engines and the soft beeping of the control panels created a soothing background noise that added to the moment’s serenity. The bridge was bathed in a warm, soft light covering it with an aura of peace over everything within its reach. Gazing out through the main viewscreen, the crew beheld the vast expanse of the interior, like a protective bubble for the multiple ships that sat within it, stretching out before them in all its grandeur. Each crewmember worked with quiet efficiency, their focus unbroken, yet all seemed to share in the same sense of awe and wonder at the sublime beauty of everything before them. It was as if they were all united in a common bond, experiencing a moment of pure harmony and transcendence. Or they were just happy to finally be home and in safe waters. For now. 

“Sir, incoming message from the Themis,” Jen announced. “Captain Cambil shares they’ve been cleared to proceed to Earth Station McKinley and will see us all for drinks later!”

Duncan chuckled at hearing that from the Themis’ skipper. “Any word on the Triton?”

Jen looked down at his controls before answering. “They’re on their way to the San Francisco Shipyards now.”

Turning to his left, Duncan interrupted his commanding officer, who was focusing heavily on a PADD in his hands. “Remind me again how you convinced Horatio to assume command of the Triton?”

Fleet Captain McCallister remained reading what was on the device before him as he answered. “He agreed to it as long as I covered for him from our parents while he took a short vacation surfing in Hawaii.”

Duncan chuckled. “He really doesn’t want to see them right now?”

McCallister paused his reading. “I think with the deaths the Bellerophon suffered and the fact she is now on her way to Avalon; he needs a break from everything. He also knows what the Triton means to me, and Starfleet wouldn’t be entirely happy for it to proceed without a captain during the Frontier Day festivities.”

“Someone remind me again, why does the Odyssey need to be here for the festivities?” Counsellor Horin asked. Her pregnancy was now showing more from the massive bump. Both hands were resting on top of it. “Could we not have done this at Starbase Bravo or Guardian Station?”

 McCallister shook his head. “No, Starfleet wanted us here as we were the prototype for the Odyssey-class and having us here alongside the Enterprise is to add to the pomp and circumstance.”

“And why the Themis and Triton?” Horin inquired. 

“They didn’t say,” McCallister said with a shrug, “I suppose both of them are part of our squadron that has been out the furthest in the Delta Quadrant.” 

“It’s basically a great way for Starfleet to show off its might – especially the fact we’ve been on the other side of the galaxy,” Duncan added. 

“Yeah, well, let’s hope that the top brass let us get back to where we were originally,” McCallister muttered just as the ship slowly approached the bay where it would be docked in for the next few days. 

“Let’s watch that plasma flow as we start the shutdown sequence!” ordered Tierra from the centre of main engineering. The Deltan chief engineer was eager to get everything on the ship into standby mode, so they could handover to those who would be coming on board to take over with the planned maintenance and repairs the ship needed. Though the Odyssey didn’t sustain any heavy damage during its various battles with the Dominion, thanks to its advanced defence technologies, some systems required the equipment that either a drydock or a starbase could provide. Usually, she would want to stay behind and oversee the work (or at least supervise it from a distance). Still, the reason why she was eager to leave the work to the station’s engineers was simply down to the fact that she and Abbej had planned to spend almost a week together. Rekindling her marriage was an almost godsend, and she was pleased they were doing it. 

Main Engineering was usually a hub of activity and innovation, but now it was filled with a sense of urgency and tension. The space was still filled with the hum of machinery, but the chatter of engineers had been replaced with focused silence as they slowly started to shut down the ship’s primary systems, including the warp drive. The room was still spacious, with numerous consoles lining the walls and the massive warp core at its centre, but it was clear that something was amiss. Once a marvel of engineering, the warp core was now being carefully and methodically powered down. The engineers worked tirelessly to ensure that the process was executed safely and efficiently, despite the potential danger that shutting down such a powerful source of energy could pose. Eventually, the core was lifeless.

“Well done, everyone,” Tierra called out, “Right, let’s wrap up everything else before we get out of here.”

“Commander, do you have a moment?” asked Lieutenant Keli as she entered main engineering. 

“Keli, anything for my favourite security chief,” Tierra said with a smirk. “What can I do for you?”

The Coridanite chief security and tactical officer passed a PADD to the Deltan engineer. “Here are the security protocols for the ship while it is in spacedock. Can you ensure you upload them to the mainframe? I don’t want anyone trying to steal the Odyssey!”

The chief engineer chuckled. “I’m certain no one has tried to steal a starship from Earth spacedock for over one hundred and fifteen years.” She took the PADD and began the upload. “So, what are your plans for the next few days before Frontier Day?” 

Keli sighed. “I know it sounds boring, but I plan to find a nice warm beach and read.”

“That sounds perfect,” Tierra replied. “Aren’t you going to do any of the pre-party parties on the station?”

“No,” Keli shook her head. “I just want some peace and quiet before we have the big day.”

“Well, enjoy the beach!” Tierra said before Keli left engineering. 

As Keli walked out, walking in was Lieutenant Commander Gray. He greeted her with a smile which she copied back.

Gray wandered over to Tierra. “Commander Tierra, can my engineers do anything to help?”

Tierra looked up from the PADD that Keli had just given her. “Reuben, I thought you and your team had all wrapped up earlier today?”

“We had, but I’m itching for something else, commander,” Gray shared. He rubbed his implant above his left eye. “Please tell me there’s something I can do.”

Tierra looked around. “I’m sorry, Reuben, everything is almost done around here.” she gestured around the room.

Sighing heavily, the engineer pleaded with her. “There has to be something.”

She shook her head. “Seriously, Reuben, we are done here. I would have thought you would enjoy the downtime.”

Gray seemed to deflate. His shoulders dropped. “I just suppose, even with all the work we did rebuilding the colony, the time between missions can be difficult.”

Tierra understood his point of view. “I get what you’re saying. It must be frustrating. Seriously, once we are finished here, how about you and I get together to discuss what more we could do?”

Gray nodded. “Thanks, Tierra, I appreciate it.”

She placed a reassuring smile. “Now go enjoy being home.”

Lieutenant Commander Tomaz relished the rare moment of tranquillity in his quarters after a long day of work. As he basked in the stillness and rested back in his armchair,  the door chime interrupted his focus, causing him to wonder who could be visiting him now. He responded by telling his visitor to come in. The door opened, and his friend and comrade, Lieutenant Commander Craigen Flemen, stood there with his hands behind his back. 

“Hey, Tomaz. I have a package for you that I found in the transporter room,” Flemen declared with a grin. “I thought I’d drop it off before I embark on my next mission.”

Tomaz smiled and sat up. “What do you mean?”

Flemen shrugged nonchalantly. “I have no idea. It was delivered, and I got asked to pick it up.”

As Tomaz got up from his chair, he looked behind Flemen’s back, and there, standing and hiding behind his friend, was his son, S’Tem.

“S’Tem!” Tomaz exclaimed, his heart bursting with joy as he embraced the boy. “What are you doing here? I thought you were still on Kessik?”

S’Tem beamed up at him, his eyes sparkling with happiness. “I wanted to surprise you, Dad. I missed you so much, and Uncle Craigen’s parents brought me to Earth for a visit.”

Tomaz held his young son tightly, overwhelmed with emotion. He had always been grateful for the opportunity to adopt S’Tem and cherished every moment they spent together. After such a long absence, seeing him now was more than he could have hoped for.

Flemen watched the touching scene before him with a smile. “Well, I guess my work here is done. I’ll leave you two to catch up.”

Tomaz thanked him graciously and watched as he left, the door closed behind him. He turned back to his young son, feeling a profound sense of happiness and contentment he had not experienced in a while.

“So, S’Tem,” he said, leading the boy over to the couch. “Tell me everything that’s been going on with you.”

“As long as you promise to take me to the fleet museum!” S’Tem pointed out. “I want to go see some of those old Columbia-class ships.”

Tomaz chuckled. “Depends; which one?”

“I want to see the Challenger!”