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Part of USS Mariner: M1: Into The Gamma Quadrant and Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

17) Just Another Monday – Part 2

USS Mariner - Engineering
March 2401
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The phaser fires across the room. Some people lay on the floor, stunned by the phaser that surprised them at the initial hostile takeover. Keeyiro and Cailra had taken cover and waited for their opportunity to strike back and take over the engineering. Meanwhile, on the other side, Drata had taken cover as Adrián took cover at the upper level. The situation was getting dangerous as a wrong hit on the cool cells, or even the warp core itself would have serious consequences.

Valerio, give me a sitrep on your side” A familiar voice came over the com badge.

Adrián took a shot before ducking back. “We got six or seven people that walked into the Engineering claiming that the Command Team is to be relieved of their duties. I already ID Ensign Cho and Petty Officer McKaine” Another hit was near him, and he automatically looked away. “We need to make them stop. They are firing in a freaking engineering room….”

Stay calm is key in this Adrián. You know what to do, and I trust your skills in getting the job done. You are right. We must act quickly as I am en route to the bridge.” 

To the bridge? So this madness was spreading throughout the ship. Adrián knew that there was tension with the whole Dominion ordeal. He could only guess that the Vorta presence escalated it to this amount “Are the representatives safe?” 

They are safe. We placed two security officers at their door and assured them we would control the situation. I got Miki with me that is coordinating already with other security officers across the ship."

Nodding to that as Adrián fired another shot before he almost got hit himself. “Frak Keeyiro is good at aiming…” He mutters, "Captain, do we got news who the f*ck is behind this coup?” He wanted to know who in their bright mind dared to do this. 

….Rami” Came over the communication.

His pupils widened as he heard the name echo. “What….Shew is behind this madness?” Adrián was getting emotional as they rushed through his head. Frustration, anger, betrayal, and sadness in one go. 

Yes, he stated a declaration of our misconduct in command choices. Adrián I need to go. Stay safe and get me my engineering back” The communication closed off. 

“With pleasure…” Adrián looked at his side to a fellow engineer and gave hand signals to proceed to the other side carefully. He looked down to look at Drata and finally got his attention giving him the attention for supportive fire. Adrián saw his nod and moved into position also. “Hey Keeyiro, your aim is great, but you lack confidence in your shots”

That taunt made her raise a brow as her eyes pierced into the direction of the voice. “What is that supposed to mean?! I was the top of my class in shooting” Keeyiro aimed a bit more carefully and almost hit Adrián as he tried to get to another cover. “Would you mind not being so slippery pervert” 

“Pervert?” Taking a deep breath “Is that why you are doing this? As a payback, I rejected your offer for a holodeck session to spar with you?” Adrián looked at the others to see if they were in position. Not yet seeing them still move, he shook his head toward Drata. “Or are you angry that you are on a ship with all these wonderful and gorgeous looking men that you are still heartbroken single?" 

“You bastard..,," Keeyiro felt the anger boil in her as her aim became more reckless. “Come out of hiding, and I will show you my first-class charms, Commander”

“Ensign, keep your mind in the game. Commander Valerio is getting into your head and trying to taunt you so you make mistakes” Cailra said, firing into Adrián's position. “Now focus and get this done. We are operating on thin ice here”

Looking back at Cailra, Keeyiro nodded slowly realizing what Adrián was trying to do in the given situation. “That weasel is trying to get under my skin…” Keeyiro curses softly knowing it actually worked on her. 

Adrián smirked a bit and recognized the new voice. “Lieutenant Cailra is that you? What is the esteem Chief Operation Officer doing in my wonderful engineering? I didn't know you had problems with my way of leading the area. Or are you here to stop your fellow officer, because a court marshal is set on your head for this action you know that” 

This is Lieutenant Shew, I have taken control over the bridge. We are about to drop out of warp to return to Dominion space to drop off our new guest. I would kindly ask Captain Kobahl, Commander Ruslanovna, and Commander Valerio to turn themselves in on breaking protocol and chain of command charges. You got 20 minutes” 

The ship dropped indeed out of warp as Adrián shrugged. Looking over at the team who got into position and nodded to them “I think a penal uniform for you both would look adorable” Adrián didn't give them a chance to reply “DRATA NOW” 

Drata opens fire with two phasers onto the position of Cailra and Keeyiro as others join in taking down some other accomplices. 

Sliding down the ladder and jump roll to a corner as he lost his phaser in the roll he stood before Keeyiro who looked surprised at him. Keeyiro quickly stood up, aimed only to drop to her knees, and looked over her shoulder, surprised that Cailra had shot her before dropping to the floor. 

Cailra lowered her phaser and looked at Adrián dropping her phaser to the ground before dropping to her knees and holding her hands behind her head. “I surrender to you Commander Valerio” She had regret in her eyes, played for the fool by Rami. 

Taking a deep breath and looking at Drata and the others “Take them in custody, but do not escort them just yet to the brig. We need to be sure that the ship is in our control” Adrián gave out the orders as officers walked to Cailra, Keeyiro, and others to chain them up. He taps his combadge “Valerio to Kobahl, the shed is empty” He breaks off the communication to take a moment for himself. Looking down at Keeyiro “Damn kid….”


  • The mutineers have the bridge, but the loyal still control the engine room. Pretty sure I'd rather have the engine room, but we shall see... At lot of times, battle scenes are just a logistical recounting of the shots taken and the shots missed, but what made this post fun was the banter between people who knew each other so well. This was a very personal fight, officers fighting their colleagues, a hard situation to be in, and by layering the dialogue, you could feel the turmoil they must have felt in their own heads as they engaged each other. I like that last little statement too. "Damn kid..." Its the regret of a senior looking at a junior who just made a horrible mistake.

    May 30, 2023
  • Oh my! I didn’t think they would take it this far but boy… they really went for it! Loved the back and forth during the firefight, it really brought it home that these people know each other, have worked together. Great stuff!

    May 30, 2023
  • Where is Sazra in all this. I'm surprised they took the bridge but with the CO and XO still free and the assault on engineering having failed there's absolutely no way this Mutiny can succeed now. It's simply a matter of time. Such an exciting series of event great writing great post.

    June 2, 2023
  • Brilliant chapter, quick and to the point and an exciting firefight whilst avoiding the "he shot, she shot" moments that can make it dull. It's a nice take on the witty banter trope too with a lots of reference to relationships (or lack there-of) we've seen discussed in previous chapters. Brilliant choice, things don't look good for Shew if his #1 has had a change of heart but you never know!

    June 8, 2023