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Part of USS Mariner: M1: Into The Gamma Quadrant and Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

15) Facing the Past

USS Mariner - Various locations
March 2401
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On route to Transport Room 1

Standing in the turbolift, Sazra had taken the task upon herself to welcome the Dominion representatives. She had ordered Silina to take over the bridge duty to leave when the transportation was done. Too many days were spent waiting like a good dog before the Dominion responded. 4th latest reports stated that they were in a bad position but slowly turning the tide. Standing relaxed with hands crossed over each other in front of her, she had various security officers at this welcoming party. Per the persistent advice of Rami, she finally agrees to his terms to have them with her. But her problem with the security detail was Mariner’s message on the representatives, intimidation, strength, or maybe fear? 

She looks to her right and sees Miki standing there, her new Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer with a hint of experience in Hazard operations. A person to keep on your good side, especially to know that he was the one that kicked her ass on the fleet yards after the bombing when she was under the influence of that alien. Looking back at the door, Sazra took a deep breath. “How is life on the Mariner treating you Lieutenant?” breaking the silence.

Surprised by the question, Miki wondered for a few seconds as his large eyes blinked a few times. “It is different from that on a starbase. But so far this mission has been uneventful regarding any combat.” He shrugs a bit. “I mean, that is good all-in-all” correcting himself. 

Letting a soft smile go on that answer as Sazra nodded to him “Good to know that Lieutenant. But as history dictates, victims can still happen outside the war zone. So you better be on guard for whatever might happen” She waited a few seconds and nodded. “Of course not saying that anything should happen. As a Captain, I am quite pleased with the results so far” 

“Right” Miki replied awkwardly, but appreciated the small talk to get to know his new Captain.

“Right” Sazra followed as the lift stopped moving. “Let’s get this show on the road” She exited the turbolift and walked towards the transport room.

The security team followed the Captain as Miki walked next to her. “Lieutenant Shew shows concerns about letting the Dominion enter the ship and letting them be transported to the Alpha Quadrant” Miki kept his hands at his side close to his phaser, something he had learned over time.

“What is your opinion about this situation Lieutenant?” Sazra replied and did not look back at the Lieutenant. She knew the number of complaints from Rami by now, but she wanted to hear different perspectives and opinions, not yes people. 

“My opinion?” Miki looked at Sazra and then over her shoulder to the other two security officers who looked at each other a bit confused. Taking his time to answer that question “I would say that the mission parameters dictate the situation. A Captain must make choices that don’t always benefit the crew but benefit the situation that is at hand. While the feeling of the crew might be troubled by the Dominion representative’s presence might be troubled. In the end, if it could end the situation in the Deneb region, it doesn’t matter what the crew thinks” 

Stopping at the door as it opens. Sazra looked at Miki with a serious look on her face “Yes and no Lieutenant. Because without the crew a Captain is nothing. However, the situation of the mission dictates above my own ….desires” Sazra felt troubled in wording it. “As you said, sometimes we just need to do what needs to be done. Which means also facing the past. Thought the well-being of my crew is and always be my top priority” She smiles at the three and enters the transport room.

Transport Room 1

The team arrived at the transport room Sazra nodded to the petty officer who handled the transporter. “Status” She made her way to the pad and stopped in front of it, her hands behind her back. 

“The Dominion outpost reports ready for transport of the representatives” The petty officer reported.

Nodding to that “Get them over Petty Officer, everyone I expect the best behavior. No acts of aggression as these are delicate times” Sazra instructed while looking at her team seeing the nods and finally looking back at the pad again. 

The petty officer pushed his fingers over the console as four figures appeared on the pad. Within seconds, the figures appeared two Jem’Hadar soldiers on the outside and two Vorta’s in the middle. 

“Welcome to the USS Mariner. We have spoken earlier on the communication. But my name is Captain Sazra Kobahl, and I am the Commanding Officer of this vessel” Sazra slightly bows her head to them before raising it back. “I appreciate your cooperation in this delicate situation” 

A smile came across Rahis’s face as she looked at Sazra. “Thank you for your kindness Captain Kobahl. It is a delight to be on your ship. We look forward to serving in this important journey” Taking her stepped off the pad as the Jem’hadar soldier on her side followed her footsteps. 

“A delight indeed. Our gods find it essential to keep our relationship of old in one piece. Plus we must bring back our fellow citizens to their rightful home.” Dezod took a step off the pad with his Jem’hadar soldier following. “We will ensure that the message is brought to their side.” 

Miki raises his hand. “Captain we have a protocol, they might be our guests but it means they have to play by our rules” 

Looking at her side and slowly nodding while looking back at the twins “My apologies, protocol states that your Jem’hadar have to turn in their weapons to ensure the safety of our crew. It is a policy installed by your people’s famed hospitality” Sazra knew it was a hit or miss to make that comment. 

The twins looked at each other “Well, it seems the Captain has a valid point brother” Rahis looked a bit troubled.

“Valid indeed sister” Dezod nodded and looked back at the Captain. “These Jem’hadar are our guardians. They are instructed to keep us safe from any danger. So it is difficult for me to ask them to turn in their weapons on an alien ship” 

Rahis looked at Sazra. “We understand your position in this Captain” 

They were weary of the request, which was understandable in Sazra’s opinion. Time to play her cards as she raises her hand and gestures to them. “But the famed Jem’hadar are genetically altered to be the walking weapon for the Dominion, well history is a bit vague about that”.

“That is true. These warriors can protect us without a given weapon in their hands” Rahis agreed. “Brother I believe the Captain made a keen observation about our guardians. I say we accept their terms” 

He nods to his sister. “And accept we shall, you two give your weapons to these kind security personnel” Dezod orders with a wave of his hand. The two soldiers didn’t give any resistance to the order and handed over their weapons and additional gear.

“Thank you, these will be stored in the locker and given back to you when you leave the ship” Miki instructed the guest. Meanwhile, the two other security officers locked the weapons and additional gear in a locker. 

Rahis smiled at Mike and looked back at Sazra. “We are here to help after all” 

“And help we shall” Dezod added to support his sister’s claim. “In the name of our gods of course and their eternal wisdom,” The lights flash dimly in the transport room. 

Captain, we have warped and are on route back to Opaka station” 

Nodding to the confirmation and tapping her combadge “Thank you, Commander, I will guide our esteem guest to their quarters, Kobahl out” The communication channel switched off as Sazra stepped to the side. “Please follow me. I will take you to your temporary quarters for this journey.” With that said, Sazra took the lead to walk out of the transport room followed by the representatives. 


  • I cannot imagine that the Jem'Hadar were happy to hand over their weapons, but the willingness of the Vorta to concede to the request just added to the fears of possible intrigue here. I really don't know what to think, if this mission just goes as planned or if there's something afoot here. So far, the Vorta have been what feels a bit too accommodating. I also enjoyed the Miki dialogue here. It allowed you to explore differing perspectives on how the crew might be managing the situation, and if Sazra was taking the right tact here.

    May 29, 2023
  • This situation is just going too well and there is that saying ‘if it looks too good to be true…’! I really thought there was going to be some Jem’Hadar rampaging through the ship there! But no… which makes me wonder what these Vorta are really up to…

    May 30, 2023
  • These Jem’Hadar Hadar are far too compliant. Something is going on I don't know what it is but something is going on

    June 2, 2023
  • Like something out of the Shining I can see these twins skipping down the corridor hand in hand. What on earth are they up to? That line "...fellow citizens to their rightful home." Has the Domion just realised theres a huge boost to their military power that Sazra is willing to just hand over to them? I liked Sazra's aim to collect other opinions but I worry she's not taking the crew's frustrations seriously, especially after repeated warnings.

    June 8, 2023
  • Sazra Kobahl

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