Part of USS Mariner: M1: Into The Gamma Quadrant and Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

14) We are Starfleet

USS Mariner - Kobahl Quarters
March 2401
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The room was dimmed in lights, and some calming classic music was in the background. The room looked warm, with dark brown furniture. The couch had forest green leather pulled over it. The walls gave the reflection of a Trill morning reflection, a drawing of a sunset. An aquarium was built into the wall from the door entrance to the bedroom. The bedroom was surrounded by the aquarium that went almost around the room and a bed in the middle with a brown-yellow color of blankets. 

The door opened as Silina entered the Captain's quarters and looked at her side taking in the setting. It has been a while since she last was in Sazra's room. Heck, it was even in the previous ship that she was. Taking a deep breath, getting flashbacks from that time. Silina had sent Sazra to confined quarters when the Blood Dilithium had taken hold of her mind. But a personal exchange happened when she retrieved her and asked her to take back command to finish the mission. They express their feeling for each other. 

“What can I do for you, Silina?” 

A voice came from Silina's side that made her look in that direction. What she saw made her look away and feel the warm blush on her face. “Mmm Captain could you please ….get yourself dressed” 

Sazra smirked at that comment and wore a mere robe as she dried her hair with a towel. Her Trill spots went down her face over to her neck and chest. She walked past Silina towards the bedroom. “We are alone Silina. You know you can call me by my first name. And you had seen me naked before” She walked around the corner out of Silina's view. 

Rolling her eyes at that comment. “Still if someone had entered your room that would be a different story” Silina pointed out as she noticed the robe being dropped at the door making her walk to the couch and sit down. Looking at a book on the table titled Love among the Stars. “I didn't know you liked romance books?”

“First no one can enter this room without my permission or grace” Sazra looked around the corner still obviously naked but covered by the door frame. “Second….it comes with the symbiote. My taste….changes” Pulling her head back into her room “What brings you here? Were you not on duty”

Holding the book in her hand read the summary and waved her left hand. “Nah, T'Path has it under control actually” Shaking her head at the summary and placing it back down. “The Dominion has not sent word yet about our two new visitors. Some crew members have voiced their concerns about their intentions"

Walking out of the room with her uniform on and yet her Captain's jacket open and a towel around her neck “Concerns? Let me guess, Shew has another complaint” Sazra walked to her replicator “Vanilla tea?” She asked and looked at the replicator. “Lida tea,” and out of nothing, a mock appeared grabbing the cup.

“Yeah, sure..” Silina confirmed the request. “Shew complaints are in my books redirected to a certain folder by now” Silina nodded to Sazra who gave her the vanilla. “No complaints about the mission, the things we keep our seniors in the dark about and the sudden plead from you to get them on the ship. Ship's morale is dangerously low as some people are not happy about this”

Taking a seat and scratching her neck while looking outside the window “Well everyone has their strings woven together that would lead ultimately to their personality over time” Sazra sipped her drink. “But as a Starfleet Captain, I can't abide by my personal feelings of what has happened in the past and be able to go beyond that to represent Starfleet as a whole” She shrugged and looked at Silina. “Our choices bind us, so these Dominions are not our enemy. They are a solution to a problem we are having” 

Lowering her cup, Silina looked at her “Donam?” She tilted her head to the side trying to understand where this speech came from. 

“Riazo actually” taking another sip of her drink “Captain Riazo Kobahl was in service in the 23rd century for Starfleet. Made some questionable choices also and yet made it through them” Sazra raised her cup. “Lida tea is her favorite” She smiled a bit awkwardly. “But you are right. The crew is on edge and I know I am pushing their limits. But are we in our right to dwell on the past? I mean the answer to our problem is now served on a golden plate”

After taking a sip, Silina placed the cup on the table. “I understand what you mean, what you try to go for. But keep in mind this is not Jaxartes or Damascus. This crew is not used ….to our command style and have no reason to fully stand behind us” Leaning a bit back on the couch as the leather cracks with the movement. “We have been dragged into this mission with every good reason, but I just hoped we gained some time with the crew to get to know them. This is showing a side of us that takes their opinion out of consideration and that is dangerous”

“Is that a medical or command opinion” Sazra teased back looking at Silina with a small grin.

“Maybe both…” Silina replied with a bit narrowed eyes. “Take this seriously, Sazra. It might blow right back into your face if you are handling it wrong” 

Taking a deep breath “I know, but this crew feels good. They know what has to be done and hopefully, understand my commands in this matter” Sazra dries a bit of her hair with the towel around her neck.

“Question…” Silina points at her towel. “You do know that you can let the system dry your hair” 

“Where is the fun of that? First, it is much more pleasant to shower with water. Secondly, it has a unique feel to have wet hair and third I made you blush” Sazra smiled as Silina wanted to reply but an interruption came.

Captain, the Dominion is ready to send over the representatives to our ship” 

“Understood, I am on my way to the bridge” Sazra closed the channel and stood up. “Let us go. Duty calls,” Making her move to the bathroom to lay the towel away. 

Silina stood up from the couch and yet her eyes were locked on Sazra who disappeared for a brief moment into the bathroom. She still had not found the courage to talk about what happened on Damascus or in the prison. She wondered if the symbiote had changed Sazra so much that it was no longer an option. Them being together. Silina saw her Captain appear with her hair in a ponytail and closing her jacket.

“Let's go” Sazra exited her quarters followed by Silina. 


  • This touch-base with Sazra and Silina was much needed. However, it makes me sad (or maybe wistful) to detect some discomfort between them and wayyyyy too much formality, given how much they've shared and how much they've meant to one another. Sazra has changed SO MUCH. It was a clever touch for joining to change her taste in books to romance novels. I'll admit, it's a little strange to see Sazra so philosophical -- but I recognizes it's been a while since I read a mission where she wasn't in distress. I wonder if this is the Sazra she's now meant to be?

    May 28, 2023
  • How far down do they go? All the way! But seriously, what a nice intimate post between two people with a complicated history. We simultaneously got a glimpse at how the two of them are now and how they regard their past, while also getting an update on the morale of the crew. I hope we get a follow up that explores the results of this morale problem, and also continue to see how they navigate their personal relationship.

    May 28, 2023
  • If only sazra knew what was really going on. I really find Shew distasteful. The only error I. Judgement Sazra has made was lying about the mission. I love the way Sazra teases Salina. It's a bit of cheeky fun diversion to what will certainly be an uncomfortable future for this Captain and xo.

    May 28, 2023
  • I’m glad Shew is on their radar! This is a nice post that gives insight into the relationship between these two, and hints at the changes Sazra’s been through. Definitely drew me in!

    May 30, 2023
  • A nice moment of relief juxtaposed with the previous chapters where dissent was clearly on the rise. It's also nice to see that Silina is so accepting of the change in Sazra (the best way to respond). I will admit that it feels like the Szara is a little bit leissez-faire about the crew's complaints, perhaps not all personality changes after joining are positive? Or possible after the traumua of Blood Dilithium this doesn't seem quite so bad really? We shall see!

    June 8, 2023