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Part of USS Auckland: Three Days Grace (The Supply Depot) and Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

Chapter 5 – The Mountain

USS Auckland / Yadev II Supply Depot
Mar 2401
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It was all hands on deck as the tiny window of opportunity got smaller and smaller with each updated report.

“Administrator, my crew is at your disposal.” Aris offered as they all got to their feet and headed out. “T’Keterk will accompany your engineers and I have Lieutenant Yates on stand by to bolster the medical bay.”

“Appreciated, Captain.” Avaya replied as she bundled a number of padds under her arm. “Lieutenants T’Keterk and Yates, if you’ll follow me.”

At Aris’ nod, the two officers fell into step behind Avaya exiting the office. With only Aris and Ensign Shan left behind, Aris opened a priority line to the Auckland.

“Captain Suin, to USS Auckland.”

“Go ahead, Captain.” Emma replied.

“Is Commander Fenway with you?” Aris questioned

“Yes, sir.” Emma answered. “She is standing by.”

“Thank you, Emma.” Aris replied before taking a breath and updating his bridge crew.

“We have received long-range sensor data advising a Dominion squadron on an intercept course with this sector. ETA three days.” Aris revealed. “I have no reason to doubt the scan the depot has taken, but I don’t want to leave anything to chance.”

“What are your orders, Captain?” Gin broke into the conversation. “Some additional scans of our own?”

“Got it in one, Commander.” Aris replied. “See if you can work with Ensign Malra to make use of some probes to bolster the rudimentary sensor net around this system. If so much as a speck of space dust moves, I want to be aware of it.”

Gin knew Aris was speaking in jest about the space dust comment but the urgency to get transparency around traffic in and out of the system was a new priority.

“I’ll engage with Ensign Malra as soon as we are done here.” Gin confirmed.

“Appreciate it, Commander.” Aris replied. “I’ll be returning to the Auckland in approximately two hours. Keep me updated on any developments.”

“Yes, Sir.” Gin answered before closing the channel. Making up her mind, she opened a channel again. “Bridge to Ensign Malra.”

“Go ahead, Commander.” Joci replied as she took a break from planning some of her automation coding.

“Please report directly to the Bridge, id prefer not to broadcast updates on an open channel.” Gin answered. “You’ll understand why when I fill you in.”

“On my way, Commander.” Joci replied as the channel closed. Gathering her padd and straightening out her outer jacket she made for the bridge. What sort of information did Gin have that made her hesitant to disclose on comm channels.

Exiting the turbolift into the bridge, Joci approached Gin. “You requested to see me, Commander?”

“Thank you, Ensign.” Gin got to her feet. “Let’s discuss this in the ready-oom.

“Yes, Commander.” Joci replied. This was all business. Deciding to wait for the Commander in the ready-room, she hastily exited the bridge.

“Ensign Swain.” Gin directed her attention to Emma.

“Yes, Commander?” Emma asked. “Based on the Captain’s update, can you identify the best evacuation routes out of this system and any possible incursion points we may need to be aware of?” 

“I’ll do my best, Commander.” Emma replied with a new determination. “I’d like to have these looked over by Ensign Shan after your input, my Tactical training isn’t as advanced as his own and his thoughts will be invaluable.”

“I have faith in you, Ensign.” Gin returned with a small smile. “See what you can come up with and we’ll talk with Shan when he returns with the Captain.”

“Thank you, Commander.” Emma said she turned her attention back to her console. With the ship currently docked she could allocate additional processing power to her calculations, hoping this would make the job seem smaller. Having only read about the horrors of the Dominion War, this was a situation she felt woefully under-prepared for. Reading and hearing reports about something was vastly different to actually experiencing it.

While she made adjustments to her calculations and pored over the available star charts, she kept her downtime occupied by brushing up on evasive patterns, defensive maneuvers and attack patterns. After being caught unaware while in the Delta Quadrant, she had no intention of piloting the Auckland into a situation like that again.

Entering the ready-room, Gin offered Joci a refreshment, of which was politely declined. Taking her seat, she turned to face Joci. “Relax, Ensign. You aren’t in trouble or anything.”

Exhaling slowly as Gin’s words were processed, Joci felt like was able to relax, but this still didn’t feel like the start of a good conversation. “What can I do for you, Commander?”

“Updated orders from the Captain.” Gin answered. “Long-range sensors have detected an inbound Dominion squadron on an intercept course with this system. Initial estimates predict their arrival in three days.”

“So little time.” Joci breathed.

“Agreed, Ensign.” Gin replied. “Hence the nature of this discussion.”

Settling back in her chair, Gin continued. “The Captain has requested we repurpose some probes to act as a rudimentary sensor net. We do not want that squadron taking us by surprise.”

“Of course I can, Commander.” Joci replied. “I did have some older models destined for recycling, but I can rig something up and have a proposal to you and the captain within the hour.”

“See to it, Ensign.” Gin replied as she stood back from the desk. “I’ll contact you when the Captain has returned so we can look over your plan.”

“Yes, Commander.” Joci acknowledged as she exited the bridge

Back on the Yadev Depot, T’Keterk followed Avaya to what was affectionately referred to as ‘The Pit’. As the reinforced bulkhead door slowly opened, T’Keterk could soon see why. Over the years the various crews of the depot had made modifications to the station emphasizing workshops, material synthesis, and parts fabrication.

Avaya stepped through the now open doorway and called the assembled team leads attention. 

“Listen up, everyone. Long-range scans have picked up a Dominion squadron on approach to this sector.” she began. “This understandably has Starfleet worried due to our position being so close to the Breen border. As a matter of priority, Starfleet wants as many of our mothballed stock repaired and reactivated before the Dominion arrive.”

“How long until they arrive?” a specialist asked from the small crowd. “And why are they here?”

“They are here, Specialist.” Avaya took a step forward with each word. “Because our scans indicate that squadron will be on top of us in three days, so I want you to move past this petty us versus them rivalry thing you have going on. We are Starfleet and if we fail this, it’s on me, it’s on you and it’s on the crew of the Auckland. Do. I. make. myself. clear?”

Sensing the threat in the administrator’s voice, the specialist looked to the ground like a scolded child. “Yes ma’am.”

“Excellent.” Avaya clapped her hands together. “Lieutenant T’Keterk, they’re all yours. Lieutenant Yates, please accompany me to the Medical facilities.”


  • Great story I liked how things seemed to show urgency throughout the chapter, from the Captain giving orders for the probes to be sent out as a net for an early detection system. This is a great idea so they won't be caught off guard when they do arrive. I like how the young officer thought she might be in trouble when the Commander called her to the bridge but was relieved that it was due to something else. I probably would have felt the same way if I were in her shoes. Now the ending got me how the one specialist was bold enough to ask why they were there and how Avaya basically put him in his place and demanded that they work together for the common goal. This is no us verses them its everyone verses the Dominion threat! Great job with this story can't wait to see what happens next!

    May 29, 2023