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Part of USS Eagle: Mission 3 – Intelligence Acquisitions


USS Eagle
March 2401
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“Sir, sensors are detecting a Ferengi ship.”  Iziraa tapped the tactical console.  “It's a D'Kora class.”

A warship?  Matt was curious about that.  “Mister Hok.”

“Yes, sir.”  Hok got up from the secondary tactical station, moving into the observation lounge.

“Hail them,” said Matt.

“They're hailing us,” said Iziraa.  “It's Daimon Nesh of the Bartan.”

Matt stood up, moving closer to the view screen.  “Daimon Nesh, I'm Captain Matt Kirby of the USS Eagle.”

“You've been calling us, Captain?” said Nesh.

Direct.  Matt appreciated that.  “We've been on your border five hours…”

“We're here now.  What do you want?” said Nesh.

“We'd like to enter your space so we can travel to the Lappa system,” said Matt.

“You're planning on spending your leave time on the resort moon?”  Nesh chuckled.

“Something like that,” said Matt.

Nesh frowned.

“The Federation and Ferengi Alliance are on good terms,” said Matt.  “Many of your people have earned profit from our association.  I'm sure there's no issue here."

“What's it worth to you, Captain.”

And here we go, thought Matt.

“Let him make the first offer,” said Hok through Matt's earpiece.

“Clearly it's important, Daimon, so let's just get to it.  What's the fee for letting us in?”

“Ten bricks of gold-pressed latinum.”

Matt had to force himself to keep a straight face while hearing Hok laugh.

“Sorry, sir.  I wouldn't offer more than ten bars,” said Hok.

"Daimon, we both know that's not realistic.  Five bars."

"You insult me, Captain," snorted Nesh.

"Wait for him to counter," said Hok.

The two commanding officers stared at each other.

"Fifteen bars," said Nesh.



Nine."  Matt was enjoying this.


"Take time to think about it," said Hok.

Matt did as he was instructed.  "I'll agree to ten, Daimon, if you escort us to Lappa and give us a favorable reference when we arrive."

It was Nesh's turn to consider.  Matt watched Iziraa's antennae move in slow circles as the seconds ticked past.

"Eleven and the reference," said Nesh.

Matt was going to object, but stopped when Hok spoke.

"Captain, Nesh needs to appear before his crew as the winner.  Don't let one bar of latinum get in the way of our mission."

Hok was right, of course.  "I agree Daimon."

"Once you send me the latinum, we'll go.  Try to keep up."


"How did I do, Mister Hok?" said Matt.  He heard Iziraa chuckle.  "Lieutenant?"

"Just clearing my throat, sir," said Iziraa.

"If you're coming down with something, I can send you to sickbay," said Matt.

"I'm fine, sir."

Matt smiled.  "Hok?"

"Compared to Klunt, negotiating a passage fee with a ship captain is like talking to a child," said Hok.

Matt knew this, of course, but did he truly know it?

"Take your station, Ensign."

"Yes, sir," said Hok.

It wouldn't be long before they arrived at Lappa and Matt's thoughts moved to Lori and Roger.  He hoped they were doing well.  Only time would tell.




  • I really enjoy the small character moments with Izi and the captain - there's mild tension, but it's friendly banter that helps this story shine a little brighter - plus Hok is just a fun character to read with him in Matt's ear. Looking forward to more!

    May 22, 2023
  • Ya got to love Ferengi's always looking at making some kind of profit no matter what the situation might be, I chuckled as I was reading the banter going on between the two and Hok in Kirby's ear. Glad they were able to settle on a price and be able to be escorted to Lappa without any incident. Can't wait to see what happens next!

    May 29, 2023
  • Leave it to the Ferengi to make a transaction about visiting a planet. Love the whole negotiating Scene It was great and would love the detail about how the Ferengi captain had to win. Great post

    May 30, 2023