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Part of USS Mariner: M1: Into The Gamma Quadrant and Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

7) For All To See

USS Mariner - Bridge
March 2401
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Shift Leader, Lieutenant T’Path.


It has been a few hours since I relieved Commander Ruslanovna from the gamma shift. The lower officers call this shift the graveyard shift as it is in condition with the late night shift and where nothing seems to happen. I find this shift enlightening to bring focus to my work. The arrival in the Gamma Quadrant has been interesting and fascinating at the same time. I have been able to gather more information while en route to our destination about this chaotic space. The reports from the Vulcan research group that entered this space before the Dominion War have greatly helped get a safe route. 


Many officers have used this unique and logical opportunity to gather information in their work field. I wonder how long we are allowed to conduct our mission in the Gamma Quadrant as I am certain that we can gain more insight into the living environment of the citizens of this vast region of space. I am looking forward to…

“Lieutenant, we have an object on ourrr path”  K’Nala looked at the screen showing the map in the right corner “Should I change course?” 

The senior officer on the bridge had stopped her typing on the log and looked at the data coming in. “You are unable to avoid the said object, Lieutenant?” T’Path looked at her helm as a course redirection would be quite invasive for just that.

“Sadly no, if the scannerrr logs are not malfunctioning, it is as big as a regula station” K’Nala looked over her shoulder to T’Path “I do requirrre a direction, ma’am. We will intercept it within seven minutes” 

“Ensign Cho, do old records state anything about the said object?’ Looking at her side to a young woman in a black uniform.

Shaking her head “Starfleet, Vulcan, and Klingon records state nothing of the given object. I would advise you to be careful upon approach. Long-range scanners indicate that we are dealing with a large structure base object. I will update more when I get more results” Keeyiro gave a soft nod to T’Path and looked back at the console to analyze the data. 

That said, T’Path nodded. “Lieutenant Miki please put us on yellow alert. Ensign Asipa inform the Captain and First Officer of the situation and that their presence is required at the bridge. Lieutenant K’Nala please drop out of warp at a safe distance from the object”  She was firm in her commands to her bridge officers. There was no time to underestimate any given situation, they were after all in the Gamma Quadrant. 

After a given minute the Mariner dropped out of warp, while the bridge was dimmed yellow in its light. “Arrived at a safe distance from the unknown object, awaiting orderrrs” She moved her paw over the console moving the thrusters downwards. K’Nala looked at the screen seeing the object from a far distance.

“Ensign Cho, please enhance the zoom-in of the object” T’Path orders as the screen focus on the object and zooms in. It showed a clear beacon structure with the top shining a purple given light. “Fascinating. Any idea what it might be?”  

“Scans indicate unknown results of the purpose for the structure” Keeyiro looked back at her console from the screen. “I will keep scanning” 

Miki tapped the side of his console while looking at it. “So far scans indicate that it is not hostile. Regional scans indicate that there are no defense or offensive materials present that could endanger our ship”

A hum came from the engineering console where Drata was standing. “The structure is indeed interesting, but the construction of it is pretty straightforward. It looks like a monument of sorts. When placing a reference point of the structure in our database, I get the Dominion logo as an answer” 

The tubrolift doors opened up as Sazra and Silina entered the bridge. Walking to their chair, T’Path stood up from the captain’s chair. “Alright give me an update. What am I looking at?” Sazra didn’t sit yet as her attention and focus went to the screen seeing the structure.

“I have given the orders to the bridge crew to begin scanning. So far the results are that Lieutenant K’Nala placed us at a safe distance from the unknown object. Ensign Cho concludes that the object doesn’t meet up to any data reference in our known database from the Gamma Quadrant. I ordered the ship to yellow alert upon arrival, Lieutenant Miki informed me that the area had no offensive or defensive material active. The structure in question has no danger to it as well. Ensign Drata also notice that the construction has a more monumental value. It reflects small bits of the Dominion” T’Path briefly summarized what the crew told her.

Nodding at the information, Silina looked at the screen. “What is your opinion about it?” 

Giving a brief moment to observe the screen, T’Path softly smiled before returning to her usual Vulcan facial expression. “It is unique and if the data is correct, it is built during or after the Dominion War”  

“I tend to agree with you, but our mission has priority to it. Is it safe to pass it?” Sazra asked looking around as she saw a few nods in her direction. “Alright helm, the distance between 15 and 30 km and get us back on course when we leave the system” Sazra wanted to walk off again as she nodded to Miki to turn down the yellow alert. Her eyes however stopped at Asipa who looked puzzled at her console “Ensign?” 

The young Ferengi’s focus broke when she noticed the Captain standing at her side “Captain…ahh yea…” She shrugged embarrassed to be caught in her work “I …well when zooming in on the structure I noticed a language that I kinda recognized” 

Sazra raises an eyebrow “What language?”  

“Overne…” She said placing her finger on a few letters on the zoomed-in image. She saw the questionable eyes “I did a script in the academy days on foreign languages during the Dominion War. The communication tactics and language of the Dominion members. Now the Overne is a key element within the Dominion.” She raises her finger. “They are responsible for manufacturing the starships and weapons for the Dominion. Now they are so amazing because even Dominion translators struggled with their language. They use sounds like clicks, snaps, or hums to do so. But they also have a written language and that’s what I believe on that object”

Looking back at the screen, Sazra narrowed her eyes a bit. “Can you….translate it?” 

Giving a big grin, Asipa looked at the image. “I thought you never asked… I am rusty in this and the computer needs to help me a bit” 

Remember our warriors at war,Fighting bravely amidst the uproar,Their courage and strength never falter,As they stand true, loyal to the altar.


They leave behind their homes and kin,To protect and serve, for us they win,The battles they endure, the scars they bear,Their selflessness, we must always share.


Their sacrifices often go unheard,Yet, their deeds remain forever preserved,In our hearts and minds, they’ll always stay,As heroes, we honor them every day.


So, let’s remember our warriors at war,And celebrate the legacy they implore,For their service and sacrifice, we owe,A debt that endlessly continues to grow.

The bridge went quiet for a moment letting the words sink in. “It’s a war monument to praise the brave warriors that gave up their lives for the Dominion” Silina sat back in her chair. “I never suspected them of being that kind of people to praise and remember what has happened” 

“The Dominion might not be like that, but it doesn’t mean a race like the Overne could be one. They built an entire fleet of ships that was let loose upon our people” Sazra stated. “Helm, resume course. Let us not provoke anyone by staying too long at a location we are not quite wanted at” Looking at T’Path. “I will see your report in the morning” With that said she pads Asipa on her shoulder. “Well done Ensign, we learned something today” Seeing the smile of the young Ensign, Sazra entered the turbolift again as Silina followed her in.

Turbo lift

The door closed as it started to move. “What do you think of this?” Silina looked at her uniform which she quickly put on after receiving the call to the bridge.

“That it might be dangerous to linger around too long at a war monument. Remember, Gamma Quadrant folk see us as the bad guys and praise the Dominion for the true force of the galaxy. Well some of them that is” Sazra leans against the back of the lift “But I am more worried about the crew with a history with the Dominion. If they see this monument ….it might endanger our mission by enforcing that tension that is already present” 

Giving a nod to her captain “When shall we change course?” Silina looked at her.

For a brief moment, Sazra struggled on how to answer that “Most likely tomorrow, shit is about to get real”  


  • I enjoyed this. Gives another side to thr Dominion. They aren't just blood thirsty killers.

    May 18, 2023
  • A lovely moment of softness to 'the enemy'. It'll be interesting to see if this humanisation (for lack of a better term) of the Dominion comes into play later, causing conflict amongst an already unsure crew.

    May 18, 2023
  • I enjoyed the gentle pace and quiet reflection of this post. It's always enlightening to take a peek into T'path's perspective. Her enjoyment of the gamma shift tells us a lot about her and I liked the use of institutional knowledge from the Vulcan Research Group to plot the Mariner's course. Overall, you were skillful in building the mystery of this post. It had that TOS-vibe for me with the crew beyond the unknown, approaching an unknown object in space. The fact it was an object of nostalgia and sentiment made it all the more powerful than if it had been a weapon. But let's hope no Gamma Quandranters take offence to the Mariner soiling the war memorial with their dastardly Starfleet presence.

    May 19, 2023
  • This is a lovely post and a change of pace. I liked the build up, and the investigation to then find out it’s a war monument. It certainly gives another side and depth to the Dominion, that at least some among them felt those who sacrificed their lives should be remembered. Looking forward to reading more!

    May 28, 2023