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Profile Overview


Ferengi Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Asipa


Communications Officer
USS Mariner


Asipa is the Communication Officer of the USS Mariner. She is kind, yet shy when meeting new people.


Like most Ferengi, she has large ears and looks like most Ferengis, having no hair. She has brown eyes and no visible marks on her body.


People would know Asipa best for her introverted behavior, intuition, showing feelings, and ability to judge. She tends to approach life with deep thoughtfulness and imagination of what could be. Her inner vision, personal values, and quiet principle guide her through life.


Asipa became the Communication Officer on the USS Mariner in 2401 and got involved in the critical mission it had to play out in the Gamma Quadrant. Asipa was responsible for fabricating false orders, and the communications between the Dominion and the Mariner. But also during the battle in the Ciatar Nebula and the Battle of Farpoint, the communication between ships. Her translating skills came to use at the monument of warriors in the Gamma Quadrant. After the Lost Fleet arc, Asipa was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2401 Communication Officer USS Mariner
2401 - Present Communication Officer USS Mariner
Lieutenant Junior Grade