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Preparing the Hospital

Main Promenade, Starbase Bravo
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“Thanks,” Joshua said sarcastically to the Security personnel as he was permitted to walk the Promenade. What was going on with the starbase? There was always a security presence, but they seem to be everywhere now. And the grilling he received when wanting to take a walk on the Promenade? And these odd orders? He glanced at the PADD as he walked. Report to the Infirmary? “Wonders never seem to cease…” he said as he made the final turn. And promptly bumped into another Security officer. “This is a restricted area, Petty Officer.”

Joshua sighed, “I’m Dr. Joshua Bryant, here on orders from Captain,” he made sure to emphasize the rank, ” Rhonda Iwelu, Chief Science Officer”.” He handed the PADD to the officer, “Do you want some more blood? I’m sure I have some left. But it probably didn’t change from the last guy who took it.” He held out his hand.

The guard took Joshua’s hand and took the required blood for testing. When the results came back confirming he was human, the guard handed the PADD back to Joshua. “Proceed, Dr. Bryant,” and stepped aside.

Joshua had only been in the Infirmary for his initial physical. “I forgot how big this place is.” He flagged down the nearest officer in a teal uniform. “I’m Joshua Bryant, reporting as instructed.”

Caught slightly off guard while cataloguing the latest inventory of medical supplies to be transferred to the Hippocrates, Hannah turned her attention toward the voice coming from behind her. She did not recognize the man standing before her and made note of his uniform colour and Petty Officer rank. She was uncertain whom had instructed him to report to the infirmary, however, with the increase in security she was not going to pass up an offer of assistance.

“What is your area of medical expertise?” she said bluntly.

“Oh, the teal. I’m a scientist, botanist specifically.”

“I see. Well then,” she began, pausing to look for a PADD.

Locating one on a nearby reception desk, she tapped in a few commands, inputting her security code to retrieve the secure equipment manifest for the Hippocrates. There were several dozen pieces, large and small on the list. Many would need to be replicated, others needing assembly. It was pretty menial work, but enough to keep him busy for the better part of the day.

Handing him the PADD she continued, “Do you think you can handle this?”

Joshua skimmed the PADD. “It looks pretty straightforward. Reminds me of when my sister moved out of-”

“Excellent. Do you have any questions before you begin?”

“Some of these things will need to be assembled. I’ll need tools, is there somewhere I can get a toolbox?”

Hannah stood and peered around the infirmary. She hadn’t the foggiest idea if there might be any such thing around. Usually, when she had something that needed a little percussive maintenance, being the petite woman that she was, she called upon the engineers to handle such matters.

“You could maybe try the supply closet,” she said with hesitation, “but if you can’t find anything in there, I’m sure one of the sparkies can get one for you.”

“Sounds good,” Joshua made his way to the engineers. Some doctors would find it demeaning to do grunt work, but Joshua was just happy for something to do. Besides, most of his projects had been sidelined. He joined a group of ensigns in the process of assembling devices. “I’m looking for some tools to put these things together,” he presented the PADD.

One of the ensigns stopped his work and looked over the PADD. “Biobed #14, yeah we’re working on that right now. You can fall in with us, grab a spanner, man.”

Joshua grabbed a spanner and got to work, “I have a question. Are all the doctors here uptight and dismissive of non-comm officers? I’ve met three of them and two have been brash.”

The group chuckled. The man spoke up again, “Nah man, they’re just stressed out. There’s a lot going on right now,” he leaned in. “Some people sayin’ we’re going to war against the Dominion.”

“The Dominion? There hasn’t been word of them in 20 years.”

The man shrugged, “I don’t know, just what I’ve heard.”

Several hours later, Joshua and the engineering crew finished up the last task on the PADD. The man, who he learned was named Marco Montañez, slapped Joshua on the back, “You did all right, doc. There might be a place for you in the Yellowjackets after all!”

Joshua approached Hannah, she turned with a polite smile on her face when hearing the voice of the doctor, “All right, looks like we’re done for the day. I’m not sure if I’ll be back, but it certainly was a learning experience.

“I’m glad I was able to be of some help. I’m sure activity will be picking up in short order around here. If I need an extra pair of hands, I’ll be sure to give you a shout.”

Exchanging final pleasantries, the two parted ways; Joshua toward the infirmary exit and Hannah to her next patient.