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Fafnir – 4

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Quetzalcoatl, this is Ensign Boyd. I am deploying the first piece of the array now.” a long cylindrical item started to slowly exit the Dragons starboard side, Iris.

“We see it, Ensign. We are attaching tractor beams now.”

The crew of the Quetzalcoatl move the first piece of the array into position and with the help of Ensign Shichui working the tractor beams they align the piece into its proper position as two worker bees arrive. The Lindwurm slowly moves the next piece from the Dragon.

Ensign Shichui glanced up and watched the Lindwurm, via the shuttle’s rear-facing camera displayed on their console screen. “Lindwurm, advise approaching 180 degrees from our current position. Docking clamps are showing unlocked and open.”

“Roger,Quetzalcoatl. We are starting to rotate the 2nd piece as we speak and moving it into position.”

“I see you, Lindwurm. Alpha and Bravo please hold your positions as the Lindwurm moves the 2nd piece into position.”

Shichui received two quick affirmatives over the comms channel as the two worker bee pods held their position just slightly behind and starboard of the Quetzalcoatl.

Lindwurm, hold your current position, please. I’m rotating piece one 5.3 degrees port. There we go that should line things up a bit better. Lindwurm, you are cleared to proceed. Alpha and Bravo she’s all yours for final docking and lockdown procedures.”

Ensign Shichui watched as the two worker bee pods approached the two pieces of the array and slowly moved them into the correct position and mated the two pieces together.

“Locking the clamps now, all systems are showing green. Lindwurm you are cleared to return to the Dragon.”

The process was repeated as the third piece was brought from the Dragon under the power of the Amphithere. This piece was slightly larger in circumference than piece two and had a domed shape to it. 

“Dragon, Quetzalcoatl is returning to the starboard side Iris for the last piece to the array.”

“Affirmative Quetzacoatl, We are showing array operations in the green and functioning as per guidelines. We are already receiving signals from the array’s weather tracking systems along with readings from the short-range sensors.”

Again the process repeated itself as the fourth and final piece was brought from the Dragon and attached to the array.

“That’s it folks, the array is all in one piece and looks to be operating normally. Alpha and Bravo the Quetzalcoatl will escort you back to the Dragon.”

Aboard the Dragon over the next couple of hours diagnostics were run and system programming was updated as needed.


“Captain, The new array is confirming what I suspected. There is some sort of array just over the Breen security zone. We are receiving messages from various sources.” Lieutenant Scamandrius said from his console.

Kr’Antren looked over towards the comms officer and received a nod in the affirmative as he stood and made his way over to the comm officer’s console. “Can we tell what is being said?”

“Working on it sir, the computer is trying to analyze the data and separate the various messages.” the comms officer held a hand toward the earpiece they wore and shook their head as they tried to separate what they were hearing. 

Kr’Antren turned toward Lieutenant Scamandrius. “Anything on your end? Can you boost the signal ?”

“Same on our side, sir. It’s not the signal strength but the abundance of messages being transmitted over very specific channels.”

Kr’Antren looked over at Aryanna. “Commander, send a message to Task Force command. Let them know that we have found something of interest. Inform them that we have already sent an arrow from the 612th to investigate.”

“Sending as we speak, Kr’Antren.” She got up from her chair and walked over to the intelligence console.

“Ma’am, it’s all in bits and pieces. We can’t lock onto any one particular transmission. The computer is recording them though and my folks are starting to analyze it.” He shook his head as he watched the data come across his console he pulled his headphones out from a side pocket, put them on, and tried to listen to the transmissions. “Comms, I’m going to try to slow down the transmission to see if I can make it all out. Not speaking Breen doesn’t help but maybe I can help decipher when messages start and stop.”

“Works for me lieutenant.” she looked up at the captain. “ Sir, I can say this though it seems to me like they are broadcasting these transmissions. It’s not between any ships in particular. It’s almost like they are making sure that all possible ships in the area can hear whatever it is.”

Kr’Antren ran a hand through his beard, nodded, and returned to his seat. “Helm, continue with our current orbital path. Lieutenant Sustram, anything from red’s?”

“Nothing yet sir, last time they reported everything was normal. We are getting ready to launch the greens, should I let them know anything is changing in the mission?”

“Not right now, but let them know that things are changing and we may require them to return earlier than planned.”

“Yes, sir.”

Kr’antren turned toward Aryanna. “Hope you like puzzles, as I think we just found one that has many pieces to be found.”

“Not particularly. However, I’ve always liked a good ol’ mystery story.” Aryanna replied.

Kr’Antren nodded and ran his fingers through his beard wondering what the next few hours will bring to them.