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Profile Overview



Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Scamandrius


Chief of Intelligence
USS Dragon (Archive)



5’6” /310 (Built and walks like a mountain gorilla on earth) often wears fingerless gloves to keep his knuckles protected while walking.

Degree in Archival Sciences from Starfleet Academy

Quit, Brooding, deep voiced, thoughtful, keeps to himself, afraid of his own strength, well liked by those he trusts and calls his friends, can be hard to get to know, intelligent, 

Scamandrius is a refugee. Raised on earth by a human family .

Was romantically involved with Zhaishi while at the Academy

Lost an eye in childhood from an altercation while being bullied by a group of children. When he is walking or doing other physical activity he wears a specially made set of goggles that feeds him with information as he has no depth perception and is extremely nearsighted. Has turned down corrective surgery several times.