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Part of USS Jaxartes: Journey To Vashran

Part 1: Special Request

Starbase 86
1st March 2401 07:30
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It had been two week since the as yet unexplained disappearance of Commander Salan and Lieutenant Bolka, along with serval members of the MRT Atragon crew including her captain Hachiro Jinguji.

Since arriving at Starbase 86, which was the USS Jaxartes current home base; Ensign Jason Devron and the rest of the ship’s crew had been heavy questioned about the events on and near Y’Teck V and also the capture of the aforementioned Raven class vessel by Orion pirates hidden aboard the freighter Soufrière which led to the deaths of Chief Engineer Bellbrooke and Crewman Second Class Delanie.

Jason hadn’t been back on board the Jaxartes since they’d docked.  In fact as far as he knew no one had; other than a security team and a pair of investigating officers.  The Transporter room was still in the mess he’d left it. No double his blood by now dried out was still on the pad where the Orion Hasray had shot him.

That was another puzzle, the Orions’ they had taken prisoner whilst retaking the ship, had all somehow disappear!  He did wonder if someone from Intelligence was behind it.  But even if that was the case, he was highly unlikely to ever find out.

Sitting on the edge of the bed in the room he’d been assigned, Jason ran the fingers of his right hand through the slight stubble forming on his chin; wondering what mess would confront him if he dared look in a mirror right now.  He hadn’t spoken much to anyone else other than those leading the investigation.  Just the odd word or two in passing.  For the most part they’d been kept away from each other; access via the computer in the room he’d been given had been severally limited up until a couple of days ago and someone from security deactivated his com-badge.  Or rather given him a new one that was only there to track his location every time he left this room. Besides Jason just didn’t know what he would have said to any of the crew; even if he had been given the chance.

He didn’t think he’d felt this alone since hearing of the death of his mother whilst at the Academy back on Earth.  Even that had been in another life.  This one was meant to have been a better one; right now it didn’t look like it.  Jason dropped back on to the bed, and instantly regretted the sudden jolt.  The wound was gone, leaving no visible scare, but that didn’t mean it still didn’t hurt.  The doctor who’d examined him had remarked at how good a job Andrianakis had done on fixing up his injury.

A few minutes past as Jason lay there on the bed in just the t-shirt and shorts he’d slept in; when the computer bleeped, attracting his attention to an incoming communication.   Sitting up a little more carefully than he’d flopped down Jason slid his legs round and placed he’s bare feet on the floor before standing and taking the four steps over to the desk.

After a moments pause the Starfleet logo was replaced by a male commander. “Ah, Ensign Devron, we’ve received a special request from the Vashran.  Their newly appointed High Chancellor has requested your presence on their home world.”  It had been their predecessor who the Jaxartes and Atragon’s  crews had gone searching for, leading up to the incidents he’d been questioned on. “Did they give a reason why?” He asked the commander. “They refuse to continue with diplomatic relations until they have spoken with, as they put it. The surviving members of the search party”.  The officer paused a moment. “That would include yourself, Ensign Stuart and the civilian Andrianakis, I believe.”

“I’m currently without a vessel whilst the USS Jaxartes awaits repairs.”  Jason replied.

“A Runabout has been placed at your disposal.  Prepped and ready for your departure.” Came the swift reply. “It’s a replacement for the one the Johannesburg sadly lost.  So you’ll be doing them a small favour.”

“And the Jaxartes?”

“Fixed up in 48 hours and following you.”


Three decks above and 10 degrees clockwise around the space station; Ensign Stuart had just stepped out of the sonic shower, when she received a very much similar communication from the same commander, though she did remember to cover up first before accepting it.

Finally the commander made contact with Andrianakis who was across the other side of the station and several decks down; explaining the situation to her.  Being a civilian she’d been give quarters in a totally different section.


At one of the numerous canteen areas dotted throughout Starbase; Ensign Harris sat enjoying a breakfast Barito and a coffee whilst reading from his PADD, when someone ruffled his hair from behind.  “Morning pretty boy.” Came a familiar voice. Ensign Cho dropped into the seat opposite him, with her own breakfast on a tray.

“You know I much preferred it when you were shy and quiet.” Was his reply.

“That’s not what you were saying the other night!” The young Korean smirked.

Chad looked around the half empty room to see if anyone had heard her remark. “Keep it down please.”

“Not ashamed of me already.” She teased, “Any way what are you reading?” She grabbed the PADD before her companion could react and turned the screen to face her. “Bikini Clad Battle Babes Of Braxiuos.”  Cho read out the title of the novel; if that was the correct term to use for this particular work of fiction before placing the device back on the table.

Chad had expected at least some sort of reaction from the young woman opposite; but instead Cho just carried on eating as if this was all perfectly normal.  A minute or more pasted before he spoke again. “So?”  She looked at him puzzled for a moment, before realising the significance of the one word question. “Oh that.  Don’t worry I’ve read it already, but I won’t spoil things for you.  Chapter 9 is epic though!”

Ensign Harris nearly choked on a mouth full of coffee at the response. “You’re so full of surprises!” He managed to say between coughs.

“I think you said that the other night too.” Cho smiled back. “Any way the reason I came looking for you. Lyanna contacted me just.  She and Jason have been requested at the home planet of that diplomate we went searching for.  She feels my linguistic skills might come in handy.”

“So our ships ready to go?”

“Not just yet, we’re taking a Runabout.  You and Dinari will follow with the Jax in a couple of days.”