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Part of USS Sojourner: Mission 1 – Do not go gentle into that good night (Blood Dilithium Campaign) and Bravo Fleet: Blood Dilithium

M1 – Chp18: A Chat with the Devore

USS Sojourner
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Bridge – 14:00

“Looks like we really pissed it off, Captain,” Belania said from the ops station. “The entity is still in pursuit and maintaining speed at warp 6 but hasn’t increased speed beyond that.”

Kirin glanced back at the Chief of Operations and nodded, “That is something at least, increase speed to warp 7, lets’s see if we can give us a bit of extra time in the system before it joins us.”

“New ETA is 45 minutes until we reach the boundary of the nebula surrounding the pulsar system,” Dese remarked from the con.

Kirin nodded and turned to Thanen, “I think it is time I have a chat with our new guests. The bridge is yours Thanen. I should be back before we arrive.” With that, she made her way to the turbolift.

Brig, Deck 9 – 14:10

Kirin walked into the security office and was greeted by Petty Officer Allen Thomas. At the sight of her, he jumped up from his seat by the terminal he had been working on, “Captain, what can I help you with?”

“The survivors of the Devore ship, I want to have a word with them.” 

“They are in holding cell one, Crewmen Johnson is watching over them and EMH is in there with them right now,” Allen said.

Kirin smiled and talked past him into the brig. As expected for a ship this size it had limited capabilities to hold individuals in the brig with only two cells. Standing in front of the curved desk in the corner of the room was Johnson, her back towards the door with her hand on her phaser as she watched the cell. As Kirin entered the room Johnson glanced back and her and nodded, “Ma’am.”

Stepping up beside Johnson Kirin could help but be reminded she had a way to go to get to know her crew as she couldn’t remember the woman’s first name. “How have they been?”

“Quiet,” Johnson remarked before continuing. “They have refused to say anything to us. Elem had to leave as they glared at him, I think they have decent information on which species in the federation are telepaths.”

“I would not be surprised,” Kirin said back as she stepped forward. Inside the cell, the three remaining Devore officers sat with the EMH standing between them staring down at a tricorder in his hands.

“Ah, Kirin, a pleasure to see you as always,” the EMH said without turning to look at her. “I take it you are here for the in-depth interrogation of these…well… survivors?”

Kirin looked at each of the Devore, her face emotionless, “Do you have anything to report Doctor?” As she said it she couldn’t help but reprimand herself for not speaking to the EMH sooner yet about it transferring itself to the Sojourner. Time had just slipped away and it, at times, didn’t seem to be a priority.

“They all appear in decent enough health at the moment, a bit malnourished and dehydrated but that is expected given how they were found. Other than that I cannot comment on their psyche, as they refuse to speak,” the EMH remarked with a shrug. “If you need me after you speak to them I will return.” With that, he nodded towards Johson who tapped a button on the controls opening a small hole in the forcefield through which he handed her the tricorder and then vanished.

“Now,” Kirin said stepping forward, “I am Kirin Tarken, commander of the Sojourner. Normally people we rescue are not housed in the brig but given the Imperium’s hostility and attacks on Federation vessels I don’t have a choice.” She looked at the one she knew was their ranking officer and continued, “But that need not be the case. Tell me what you know of the entity that attacked your ship.”

The two junior officers looked to their commander as he glared at Kirin. After several moments he spoke, “Fine. The entity appeared a couple of weeks ago and began attacking our ships and stations. None of our weapons seemed to harm it. It even attacked several of our ground bases infecting those there and making them into those creatures before it moved on.”

“By ground bases, you mean you concentration camps?” Kirin asked, curious if the entity and its connection to the Brenari that she believed were there. “Did it and the creatures attack them also?”

The Devore looked at Kirin and shrugged, “I do not know the details but if attacked the bases do what is needed to prevent escape.”

Kirin glared at him and bit back comment, “What else?”

“That is all I know, we were sent to track it but it evaded our sensors somehow and attacked us. Then you arrived,” he responded.”

Kirin smiled, “Thank you. We are trying to stop it currently and are being pursued by it as we speak. If you promise to cause how harm to his ship or crew I will have to transfer to a more comfortable location.” She didn’t want to make the offer and was confident he would reject it but she felt taking the high road was the right course.

She thought her request was reasonable but the venom in the Devore’s response indicated otherwise, “No, I gave you the information you sought, not that it mattered as it will kill you as well. You have only delayed our deaths if you intend to fight it. We will also NOT mingle with you or the telepaths that you have among you. Keep up locked up here and them away from us!” With that, he turn and looked at the other Devore and refused to speak to her again.

Kirin shrugged, “Very well.” Turning to Johnson before leaving the brig she said, “Keep an eye on them. Bring in whoever you want to help.”