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One More Stop.

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“Lieutenant Yatokii, we have arrived at Deep Space Nine. I’m pretty sure you could find a ride to Deep Space Forty-Seven from here. Good luck with your future endeavors.”

“Thank you, Captain. Anything, I should be aware of while on DS9.”  Yatokii asked as he shouldered a black canvas duffle bag, offering his hand to the Ravens Captain.

“Here on DS9, naaaa you should be good. This place is nothing compared to Eos station. I would recommend staying clear of the Stone Table, the last time we were here half of my crew were incapacitated for a week after eating there.” shaking the Lieutenants’ hand.

Yayokii blinked several times. “The Stone table?”

“Yaa, it’s a Klingon-Cardassian fusion place.”He shuddered.

Yatokki nodded. “Understood”

Yatokii turned and made his way off of the Raven and stepped onto DS9 for the first time. Taking a look around he noticed the Deck officer and made his way over to him.

“Excuse me, chief. Was wondering if you could tell me if any of the ships here would be heading toward Deep Space Forty-Seven.”

The chief looked up at the Lieutenant and nodded. “Let me take a look, sir.” and looked back down at his duty posts console. “Hmmm, Deep Space forty-Seven, Deep Space Forty-Seven.” he brought up a list and started to scroll through it.  “Nothing right now, Lieutenant, but it looks like the USS Dragon should be making a quick stop in the next day or two before they continue to DS47.”

“The Dragon?” Yatokki blinked a couple of times.

“Yes, sir. She’s a new Inquiry class ship, looks like she has been assigned to Task Force 47. Just making a quick stop to unload some supplies for us here from Bravo Station before she continues.”

Yatokii dropped his duffel bag by his feet. “Any chance I could get a room for a few nights till I find a ride?”

“I think we can do that, Lieutenant. We have some rooms for crews transitioning crew members or folks who want a night off of their ship that is docked for a night or two. Let’s see what we have available.” The chief brought up another screen on his console and started to scroll through it. Ahhh here we go. Padd?” he held his hand out.

Yatokii took out his PADD and handed it to the chief.

“Ok, all set. Directions to the roommate on your PADD. I also went ahead and set up a message for you for when the Dragon arrives, it’ll be sent to your PADD too.”

Yatokii accepted his PADD from the chief, looked at it, and nodded. ” Thanks, chief” he picked up his duffel and started to make his way toward the turbo lift.

“Your welcome, sir.”





“Deep Space Nine flight control, this is the Dragon, requesting docking clearance.” 

“Dragon, you are cleared for docking at pylon five alpha. Welcome to DS9.”

Kr’antren leaned forward in the center chair. “Sustram, take us in.”

“Yes, Sir.”

They watch on the main view screen as the Dragon moves in and docks itself against Deep Space Nine’s almost legendary pylon, with the help of the station’s tracking beams for the last few meters.”

“Sir. docking clamps are locked and show green across the board, Docking arm is also locked in pace and showing green. We are secured for station operations.”

Kr’Antren nodded. “Nice work, Sustram.” he then stood, turned, and hit the internal comms button on his console.” All hands, We have docked at Deep Space Nine.” he looked at the chrono on the console. “It is now 1800 hours, we depart for Deep Space forty-seven and the Thomar Expanse in thirty-six hours. I have permitted your department heads to grant four-hour blocks of time, on a rotational basis, to partake in what Deep Space Nine has to offer. I would suggest if there is anything you want, look for it now. As I doubt we will be heading this way again anytime soon. That is all.”





“So what are your plans for your time block, sis?”

“Shopping, of course, I have got to do something with my quarters.”

Lt.Zaishi placed a tray of food on the table next to Sustram, giving him a slight flirty smile, and then looked back toward Viameli.

“Did I hear a shopping trip was in the works?”

“Yep, I want to see what they have that I can get for my quarters, being this close to Bajor they may have a few things that would fit.”

“What look are you going for Via?”

Viameli looked at Zaishi as she used the shortened version of her name.”I’m thinking of a casual Arabian style from the earth.”

Zaishi tilted her head slightly as she thought for a second. “I’m not familiar with that one.”

Viameli pulled out her PADD and pulled up a selection of pictures and passed it over to Zaishi. “Something like this.”

Zaishi took the PADD and flipped through the various pictures as she ate her lunch. “Hmmmmm, ahhhh I like this, ohhhhh that’s nice, yes I can see how this would be very relaxing.” She passed the PADD back to Viameli. “I’ve been here before. I might be able to help you out if the store I’m thinking of is still here, it’s been a couple of years.” she looked up at Viameli. “I mean if you don’t mind me joining you, a shopping trip sounds sooooo much better than what I was thinking of.”

Viameli nodded as she was just finishing taking a bite from a sandwich then took a drink from the tall glass in front of her.”Sure, we could turn it into a girls’ day, shopping, maybe some drinks during and after, and some sightseeing. “

Zaishi smiles and perks up at the mention of girls’ day. “Ohhhh now you’re speaking my language, though I do have one rule for this place after my last visit. We are not going to Quarks, I wasted two hours of my day trying to get away from that Ferengi.”

Sustram let out a slight laugh at hearing this.

“What are your plans Sustram?” again Zaishi gave him a slightly flirtatious smile.

^^” Be Careful brother, rumour has it that she uses that smile on any male and some females that she takes a liking to.”

“I’m aware, though I may not be the only one of us that she is interested in.”

Sustram heard a chuckle in his head. “I’m aware, though it has been a bit since I played the game with the better sex.”

Sustram let out a mental groan. “Don’t remind me, she was a doozy.”

“She wasn’t that bad, a little airheaded but not too bad overall.”

“Airheaded is being… nice.”

“Heeeyyyy, don’t make me bring up Samantha.”

“Ok ok, we have both had our weak moments.”^^

“I hope you’re not talking about me, you two,” Zaishi said as she finished her bowl of soup.

“No, we were discussing something that Sustram wants me to keep my eyes out for.”

“Antique coins or other forms of money from the region or the other side of the wormhole, Sustram is an avid antique coin/money collector.”

“Oh, guess everyone has to have a hobby of some sort. That wouldn’t be my cup of tea but I can see why it would be of interest to some. So besides hunting for old money, what else do you have planned for your block?”

“Probably the same as you two, some stuff for my room. Besides money I also dabble in collecting edged weapons so I may see what they have here. Always looking to add to either collection.”

Zaishi closed her eyes for a moment and then snapped her fingers. “If I remember correctly there is a shop on DS9 that may have what you are looking for, I can’t remember the full name but it had something to do with what humans call martial arts If I remember correctly. If they don’t have anything, maybe they could point you in the right direction.”

Sustram opened his PADD and made a note. “Thanks, Zaishi, I’ll have to go over and take a look.”

She gave him that smile again. “Anything for a… friend”





“No, no no, I need that one.” Scamandrius pointed at a display piece that stood behind the Tellarite shopkeep. “Does this one look like it will be able to hold me? I was in here earlier talking to that Bajoran. She took me through how and what it was made of. That is the only one that will hold me.”

The Tellarite shakes his head. “I’m telling you, friend, that one and the one in the crate are spoken for, besides I doubt you will be able to afford such fine craftsmanship as those.”

“ I bloody well know how much they are, that was already discussed. Are you telling me that you are changing the price? Why because I’m Starfleet or because you know that I’m right and that is the only one that will hold me.”

The tellarite shrugged. “What can I say, a customer in need is a customer who will pay.”

Scamandrius looked at him with his eye, blinked, and looked at him again. “Are you sure you’re not a Ferengi, sure do talk like one.”

“I assure you, I am not. But I did learn everything I know from one.”

“That explains a lot.” Scamandrius shook his head and then looked around the store and back out on the promenade, seeing a familiar-looking shadow from the corner of his eye. “Lieutenant Skagath, Lieutenant Skagath, in here it’s lieutenant Scamandrius. Can you come to help me here?”

The shadow stopped and looked around then entered the store, as he walked by he randomly tapped his swagger stick on some items and moved others around. “How can I help?”

“This one.” he nodded toward the Tellarite in front of him. “Is trying to raise the price of an item that was already agreed upon.”

Skagath approached Scamandrius from the side and then started to tap the stick against his leg. “Is that so, friend?”

“Well not exactly, you see someone else came in after this fine gentleman and made a better offer. Which I accepted. So technically the items are sold, however, as I was explaining to the Lieutenant if he were to buy both of the items 20 bars then I would happily let him walk out the store with them.”

“Ahhhhh. I see. So lad, how much did you agree on earlier?”

“I agreed to six bars for one.” he looked at Skagath and then back at the Tellarite in front of them.

“Hmmmmm, and how much did you sell them to this other customer for? Who I might add did not take them.” He stopped tapping the stick against his leg and swung it up under his arm.

“They agreed to 16 bars for the two.”

Hearing the raised voices emanating from inside the store a saurian in the gold tunic of security entered the store and browsed the wares.

“So what you’re telling me is that not only did they agree to pay two more bars than what my young friend here had already agreed to but you’re trying to add two more bars to for each item to that, and you’re trying to force him to buy both items instead of the one that he originally agreed upon.” Skagath took a step closer to the Tellarite in front of him and then made an act of taking in a deep inhale as if he was smelling something.

“Hmmmm, I’m smelling something a bit fishy here, friend.” He started to reach up to his combadge. “Security…”

“Hold on, hold on. No reason to call station security.”

The Saurian stepped out from the side. “Too late, I heard the voices from outside, so what is the problem here?”

The Tellarite turned towards the new voice. “Who are you? Never seen you before.”

“Lieutenant Yatokii, Station security.  Just arrived earlier today.” he nodded toward the two Lieutenants. “I overheard some of  the conversations as I walked in, so what is the full story?”

Scamandrius quickly filled in the rest of the story for the newly arrived lieutenant.

Several minutes later the three lieutenants leave the store as they are followed by two Bajoran men pushing a cart. “Take those to the closest transporter room and inform them to send them to the USS Dragon and inform the Dragon to send them to Lieutenants Scamandrius’s quarters.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Thank you for the help Lieutenant Yatokii. First day on the job here, nice work. I’ll send a good word to the station security chief” Skagath said as they exited the store onto the promenade.

Lieutenant Yatokii quickly looks around and then motioned for Skagath and Scamandrius to join him at the little replicator bar. “ Well, to tell the truth, Lieutenant. I’m not exactly part of the security team here. I was the security chief at EOS station for a short period before I received orders for Task force 47. Now I’m just trying to find a ship for the last leg. Hold on, did you say the USS Dragon?”

“Aye, I did. Lieutenant Skagath Tactical chief on the Dragon and this here.” he pointed with his swagger stick toward Scamandrius. “Is Lieutenant Scamandrius, chief of the Dragon’s new Intelligence department. Why do you ask?”

“I was hoping to talk to your Captain or Executive Officer about hitching a ride to Deep Space Fort-Seven.” Yatokii blinked a few times as he talked.

“We can ask, besides he’s my godson. So I can always embarrass him into it if need be. Though did you say you were a security chief?”

“I did and I was… on Eos station.”

“A Lieutenant, as a station Security chief on the Romulan border, hmmmmmmm. ”Skagath looked up at the bar’s roof, nodded, pulled out his PADD, quickly typed something on it then put it away.

For the next couple of hours, the two Dragon department chiefs and their newfound friend did some sightseeing around DS9 with both Skagath and Scamandrius conducting some shopping.  

“Not sure about you Scamandrius, but my time block is coming to a close, guess I need to make my way back to the Dragon before it does..” Skagath stated as they headed toward a set of turbo lifts.

“Skagath, if I may call you that? Scama will work just fine, easier to say. And yes my time too is coming to an end. So what do we do about our new friend here? Have him wait while we go talk to the XO or Captain. 

Skagath looked at his PADD as heard a soft chirp and let out a slight smile. “Yes, Scama and yes you can call me by my first name, after all, it is my name,” he said with a slight chuckle. “Any Lieutenant Yatokii, Captain Kr’Antren asked me to bring you up to his ready room.”

Yatokii blinked several times as he nodded.

Several minutes later Skagath and Yatokii stepped foot on the bridge.

“Just drop your bag over there by the aft wall, Yatokii.” Skagath pointed out a spot as he continued to make his way toward the Captain’s ready room.

Yatokki followed the other LKieutenat taking a second to make sure that his tunic was relatively wrinkle-free and his pips were straight. As the door to the captain Ready room opened he noticed a Caitian male sitting behind the desk and off to one side leaning against the outer wall was a Trill female who held a mug of something in one hand taking a sip as she read what was displayed on the captain view screen beside his desk.

Kr’antren stood as they entered and stepped around the desk to offer his hand to the Lieutenant. “Lieutenant Yatokii, I presume.”

“Yes sir” As he accepted the handshake and looked at the screen noticing that it was his personnel file, he blinked several times and then looked back at Skakath who gave him a wink and smile as he made his way to the replicator.

Kr’antren went and took a seat on the edge of his desk as he looked the lieutenant over. “ Lieutenant, I’m going to make this short and to the point. The Dragon needs a security chief, I can’t have the old man behind you doing everything.  You would have full control over the security of this ship and its crew including the Fallen Angels, our assigned mission support squadron. You would lead most of the away team missions from a security standpoint and when you’re not busy doing all that I would like for you to be on the bridge in the tactical two spots. We have read through your file and we both, the XO and I “ he nodded toward the female standing against the wall “Feel that you would be a good fit for the crew and its mission. I’ve already discussed it with Task Force command as they did not have a spot for you quite yet as they were waiting on a few of the new ships to send them their manning requirements. They agreed to the new orders, matter of fact I already have them right here on my PADD.” He handed his PADD over to the Yatokii to read over.

Yatokii looked at the Kr’Antren and over at the Executive Officer. “So, Hypothetically speaking if I told either one of you NO, you’re not going on the away mission. Would you listen to me and take my advice or would you use your rank and position to go anyways?”

Skagath chuckled from behind him. “Oh, he’s good. Gets right to the big questions,”

 Kr’antrn raised an eyebrow as he looked over at Skagath. “For my part, as the captain, I would listen and more than likely take your advice. As for Commander Rigras, for one she would probably by joining you on most away missions as the XO, but I think you would have to talk with her as she has a thing for liking to be where the action is.”

Aryanna steps forward and places her cup on the Captain’s desk. “I do, but there are two of us in here and Rigras tends to be my voice of reason most of the time, so if your reasoning was sound enough I’d listen and take heed to your advice.”

Yatokii looked at the two of them again and then quickly glanced at the orders on the PADD, when he was finished he held his thumb to the PADD effectively signing the orders and becoming a member of the Dragons crew.

“Hmmm that was quick, I thought you would have some more questions,” Kr’Antren said as he accepted the PADD back from his new security chief.

Yatokii chuckled deeply. “You were on my shortlist, captain. I spent the last twenty-four hours on DS9 conducting my own research. If they gave me a choice I would have given them my list.”

“Who was on the List If I may ask?” Kr’Antren stood and walked around the desk taking his seat there.

“Sure, It was Atlantis, the Dragon, the Sojourner, and staying on DS47.”

Kr’antren nodded at hearing this. “All good ships and crews, Atlantis would have been kind of hard as the last report I received had them heading out past Ultima Thule, having to use old Cardassian maps to navigate by.”

“We are due to depart DS9 in roughly twelve hours, if there is anything you need on the station I’m sure we could give you a bit more time to go find what you may need. Otherwise, Skagath here will show you to your quarters and we will see you on the bridge in twelve hours, oh and Skagath you should introduce him to his two chiefs. I’m sure they would like to meet their new boss.”

Skagath stopped lifting his mug halfway to his lips and let out a chuckle. “Haaaa, I need to go check on those two myself, make sure they haven’t started any trouble. Well let’s go find you a room Yatokii, then we will go meet your two hazard team leaders. You may want to assign them some duties before too long, they are likely to get restless if they are not kept busy.”