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Part of Outpost Houtman (Archive): Start-up problems

Moving Day

Original Base
December 2400
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The senior crew was all assembled for one last meeting before the big move to the new site.   There was a buzz concerning the sudden departure of Commander Ga along with who would replace him.  There were a few betting pools going around with Commander Robert’s being the odds on favorite. 

Kat Donovan stood at the back of the room with her arms crossed.   There wasn’t a threat here, yet she eyed everyone and everything with suspicion.  

Just stood there off to the side, out of the way, slowly munching away on an apple while he tried to figure out why he was summoned. He was just a pilot, here to transport anyone who needed him or anything. Then it hit him, perhaps he was needed to get slammed with a list of a crap ton of cargo that needed to be moved to the new site. ‘Oh joy,’ he thought.

Unfazed by the speculation on who would take up the reigns, Daniel was in attendance purely for logistical reasons; the move would require coordination with every department and the Lieutenant was nothing if he wasn’t a stickler for detail. On that note, he’d been so focused on his list of duties that he expected to arrive halfway through the meeting, but surprisingly other faces were still to show.

Saro Drasa stood as rigid as a board, hands clasped behind his back in the most Cardassian of mannerisims. He arrived a bit too early, as he tends to do and has been silently waiting for others to arrive and the meeting tos tart the entire time.

Prol leaned in close to Drasa, “Everything is ready on my part sir.”

Drasa nearly jumped when Prol leaned in closer. He didn’t, however, and his eyes just widened a little, almost comically. He inclined his head slowly once, “Good. Engineering is all well and ready.”

Roberts waited for everyone to give their briefing before speaking up “Whatever is needed I am here to help.” She had been sure she would be asked to take over the outpost but before that happened she was informed somebody had already been chosen for the position. 


New Location…

Ensign Prol wiped the sweat from his brow as another section of the command center was delivered by shuttle. He popped the top from his drinking flask and let the tepid water run down his throat.   

“With luck we should have everything moved by the end of the day,” Prol announced to no one in particular.

Kat stood on the rise of a hill overlooking the new settlement a pair of field glasses in her hand.  Raising them to the south she pressed a button and zoomed in to show a shuttle approaching with the next section of the command center hanging below by a cable. Activating the comm, “Donovan to Ryozo, the landing zone is clear for your approach.”

“Copy that Donovan, coming down nice and gently,” Ethan replied as he began to descend the craft very slowly, not wanting to scratch the paint off anything while trying to get the section into place. He found it difficult to haul anything by cable but he used the tractor beams in short bursts to adjust the direction of the section he was carrying to make sure it was placed down correctly. “Ryozo to ground team, how does it look down there?”

Prol looked upwards at the hovering shuttle and back to the tricorder,  “1.5 meters to the right if you would Ryozo.”

Ethan adjusted a little more as requested then he set the section down into place. “Touchdown!” He exclaimed with a smile and waited for the word back, as well as the detachment of the cable.

Engineers scrambled as the disconnected the shuttle form the command center section. Now that the command center was moved now the work of hooking back up to power began. 

“Prol to Ryozo… That was some expeert flying.”

The rest of the day went without a hitch as one by one facilities fell into place. The electrified perimeter was nearing completion with that requiring little technical skill, but substantial elbow grease, which involved the entire security team, and many of the science team.  

Now, it was time to settle into the new location and build something out of this outpost.