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Profile Overview

Kat Donovan

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Donovan


Katherine Kat Laoghaire Fraser Donovan

5th May 2363

Edinburgh,  Scotland


Katherine “Kat” Laoghaire Fraser Donovan (born May 5, 2363) was born to Miles Galen Donovan and Heather Elaine Fraser in Edinburgh,  Scotland. Kat Donovan is a Starfleet officer with an emphasis in Security and Tactical.


Species: human

Gender: female

Height: 5′ 8″

Weight: 153 lbs

Hair color: auburn

Eye color: green

Portrayed by: Karen Gillan


Kat Donovan is level headed and not prone to excitement.   She has an analytical mind and will take the time allowed to size up a situation.  She isn’t one to give up and will continue her attempts until she succeeds no matter how many failures come before.

As a leader she prefers to lead from the front rather than issue orders from behind the scenes. She understands that she doesn’t have all the answers, and will listen to subordinates. She couldn’t be described as an introvert, but she isn’t an extrovert either often preferring nights in her quarters alone over a book than going out with a group of friends, though she is not against such activities.


Early Life

Kat grew up in Scotland as the granddaughter of a Scottish lord, Lord Simon Frasier of Lovett. Because of the rights of inheritance she wouldn’t inherit the Lovett titles and chose to join Starfleet. Her mother, Heather Frasier married an Irish builder, Miles Donovan.  The pair settled in Edenborough, Scotland and welcomed their only child Katheryn in 2363. Kat was especially close to her father and idolized the man.
When she was old enough she was sent to Brighton College.  The boarding school was an adjustment as she had only known her home in Scotland, but she soon made friends at Brighton that she is still in contact with today. At Brighton she was a member of the School’s skeet shooting team.  She was a perennial member of Scotland’s National Team and competed all over the world. At sixteen she won the World Championship in Osaka, Japan.
In 2382 she met an American attending Oxford University.  She and Aimee Sandoval hit off and soon became very close. Aimee was planning on attending Stafleet Medical School, and that encouraged Kat to join Starfleet, which she was already considering.

Starfleet Academy

Kat entered Starfleet Academy in 2383 with an emphasis in security and tactical. She wasn’t the best student,  but kept her grades up enough to graduate in the middle of her class. For the most part her Academy experience was fairly uneventful.  There wasn’t a skeet shooting team so she joined the soccer team.  It wasn’t a sport she was particularly good at and she spent most of her four years as a backup.

During their junior year cadets were assigned to their training cruises.  For the most part cadets were assigned to one of three Academy ships.  However, Kat wasn’t chosen to serve on a training ship. As luck woukd have it she was shipped off to deep space aboard the Defiant-class USS Gallipoli. Despite being separated from her friends and having to do her Academy courses via sub-space Kat gained valuable experience.  The captain even gave her a chance to experience every department on the ship but she still felt more comfortable in the Security/Tactical departments.  However,  she did get EMT certified during her medical department rotation.   Kat often credits her time on the Gallipoli as part of the reason for her success.

USS Antietam

Kat joined the USS Antietam after graduation as a security officer in 2387.  She worked the first few years on the night shift earning a reputation of being a hard worker and capable leader and was rewarded with a swing shift tactical officer position on the bridge and promotion to lieutenant.

In 2390 the Antietam was dispatched through the Barzan Wormhole as part of the supply effort to reinforce Federation units in the Gradin Belt. While visiting the Markonian Outpost Kat got a chance to flex her detective skills when both the Security Chief and Assistant Chief of Security were arrested by local authorities under suspicion of murder.  During her investigation she discovered a plot by the Malon Cooperative to undermine the Federation’s presence and exploration efforts in the region.  A Malon, named Palik, loosely affiliated with several key officials, had framed the Starfleet officers. Kat proved their innocence by tracking down the trace radiation left by Palik.

In 2391 she was promoted to assistant tactical officer where she was involved in the events surrounding the Sovereignty of Kahless. As Federation worlds fell to the Sovereignty, Starfleet initiated a massive counter offensive to retake those worlds.  At Galundun Kor, Kat led teams from the USS Antietam and the USS Coral Sea  to secure several key objectives including the outpost being built by Klingon forces.  The three day battle pushed Kat nearly to the breaking point.  On the second day she took a bat’leth to the shoulder.  Refusing medical evacuation she  continued to lead her officers and crew with the use of the non-dominant right arm. They suffered nearly sixty percent casualties mostly coming from hand to hand fighting on the second day.  However, they held their ground and on the third day they received reinforcements and pushed the Klingons off the planet. The captured Klingons spoke with respect of the Starfleet officers and the “Red-headed demon” that led them.

In 2395 the USS Antietam was one of several ships tasked with the diplomatic delegation with opening trade with the Cardassian Union.  While the Antietam wasn’t directly involved in the negotiations it was there as a show of force in case the Dutopa Council or Central Command had other plans.  While there wasn’t a full treaty signed trade was resumed between the two powers and it was considered a success.

For the next four years the Antietam performed border patrol and contraband interdiction along the Cardassian border fighting pirates and renegades.  For the most part the assignment was long periods of boredom punctuated with brief moments of sheer terror.  But over that time Kat was directly or indirectly involved in the search and or capture of over 200 ships.  The Antietam had minimal encounters with the Hunters of D’Ghor being assigned to the Cardassian border, and as such Kat did not participate in the Battle of Archanis in 2399.  Unfortunately she had several Academy friends who did. A former teammate and close friend Lt. Commander Ashley Harrison was killed in that battle.

2400 & The Century Storm

Early in 2400 the USS Antietam was dispatched to Gathor Colony a few light years from the Paulson nebula as part of the Fourth Fleet’s response to the Century Storm. While evacuating colonists Kat and her team got cut off from the ship.  Unable to contact the Antietam and with the storm bearing down on them she organized her team and engineers amongst the colonists to construct emergency shelter in the basement of a building.  The trick worked and they emerged six days later dehydrated, hungry and more than a little ripe but all 120 people survived a storm that many thought impossible. Kat spent three days in sickbay after the ordeal.

The Antietam had been dispatched to run cargo to the far side of the Federation later that year, and were not in a position to take part in the Sundered Wings fleet mission.

Outpost Houtman

In 2400 Kat took the opportunity to take on a senior officer role with the newly established outpost and transferred off the only assignment she knew. It was a completely new assignment from what she was used to going from ship based to “boots on the ground” but the opening on Houtman presented a unique opportunity to advance her career. While, it may not have been the assignment she would have precisely chosen it moved her into a senior staff position which would help her get her third pip and eventually the fourth one which was her ultimate goal.


Father: Miles Galen Donovan

Mother: Heather Elaine Donovan née Frasier

Siblings: None

Other Family:

  • Simon Frasier, the 11th Lord Lovett (grandfather)
  • Emily Frasier née MacDonald (grandmother)
  • Edward Donovan † (grandfather)
  • Victoria Donovan née Conner  (grandmother)

Biographical Data:


  • May 5, 2363
  • Edenborough, Scotland, UK, Earth


  • English
  • Scots Gaelic


  • Bachelors of Arts: History


  • Starfleet, United Federation of Planets


  • 2388-present


  • Klingon Border Conflicts
  • Cardassian Border Conflicts


Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2383 - 2384 Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Freshman Grade
2384 - 2385 Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2385 - 2386 Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Junior Grade
2386 - 2387 Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
2387 - 2389 Security Officer USS Antietam
2389 - 2392 Tactical Officer USS Antietam
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2392 - 2400 Assistant Tactical Officer USS Antietam
2400 - Present Cheif of Security Outpost Houtman