Part of USS Auckland: Caduceus Pt. 2

Chapter 1 – Welcome Aboard, Captain Pt. 1

USS Auckland
Feb 2401
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Gin was sat in the centre seat on the bridge of the USS Auckland where she had been assigned as Executive Officer and in this moment Acting Commanding Officer. Her orders had simply stated to rendezvous at a specific set of coordinates to retrieve their new Commanding Officer and senior crew, but to initiate a crew exchange in order for the Corax to be returned to Starbase 93. The Captain would be updating them on their new orders once he was on board. In a way she was happy to vacate the centre seat, but also slightly disappointed her time as Commanding Officer had come to an end.

She had of course read over the personnel files and mission logs from their assignment in the Delta Quadrant and couldn't wait to meet her new colleagues. Seeing glowing recommendations and praise for each of the crew, she was slowly coming to realize that Captain Suin would most likely recognise her ambition and offer plenty of opportunities to learn and get practical experience under her belt

She wasn't going to lie to herself or the crew if asked but she was nervous. Parliament Class vessels normally stayed well within Federation space, but, if rumors were to be believed, Starfleet had them heading deep into the former territory of the now disbanded Romulan Star Empire, for what exactly never being confirmed, she knew better than to take stock in rumor but the mind does wander on occasion.

Looking around at the crew manning their stations, she knew they would soon be transported to the Corax before too long leaving her and Ensign Shan behind.

“Status report." she requested to the room at large.

“We are due to arrive at the rendezvous point at any moment, Captain.” the helm officer reported.

“Transfer orders have been confirmed to initiate crew exchange.” the security officer followed up with.

“All systems show green, Captain.” came the final report from Engineering.

“Thank you everyone.” Gin replied. “Drop us out of warp and bring us to a full stop.”

Gin felt the inertial dampners take hold slightly as the Auckland dropped out of warp and came to a complete stop.

Mere moments passed before she was alerted to an incoming warp signature. “It's the Corax, Captain.”

“Open a channel.” Gin looked directly at the viewscreen as the image of Captain Suin flickered into view. “Captain Suin, this is Lieutenant Fenway of the USS Auckland, its good to meet you.”

“And you, Lieutenant.” Aris replied. “We are ready to depart as soon as you have your people in position.”

“Roger that, Captain. Stand by.”

Aris turned to face his crew as they stood behind him. “Our new home awaits, shall we?”

“Right behind you, Captain.” Emma replied with a smile.

Aris turned back to face Lieutenant Fenway. “Ready to transport on your command.”

"Acknowledged, Captain. Gin replied.

“Transporter Room, commence transport immediately.” 

“Affirmative, Captain.” the transporter chief replied as Gin watched the majority of the bridge crew dematerialise around her. Getting to her feet she turned to face Taylor. 

“Ensign Shan.” she called out.

“Yes, Captain.” Taylor snapped to attention.

“Please report to the Transporter Room to meet the new arrivals and accompany Captain Suin to the Bridge, as the only other present with bridge officer training is yourself, we will need you to witness the transfer of command.” Gin requested. "I'll be in the conference room."

Nodding in acknowledgement, Taylor immediately headed to the nearest turbolift.

“Primary Transporter Room.” Taylor requested as the turbolift doors slid to a close behind him. After a brief wait, the doors slid open again in the main access corridor to the primary transporter room. Quickening his pace he entered the transporter room as the newly assigned senior crew began to remateralise.