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4 – The Unknown

Starbase 93
January 2401
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Starbase 93’s promenade was the life of the station. The buzz of activity as people made their way throughout, entering shops or going to grab something to eat at one of the local restaurants. Teila Zoran was sitting in one of the local coffee shops, nestled in the far corner that was located by a window. The view outside was that of ships coming and going to and from the station. Teila sat there drinking a cup of coffee while reading a book, she was on leave after having arrived at the station about a month ago after catching a transport from Deep Space 47.

She and a few of the telepathic crew had been left behind before the ship had gone off towards the Delta Quadrant. Though she had initially been upset as much of the others were, she now understood just how bad things had gotten and was glad the captain thought about their safety above everything.

The Saratoga was due to arrive at Starbase 93 in a few short hours for repairs that they had sustained while there. She was ready to return home and be able to return to a normal daily routine, not that she didn’t enjoy the leave but it had become a bit tiresome after a while. It had been a few minutes when her padd beeped with an incoming message.

Teila raised an eyebrow before tapping the padd to bring up the message and began to read it. After a few moments went by she raised an eyebrow again before she decided to get up from the chair she was sitting at. She was requested to meet in one of the stations’ observation rooms by Fleet Captain Dex. She began to wonder what this could be about that couldn’t have just been sent through a message or waited until the ship arrived at the station for repairs. She shrugged her shoulders as she made her way out of the coffee shop and down the corridor toward one of the many turbolifts.

Upon arrival at the observation lounge, she noticed that Commander Jeesa Atur was also there and again raised an eyebrow, “I take it you got the same message?” Teila asked looking at her before taking a seat next to the woman.

“It would seem so,” she replied with a shrug. “Though I am curious to know what this is about. I haven’t heard that the Saratoga has arrived yet,” Jeesa said looking at the doctor.

“Guess we’re about to find out,” Teila said as the holographic projectors came to life to reveal that of Fleet Captain Azras Dex standing at the end of the table. The two women sat there looking at the face of their captain, even through the projection she looked worn out and tired.

“I apologize we have to meet this way,” Azras began looking at the two women. “The Saratoga is due to arrive at Starbase 93 in a few hours, though you will not be returning to the ship upon its arrival.” She said as Teila was about to speak up in protest, Azras raised her hand as if she wasn’t done talking. She hit a button that was on her desk which sent information over to their padds.

“There has been another situation within Romulan space in which all the needed information has been sent to both of you,” Azras replied as the two began to read the information while the captain continued. “Rhijun is one of those planets that have been affected, they have requested help from the Saratoga. We are in no shape to assist, so you two are being temporarily assigned to the Gagarin for this mission.” Azras said looking at them.

“They already have a medical and science team, why are we being sent?” Jeesa spoke up.

“I believe it would help with morale if the people of Rhijun see a couple of familiar faces,” she replied before turning her attention to Teila. “Teila I believe you have some experience with the current outbreak and can be of assistance to the current medical team,” Azras added.

“I dealt with it many years ago,” the doctor confirmed.

“Jeesa, I would like you to see if you can help the science team figure out how this started and maybe come up with a way of stopping it before it spreads to more worlds,” Azras replied looking at the science officer.

“Understood,” Jeesa replied.

“They will be expecting you within the hour,” Azras said. “Don’t worry once this mission is complete you will be returning home to the Saratoga,” Azras said. “Any questions?” She asked as she paused allowing them to speak.

Looking at each other for a moment before turning their gaze back to their captain. “No not at this time,” Teila replied as Jeesa nodded in agreement. They had all the information that they needed.

“If there are no further questions, I’ll leave you two to prepare.” Azras said as she paused for a moment, “thank you for your understanding and assistance in this crisis.” Azras finished as the two nodded before the communication ended, the two sat there for a few moments looking at each other.

“Well then,” Jeesa said as they both got up from their chairs. “This will be an interesting journey,” she added as Teila nodded. “Well we better go get our belongings, I have a feeling this will be a long road,” Jeesa added as the two made their way out of the observation lounge and headed down the corridor.

“Did the captain look tired to you?” Teila asked as the two walked together, they had quarters right next to each other.

“You saw it too?” Jeesa asked as she stopped for a moment. “I could sense something was bothering her as well,” Jeesa replied even though she couldn’t ‘feel’ the captain she could just tell something was bothering her just by looking at her. Working with people for long enough you learn unspoken cues, one doesn’t need to be a telepath to even see it.

“Whatever happened in the Delta Quadrant must have been rough,” Teila said as they entered the turbolift and began to move toward their destination.

“Indeed,” Jeesa replied as a few moments later the lift came to a stop and the two exited and headed towards their temporary quarters to pack what little belongings they had brought with them. Things were going to be strange serving even temporarily on a different ship. They had briefly served with Captain Derohl on the Vesta before his promotion, so at least it was someone they were familiar with.

After a few moments, they both emerged from their quarters with their duffle bags in hand. “Well, are you ready?” Teila asked with a sigh.

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” Jeesa replied as they both began their journey to where the Gagarin was docked. The two walked in silence as there wasn’t much else to talk about at that moment. After what seemed like they had been walking for hours, in reality only a few minutes they reached where the ship was docked. Looking out of the window they could see the Gagarin-class ship, standing at the window for a few moments admiring the new ship only a year out of construction and about to go on its maiden voyage.

After a few moments of standing there, they both took a deep breath before heading to the docking area to enter the ship. Showing their paperwork to the security officer that was guarding the entrance they both entered and headed to where their temporary quarters were located. They would both get settled in before checking in with the captain.


  • I like the idea of a couple of familiar faces returning to the former Romulan Star Empire and the link to the work the Saratoga did last year. Will we see a big firework display for the Gagarin being launched?! And obviously, Fleet Captain Dex is still dealing with what happened during the last campaign. Will we find out a bit more in the Saratoga's next adventure? I hope so!

    March 19, 2023
  • Another chapter knocked out of the park! You packaged up some amazing plot points and seamlessly weaved the Saratoga and Gagarin together. Immensely looking forward to seeing this play out and how the team comes together on Rihjun. I do hope Captain Dex is getting any assistance needed to work through the events at the closing of the campaign. As always love reading your installments and I can't wait to see what happens next!

    March 19, 2023
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