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Part of Eos Station: Mission 1: Rule 34 War is Good for Business


Captain's Ready Room
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It had taken the better part of a month, but Hadir Prenar’s shuttle had finally docked with Eos station. The journey from Empok Nor to Eos was long and tedious. It was also a journey that he did not want to take—after what occurred on the Katana Hadir almost left the fleet. However, most of his friends encouraged him to stay, so he was banished to the edge of known space and Eos station to serve as the station’s Executive Officer.

Hadir was offered quarters which he took, and asked his belongings to be brought there. The station was a mess as repairs and upgrades were underway for this old station. Hadir exhaled sharply and wondered why he stayed in the fleet if this was his destiny. He decided that the best course of action for the moment would be to go see the Commanding Officer. The tall Cardassian made his way through the station, getting weird looks from more than one repair crew. When he arrived at the Ready Room, he rang the chime and solemnly decided to face the beginning of the end of his career.

Robert looked up at the door, and he almost didn’t want to answer the call. The better part of the last two days had been bad news, followed by more bad news. He pinched the bridge of his nose, “enter,” he instantly regretted saying, but he knew one thing. Whoever it was, wasn’t going away. As the doors opened, Robert was greeted by the sight of a tall Cardassian and one in a Federation uniform. 

“Commander,” Robert stated, more than a little confused. “What can I do for you?”

After Hadir ducked his head through the doorway, he came to attention. “Commander Hadir Prenar reporting as ordered, sir…” He placed the PADD that contained his official orders on the Captain’s desk. “I am your new XO sir.” He could feel the resentment as it swelled inside him, and he did not like it. Hadir had been through enough therapy to know when he needed a session. So, he took a mental note that the Counselor’s office was the next place he would stop.

Robert took the offered padd, “I must admit I am a bit surprised at your arrival; Starfleet hadn’t informed me of a placement yet.”  He paused and shrugged, “then again, Starfleet doesn’t do much to inform us of anything here lately.”  He motioned to an open chair, “please have a seat.”  He tossed the padd on the desk, “tell me, what do you know of our current situation and events?”  It was a test, knowing that he was coming here to serve as XO. Had the Commander done his homework?

“I know that this station has been rotting out here if you pardon the expression. However, now Starfleet sees a need for her and so has brought the staff to full and begun an expanse refit. However, that is what perplexes me. If an installation is needed here, why not decommission this old station and build something new and more aligned with the times? I mean, with the former Romulan Empire in chaos with vying factions, it makes sense to have an installation out this far. But a rehabilitation now that strikes me as odd.” Hadir felt that he may have overstepped his bounds a bit. After all, this station that he spoke about was Abernathy’s command, and most Captains had an affinity for their commands.

“Don’t worry, Commander,” Robert smiled, “that is a question I think each of us has at least entertained after we arrived. The simple answer is, well,” he paused, “I don’t have the foggiest idea. I am almost in agreement with you, if the situation is as serious as reports say, then a modern installation would be the right choice. However, that would require a lot of resources and staff, staff that is lacking at the moment. Humans have an expression, don’t reinvent the wheel.” He paused, “or something like that. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.”

“Eos may be old and certainly not up to standards, but,” he smiled again, “she is repairable, and she can have her systems updated. For now, she fulfills a need. Ours is not to wonder why. Ours is just to do…” he intentionally left off the end of that quote. 

Hadir nodded, “I come from a race that just closed the book on following their military’s orders without question. It did not work for Cardassia, and I am sure it will not work here.” He did not mean the comment to be an insult, just merely an observation. Before anything could be made of it, Hadir tried to shift gears into another topic of discussion. “So what exactly have the Romulans been up to that has the fleet in such a quandary.” 

“Which part,” Rob smirked, “the collapse of the Romulan Star Empire of Rator; every unknown independent Romulan faction is dying to get some form of control. I personally find it hard to track which faction is our ally and which is not, so I treat each side as suspicious. Our new Ambadassaor is probably the most suspicious of them all. But that can wait.” 

“For now, we focus on repairs,” Rob added, “and apparently a dress, formal dinner in a few days…” his expressionless face indicated his lack of approval, “for our official opening.”

Hadir exhaled sharply through his nose as the idea of a formal dinner did not appeal to him. “Tell me, is there a tailor on board? I am going to have to get a dress uniform specially made for the occasion. It seems that Starfleet did not have Cardassian necks in mind when they created their uniforms.” He cocked his head to the side as another idea occurred to him. “Or would I be of better service at Ops. I mind the shop as it were while you have all of the fun.” His trademark smile came across his face. This was indeed one time he would instead be working then at a party.

“Don’t think you are getting out of a formal dinner that easy,” Robert smiled, “I will find someone to stand at Ops, while we,” he stressed the word, “attend the dinner. Besides, don’t think I am going to do this alone, Commander.”  He smiled, “as to the uniform, I am sure someone here can assist you with that.” 

“I think for now we both have jobs to see you before this event takes place,” Robert stated, “get settled in, and perhaps we will meet later today for dinner and discuss matters further. Welcome aboard, Commander and,” he grinned, “good luck.”

“Thank you Captain It seems that I am going to need it.” Hadir said as he stood up and turned toward the door. He did not like this posting, however, the Commanding Officer seemed genial enough. As he stepped through the door he thought that he had come to this meeting with the idea of asking for a transfer. But, now he could almost sense that this was where he should be at least for the immediate future. Hadir would stay here for a time and earn his way back to a command. However, once that happened he would leave and never look back.