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Part of Outpost Houtman (Archive): Start-up problems

So what we got

Outpost Houtman - Operation Center
October 2400
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Rushing into the operational center, Nakil has been everywhere, but the arrival of the Rosalind Franklin was a wonderful sight to see. Nakil saw the team and already asked the engineers to join in also. “Great everyone is here. Lets skip the introduction point of this as time is limit for us. I got a Chief Security and some of her members in medical after being attacked by local beast” Looking at Kay “Commander, you got the floor. What you got for us”

Kay smiled at the group and clasped her hands behind her back “We have found a promising location to establish the outpost.” A map on the screen behind her showed a red dot indicating the spot. “It is located on the top of a mountain in a great location. We have a huge lake near us and a waterfall that can help in water distribution. The spot will also be good for observation as it towers above the majority of our area. The first thing we need is science teams to determine the safety of the area.” 

She looked over at Ga and nodded, indicating he could chime in now as the initial briefing had started

Taking a good look at the location and nodded “That is quite the find you got there, well done” Nakil was still staring at the data and it was indeed an ideal location. 

As a representative of the engineering department Prol had been invited to join in, but he certainly felt out of place with all this “brass” walking around.   He hung back and tried to be invisible. 

“The location has more to offer then it meets the eye sir” Iress stepped in “The cave system below it shows promising results in minerals that we can mine on a later stadium of the outpost settlement. Besides we have …as they would classically say, the high ground” Iress reference to the overall outlook of the area. 

Nodding to the Petty Officer “That is something I notice also in the data. Like I said, well done” Looking at the engineers in the room “What time schedule you guys need to get to the location and get things prep for transportation?” 

Prol glanced over at the Chief Engineer and spoke to Drasa, “Couple of days?  We mostly temporary as is. There will need some clearing of new site which would probably take the longest.”

Drasa had been staying quiet and eyeing the other male Cardassian warily. It took him a moment to realise that he was being looked at and addressed. He cleared his throat and adjusted his stance slightly, taking the moment to mentally catch up, “As he stated, no more than a few days. Less if I have my way. I’d rather know that the site is safe for the bearing weight. That will take a few days. More so than the transport and getting things ready.”

Nakil nodded “I will contact our Chief of Security after she has returned from the medical tent to scout ahead and secure the location. I would like to leave it in you three” He looked at Iress, Prol, and Drasa “In terms of coordination to the new location. Get me an operational center running asap” He then looked at his first officer. “Commander, please inform the staff about the transfer to the new location, engineers, and operations will have their hands full with this, so assign science to help out with them based on their background. When medical is done let them help out with operations” He taps his finger on the side of his arm. “Oh I need a stat on the wounded we got from that quake, and so it seems also wild animals we are getting attacks from” 

Roberts nodded adding notes to her PADD so the proper messages could be sent to department heads. She also made note to get the information regarding the wounded and the attacks from wild animals in the perimeter. “Aye, Sir. I will make sure to get the information to the proper department heads and will get you that information as soon as I determine the numbers.”

“Wild animals?” Prol blurted his eyes wide open.

Drasa nodded, “Understood sir.” He glanced over at Prol and stared at him for a long moment and then blinked twice. He was confused as to how he was not phased by this and Prol was. Perhaps he was younger than Saro anticipated. He looked at Nakil, “The operational centre will be our priority.”

“One of us should be at the new site supervising the clearing,” Prol added.  “Divide and conquer if you will.  That way we can just plop the operations center down and be up and running within a few hours.”

Nodding to the engineers “That sounds promising” Nakil spoke and looked at Iress “Give the Engineers to assistance they need and get things going from your point of view. Operations need to get their focus on off-planet arrivals and communications” 

“Understood, sir” Iress spoke taking notes on his PADD.

“Good dismissed and get to work all” Nakil nodded again as he walked out of the operation center to get his list of things to do done.