Part of USS Eagle: Mission 2 – Red Heaven

Winding Down

Lextis III
January 2401
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After an initial debriefing, and with a smile on her face, Lori stepped out of Parker’s office.  There would be more to come once she and Hok left Lextis, as well as a counseling session to clear them for duty, but that was okay, as she was looking forward to being Doctor Lori Weaver again.

“What’s so funny?” said Hok.

“Hm?” said Lori.

“You’re grinning like a Ferengi that just made the deal of a lifetime.”

“I did, Hok.  I get to be me again.”

“I get it.”  Hok understood more than he could say.  Hiding in Starfleet from the Orion Syndicate, he couldn’t be the person he wanted to be.  “I just heard the USS Thatcher will be here early tomorrow to take us to Starbase 93.  After that, we wait for the Eagle.”

Lori smiled again.  She could hardly wait to get back on duty and see her friends again.

And see Matt.

“Are you hungry?  There’s a young lady from the nightclub I’d like to see again before we leave,” said Hok, a sly smile on his face.

“No.  You go.  I have something I need to do first.”

Hok nodded, knowing what Lori meant.


Before walking into the interview room at the local police station, Lori made sure her posture was straight and her bearing exuded confidence.  This wasn’t going to be easy, but it was something necessary so she could have closure.

“Well look who just slithered in.”

“Hello, Nessa.”  Lori could see the hate in Nessa’s eyes.  The contempt in her voice almost felt physical, like being repeatedly pummeled and punched, something Nessa would surely do if she weren’t in restraints.

“Did you come here to gloat?”

Lori sat in the chair on the other side of the table.  “I’m not really sure why I’m here.”

“Then say what you have to say and get out.”

The confidence Lori had before entering was beginning to waver. She knew she did the right thing, what had to be done, but she was still filled with guilt.  She decided to just get to the point.

“Arrests are happening now all over the district.  Dex is in custody.  A Starfleet ship is on its way now to shut down the source of the red heaven.  Your organization is done.”

Nessa hmphed.

Lori’s confidence was building again.  “You’re going to be charged, tried, and when you’re convicted, you’ll be in prison for a very long time.”  Lori felt some satisfaction saying that.  It was followed by a heavy silence, so she felt it was time to leave.

“Are you proud of yourself?” said Nessa.

“In some ways, yes.”

“When you and Bral first arrived, if that’s even his name, I didn’t like or trust you, but after some time, you proved yourself.  You’re a strong woman that didn’t take crap from anyone, and I respected that.  We’re alike and were becoming friends.  How do you get so good at living a lie?  How do you so casually betray someone like that?”

Lori chose to tell Nessa what she wanted to know.  “Living that lie wasn’t easy.  Being Kavi Rozen is the complete opposite of who and what I am.  There were more than a few times I wanted to end the assignment and leave.  As far as the betrayal, ask yourself about what you wanted to do to Dex and you’ll have your answer.”

“With Dex, that was business, not a betrayal.” said Nessa.

“Yeah.  Keep telling yourself that.”  Lori got up.

“There’s one more thing,” said Nessa.  “Who are you really?”

Lori thought about the question.  Perhaps out of genuine curiosity, Nessa simply wanted to know Lori’s true identity.  Of course, there was the possibility she wanted revenge, and knowing who Lori was would give her an opportunity one day.  With the galaxy being so large, and with her safety on a starship, that was unlikely, but in training, she was told to never reveal real, personal information.

“Let’s just say I work for Starfleet Intelligence.”  Lori moved towards the door, but stopped and took a long look at Nessa.

“You were one of the leaders of an organization that dealt harmful, illicit drugs to people, profiting from their weaknesses.  People died.  Lives and families were ruined.  You’re a criminal, corrupt, and morally bankrupt.  We are nothing alike.”

Feeling like she needed a shower to symbolically cleanse herself, Lori gladly walked out.

It was time to go home.