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USS Eagle: Mission 2 – Red Heaven

Stopping a criminal organization.

Mission Description

Doctor Lori Weaver and Ensign Hok go undercover to Lextis III to stop the Red Heaven organization from selling their dangerous and addictive drugs.

About the Mission

USS Eagle
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14 February 2023

Home Sweet Home

USS Eagle: Mission 2 - Red Heaven

Lori and Hok materialized in the transporter room on deck 5 of the Eagle.  With the transporter operator, was Captain Kirby. “Doctor Weaver.  Mister Hok.  It’s good to have you back.” “Thank you, sir,” said Hok, stepping down from the platform. Lori paused a second before [...]

12 February 2023

Winding Down

USS Eagle: Mission 2 - Red Heaven

After an initial debriefing, and with a smile on her face, Lori stepped out of Parker’s office.  There would be more to come once she and Hok left Lextis, as well as a counseling session to clear them for duty, but that was okay, as she was looking forward to being Doctor Lori Weaver [...]

11 February 2023


USS Eagle: Mission 2 - Red Heaven

Dex’s Office Lori shuffled into Dex’s office and sat in the chair across from his desk.  Her eyes were still bleary and she felt like someone was leading a marching band inside her head.  The med Parker gave her last night reduced the hangover affect, making her wonder how much worse [...]

4 February 2023


USS Eagle: Mission 2 - Red Heaven

In the nightclub, in one corner of the seating area, near the dance floor, Lori sat at a table, a young Human woman sitting across from her.  Both women held empty shot glasses.  Around the table were a flock of chattering people making bets. “Are you ready for number seven?” said one [...]