Part of USS Damascus: M2: Blood Dilithium Delux

9) Prisoner Transport

USS Damascus - Bridge
December 2400
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The bridge had a hectic operational duty to get the Damascus ready for launch. The doors of the turbolift opened as Council member Nedzill Praugol entered the bridge with her hands over each other in front of her. Her eyes looked around as they met up with Commander Ruslanovna. “Commander, I hope everything is arranged according to our agreement?” 

Silina had rushed up to the turbolift and gave a firm nod to the councilor “Yes, madam Praugol. We are ready to fly to Trill at your desired moment. This is Security Officer Lieutenant Miki. He is the one that Starfleet JAG has assigned to escort with his team Sazra Praugol” She waved a hand in the direction of the Saurian.

Nodding to Silina and standing there very formally while his eyes gazed at the councilor, “Madam Praugol, we are indeed in charge of transporting the prisoner to your desired location. We will act as the third party in this transportation mission to ensure that she arrives without harm” Miki said calmly.

Her eyes narrowed as Nedzill took a deep breath. “Understand me clearly, Lieutenant. I appreciate you are watching over her and doing your job. But if you might not have noticed, it is still my daughter you are talking about. So please refrain from her being called a prisoner as the judge already concluded that she is not” There was a moment of thought for her. “And thank you for your help in stopping her from doing more damage at Avalon Fleet Yards” 

“I apologize for my poor choice of words madam Praugol” Miki gave a slight bow to her out of respect “I will check on…madam Praugol right now” Miki gave a nod to both of them and left the bridge. 

Seeing the Lieutenant leaving the bridge “He did a good job on securing her, so I accepted his team for the transportation,” Silina pointed out

“I know, thank you” Nedzill replied with some concern on her facial expression. “Can we go?” 

“Commander Valerio, the status of the ship, please” Silina asked in his direction.

“Ship status is good. Engines are operational. Stats are in the green, and power flow is going well. Ensign Drata, your professional opinion on the Damascus?” Adrián looked at his assistant, that had helped him through difficult times in various missions already.

The Bolian was nervous and checked the systems “It …ehh it looks good sir” He gave a nod to himself and then looked at his Chief to nod again “Good to go” 

Giving him a pat on the back “Good, you heard my assistant Commander, we are good to go towards Trill” Adrián gave a smile to Silina and a friendly nod to the councilor who nodded back.

“Sounds like music in my ears. Ensign K’Nala plots a course for Trill, Commander Valerio and Ensign Drata to keep an eye out on our ship systems. Lieutenant Shew works with Lieutenant Miki on our VIP guest stay and keep an eye out for any drastic changes. Madam Praugol, if you be so kind to take a seat next to me” Silina had walked to her chair and seated in the Captains chair, which felt uncomfortable as it was not really her seat to begin with.

“Already on it” Rami pointed out as he was making sure that among the guest security team, his own security team was ready for anything that could happen with Captain Praugol’s uncertain behavior. 

“Clearrring the docks now, Starrrbase 1 has given the grrreen light on the go, plotted the courrrse to Trrrill. We arrre ready to go” The Damascus moves out of the dock, slowly getting into position and a safe distance from Starbase 1. K’Nala waited on the signal.

Silina saw the councilor sitting down next to her and nodded “Good, punch it, Ensign” With that the signal was given and the Damascus jumps into the warp with their next destination Trill.