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Here’s the Plan

Lextis III
January 2401
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Lori and Hok were on the wooden bridge in the woods.  Hok was calmly watching some birds, while Lori was pacing nervously.

“You're starting to wear a path,” said Hok.

“Hm?”  Lori stopped, looked at her feet, then back at Hok.  “Oh.”

“Relax.  You talked to our handler.  We went over everything.  We've got this.”  Hok nodded.

“But so many things can go wrong.”

“That's what makes it exciting," said Hok.  "Rule of Acquisition 62: The riskier the road, the greater the profit.”


“Stopping the drugs and saving people.”

Lori smiled, touching Hok on the arm.  She liked that he considered that to be profit.

“Someone's coming.” said Hok.  “Back in character.”

Lori took a deep breath, leaning casually on the bridge railing, surprised at how quickly she could become Kavi Rozen.

After about thirty seconds, Lori could hear the clunking of shoes on wood.  Looking, she saw Nessa moving towards them.  The Ferengi sense of hearing continued to amaze her.

“So what did you decide?” said Nessa, jumping to the point.

It was obvious Nessa wasn't on the bridge to relax, reflect, or exchange pleasantries.  She was wearing her business face and it was a hardened face.

“We're in,” said Lori.

Nessa studied Lori for several uncomfortable seconds, her gaze shifting to Hok, who nodded.

“All right then.  We do it tonight.”

Lori's stomach fluttered.  “What's the plan?”

“Before we discuss that, there's one more thing.”

Hok chuckled.

“What?” said Lori.

“After we take out Dex, we eliminate your boss.  That way, we run everything.”

“That works for me,” said Hok.

Lori looked at her friend as though he just turned blue.

Hok shrugged.  “Why not?  More profit to go around.  I'm in.”

In the weeks Lori and Hok had been on Lextis, she never came close to blowing her cover.  At that moment, she almost did.  “Bral, are you sure?”

“Rules 6 and 21: Never allow family to stand in the way of opportunity.  Never place friendship above profit.  The boss isn't family or a friend, but you get the meaning.”

After shaking her head and sighing, Lori turned to directly face Nessa.  “You're playing a dangerous game and I don't like it.  You should have told me everything.”

Nessa scoffed.  “I had to know you were with me first before I told you the rest of the plan.  Are you going after the prize or are you a coward?”

In anger that was just as much real as it was playing her character, Lori took a menacing step towards Nessa.

“Are you going to hit me?”  Nessa crossed her arms.  “You think you can take me?”

“Kavi, just tell her if you're in,” said Hok.  “Don't ruin why we're here.”

Lori balled her hands into fists.  There was an intense stare down.  “Yes, we take out our boss, too.  And if you ever call me a coward again, you'll find out if I can take you."

Nessa laughed.  “Maybe I'll call you that again sometime just to see if you can.  Okay, here's the plan.”