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Part of USS Mercy: Mission 2 – “Into the Breach”


Colony 159
8/31/2400, 1300 hours
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USS Mercy – Security Office

O’Shea sat with Chief Petty Office Pach as they reviewed the latest reports from the various security teams around teh colony. So far things had been quiet and the possibility of rogue Romulan and Klingon ground forces had yet to prove much of a threat. 

He glanced over at the backpack he had packed and was ready to go in case of emergency. His gut told him he would need it sooner rather than later. Without looking back at Pach he spoke, “Chief, how were things at the landing pad when you were down earlier?”

Pach began to speak but was interrupted when the coms unit kicked on in the office and one fo the Duty Officers on the bridge began to speak, “Lieutenant O’Shea, we have reports of an attack on the mobile hospital that Dr MacDonald is overseeing. There appears to be a communication jammer in place preventing us from getting locks on our teams.”

O’Shea looked at Pach as he started to move. Pach as expected was already up and moving. “We are on our way to the transporter room. I assume we can beam down?”

“I believe so sir,” the Duty officer responded.

“Good, Chief Pach and I are on our way. Get Lance to join us there and get an Arrow prepped for a flight down, I want it there ASAP in case we need support or to evac wounded without transporters. Patch me into coms with whoever you can reach on the ground.” O’Shea remarked as both Pach and he began to race down the corridor.

Colony 159 – Outside Communication Jammer Range

Within minutes O’Shea, Pach and Lori materialized in a small mountain clearing at the coordinates provided. O’Shea looked around and didn’t see anyone even with the aid of the tactical eye display that linked with his tricorder, “You see anyone? I am getting some interference on the scan.”

Pach and Lori both nodded in agreement, “Same here.” Lori commented.

“Right, I had thought the Doc would be here,” O’Shea said before shrugging and shouting. “Doctor MacDonald?”

Crewman Ben Johnson emerged from the brush, “Sir?”

O’Shea quickly raised his rifle but lowered it when he recognized Johnson, “Johnson, good to see you. Anyone else with you?”

Johnson shook his head, “Adams took one in the leg as we were approaching from the east. I got him patched up and he’ll be fine once we get him to a doctor,  but walking is difficult.   He’s holding position there. I was trying to get reinforcements when I ran into you.”

“Well lucky us because that is what we are here for. Can you get us back there?” We have an Arrow-class runabout en route. We can use it to provide support if needed and make our entrance that way as we get Dougal and Baker onboard?” O’Shea said as he thought through possible options.

Johnson nodded, “I can. There’s sensor and comm jammers. I assume transporter inhibitors in the village as well.” He kneeled and drew a sideways “T” in the snow with the single leg pointing due east and the cross street running north and south.   “There are two streets.” He drew a large rectangle at the junction.  “The Klingons are held up here. It’s the tallest building in town about three stories made of some reinforced material that our phasers can’t penetrate. They have disruptor canons, and snipers on the top floors.  I was able to count at least six separate individuals,  but there’s likely more.”

To the west of town he drew and squiggly shape that connected back in on itself.  It was far from circular,  but definitely not a polygon. “This hill overlooks the whole town.  Doc MacDonald has been moving across that position covering us. I think the Klingons think there’s more than one of us up there.  Whatever they think they have no idea where the Doc is.” He drew another rectangle at the southern edge of town, “Lt. MacDonald is pinned down here with Crewman Baker.  Baker’s been hit and the Lieutenant won’t leave him.”

O’Shea frowned, “A tough nut to crack with only us.” Looking over the rough map Johnson had drawn he knew they couldn’t clear the village with just the four of them here, let alone with the MacDonald’s who were already there. The position was to well reinforced. “Odd that such a small village would have a reinforced building like that. Though I guess that is a question for later.” 

He turned and looked at Pach, “Get me an ETA on the Arrow, we will need to fly in and remove that building I think. No matter what is in there I will not risk the lives of those up there.” Pach nodded and stepped away as he began to speak to the pilot of the ship. As he did O’Shea and Lori continued to look over the map.

A moment later Pach returned, “ETA 2 minutes, they are just coming through the atmosphere.”

“Good, that makes it easier.” O’Shea glanced at Johnson, “How do you feel about a lift back up there?”

“Sir, there might be civilians in that building.  Are you sure destroying it is a good idea? Not to mention the disruptor canons can probably take out the ship.”

“Are there any indications of civilians in the village? Thought everyone was accounted for?” O’Shea asked before continuing, “Fair point about the canons, likely the ship would be able to take a couple of hits but best not risk it.”

“If we had a photon launcher I think we can take out the floors with the canons and possibly expose the snipers to Doc MacDonald.” He smiled ruefully, “They sent out an assault team to take out the Lieutenant and she picked off two of them before they even knew what was happening.  They haven’t tried it a second time.”

“Well, it is a good thing we have a few of those on board the runabout then. When it gets here we will use it to get close then head in on foot. Get Dougal and Baker out, disable the canons and snipers, and find the Doc.” 

Colony 159

Dougal kneeled next to Baker checking on him.  His breathing was shallow, but steady.   Dougal could feel a pulse, but had no idea if it was healthy or cause for concern.  “You’ll be braw soon enough lad,” he said to the other man who lay unconscious next to him.  Dougal broke more hand warmers from his kit and placed them around Baker’s body and pulled the mylar blanket back over tucking in the sides trying to preserve as much warmth as possible. 

As Dougal worked to keep Baker warm O’Shea and the team flew meters above the treetops as they rapidly approached the village. O’Shea stood beside the pilot secretly enjoying the thrill of the flight, without taking his eyes off the scene before him he spoke to the young pilot, “Set us down as close as you can to Dougal and Baker’s position but outside of the view of the building. Getting them on board is key, we will disable the canon once they are on board.”

The ensign nodded as the runabout dove down into the valley before banking hard and dipping below a small ridgeline hiding the ship from view as they approached the location of Baker and Dougal. Within moments the runabout set down and O’Shea, and Pach stepped out. O’Shea turned to the other two crewmembers, “Lance I want you to stay with the ship and the pilot, last thing we want is the Klingons to sneak up on us and get ahold of it. Johnson you lead the way.”

“Over there sir,” he said pointing.  “There’s a line of trees that offer cover until you are within a few hundred meters of the village. ”

“Wish it was closer but it is what we have to work with. Where are Dougal and Baker in relation to us and the village?” O’Shea asked.

Johnson glanced around for a moment to get his bearings.  Pointing at about the 10 o’clock position, “Over there I think.  He’s sheltering behind an stone building on the south end of town.  There’s a low rise and about fifty meters of exposed ground before you are obscured by the buildings of the village.”

Johnson led O’Shea and Pach through the tree on their approach to the village and the location of the other two members of the security team. The forest was dense providing cover for the three as they moved forward. Glancing at the rough map they had of the region and the last known locations of the other officers O’Shea knew they had to be close. “How much farther Johnson?”

He stopped. “Here sir,” Johnson said simply. They were at the edge of the tree line and before the lay a small village. Only a couple hundred people lived there under normal circumstances.  There was no reason for the Romulan Separatists to send their Klingon mercenaries here, yet here they were.  

Perhaps it was something to do with the colony’s sub-space transmitter located nearby on one the peaks. Or maybe it was just simple sadistic need to control the whole planet.  Either way what had once been a near idyllic location had become a deadly battlefield. Like countless other towns in history from Gettysburg, Carentan, and Axanar the peace was shattered simply because that’s where two armies met.

O’Shea scanned the village with his eye, “Looks pretty quiet.” He turned to Pach, “What are your thoughts? They could be waiting for us to try and cross the open ground.”

Pach grunted as he looked through the scope of his rifle, “Possible, but we don’t have much of a choice, Dougal and Baker are in there.”

“True,” O’Shea remarked as he adjusted the photon launcher on his shoulder. “We need to get a bit closer for this and need a better line of sight on the building.” He paused and quickly looked around, “We have limited options, we need to get into the town, ideally that two-story building there,” he said as he pointed to a wooden building painted red. “If we get there we should be able to get a direct shot on their reinforced position and take out the canons, that will let the runabout come in. Both of you cover me, I will go first when then Johnson followed by Pach.”

Johnson nodded, “Aye sir.”

O’Shea nodded, “No time like the present. Of we go.” With that, he slowly made his way through the last few meters of cover before he paused and took one final look across the field at the buildings. Not seeing any sign of life in the village he lifted his hand signalling the two behind him that he was going to move forward. Not wanting to wait any longer he took off at a sprint across the open ground. As he ran he keep his eyes open for any possible threat but saw none, thirty seconds later he had his back to the red two-story building. Looking back he waved and a moment later Johnson burst from the trees and made it across without issue.

“Glad you could make it Johnson, you watch that corner. I have this one,” O’Shea said pointing to the adjacent corner.

Once Johnson was in position O’Shea waved to Pach who took off at a fast run. He made it two-thirds of the way across before a shout went up from past the building they were behind. As he peered around he saw a flash of movement and disruptor fire flew past him splashing into the ground around Pach who dove behind a nearby woodpile narrowly avoiding being hit.

“Pach, you ok?” O’Shea called out.

“Heghlu’meH QaQ jajvam,” Pach responded before peering over and firing his phaser back.

“NO, today is not a good day to DIE PACH!” O’Shea shouted back before turning to Johnson. “Johnson, do you have a clear shot on the target building?” O’Shea said as he took the photon launcher from his shoulder. “The shot is yours, get it down fast!”

Johnson checked the micro photon torpedo before lifting the device to his shoulder.   Designed for runabouts and shuttles it was an awkward,  but effective weapon in this case.  He pressed the firing mechanism and the miniature photon torpedo shot out and less than a second later the whole top floor of the administrative building erupted in flames as bits of ferroconcrete showered the street below. 

As a response the occupants with returned disruptor fire from every opening in what remained of the building.  Johnson ducked behind his concealment as angry red disruptor bolts flashed by.  “I think we made them angry.”

“GOOD!” O’Shea shouted back as he quickly fired his phaser around the corner hitting a Klingon as the warrior ran towards him shouting. Ducking back behind the wall he switched his tactical eye display on and smiled, “Their jamming is down!”

Tapping is combadge open a communication link to the runabout, “Lance, the jamming is down. Get a lock on the MacDonalds and Baker and beam them out. The Doc can decide if she wants him on the Mercy. Then get us out of here.”

Lori responded instantly, “On it, I have their signals.”

O’Shea relaxed a little as he glanced over a Pach who had moved to the building adjacent to him. “Keep them off us for now. Beam out is coming.” 

Johnson learned around the corner and fired twice.  His first shot was wide right,  but the second sent a Klingon falling forward out the open window on the second floor. 

Weapons fire continued for the next 30 seconds before O’Shea combadge activities and Lori’s voice came over it, “Sir, beaming you out in a couple of seconds. Be ready.”

Before O’Shea even had a chance to relay the message he felt the transporter activate and his vision was filled with light before he materialized on the runabout beside Pach and Johnson. Without pause, he stepped off the pad and looked to Lori, “Report.”

“Sir, I was able to beam out the others, the Doc and Dougal are with Baker right now in the back,” Lori said as the shuttle moved away from the village.

“Ok, take us back to Mercy I am going to go check on Baker,” O’Shea remarked and made his way to the rear compartment of the ship.

Aimee was standing next to her husband when O’Shea entered the compartment. Dougal gave him a nod, and she approached the security chief. “Baker’s stable, but he’s lost a lot of blood and has a collapsed lung. I have him sedated and resting.  I’ll have to do surgery as soon as possible. Adams will be fine.  No major damage to the leg. He should be able to report for duty tomorrow.”

O’Shea nodded as he listened to the Doc, “Best give him a chance to recover a bit. I have ordered the ship back to Mercy. I will expect a full rundown of the events after we are back but for now, rest.” He turned and stepped up to Baker, “Glad you pulled through.  Take it easy, you may be physically healed tomorrow but I want you to take a couple of days.”

Baker nodded, “Thank you sir.”

“Thank you for pulling us out of a wee jam sir,” Dougal said extended his hand.  “We stepped in a wee hornet’s nest to be sure.”

O’Shea let out a laugh, “You would do the same.”