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USS Mercy: Mission 2 – “Into the Breach”

An outlying colony in Federation space comes under heavy orbital and ground attack from separatist Romulan forces who are on the run from the newest iteration of the Romulan Empire. While the fleet takes chase against the attackers, the USS Mercy is tasked with engaging in search and rescue operations in both the major city and outlying rural communities.

Mission Description

Some of the Romulan Separatists have been left behind, and the crew will need to find the right footing on the planet as they work to rescue and protect those they’re saving from rogue elements.  The city is a wreck, and multiple buildings are on the brink of collapse

About the Mission

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1 February 2023

On the Ground

USS Mercy: Mission 2 - “Into the Breach”

Crawford gripped her engineering kits tightly as the transporter faded, revealing the world around her.  Fires burned unabated, and cries of pain, sorrow, and suffering echoed throughout as the whine of the transporter continued to signal the incoming medical and engineering teams along with [...]

30 January 2023


USS Mercy: Mission 2 - “Into the Breach”

USS Mercy – Security Office O’Shea sat with Chief Petty Office Pach as they reviewed the latest reports from the various security teams around teh colony. So far things had been quiet and the possibility of rogue Romulan and Klingon ground forces had yet to prove much of a threat.  He [...]

28 January 2023

And in the end...

USS Mercy: Mission 2 - “Into the Breach”

Leopold Halsey was tired.  Hell, they were all tired. Thirty days.  Search and rescue.  Recovery.  Rooting out the remaining Romulan separatists.  Helping Colony 159 rebuild.  Rinse. Repeat.  The crew had fallen into a rhythm with each other as the days had gone [...]

19 January 2023

Power Struggle - Part 2

USS Mercy: Mission 2 - “Into the Breach”

Colony 159 – Solar Power Plant 1845 Hours Neva’s hand circled the back of her neck in a vain effort to wash away sweat. Dark eyes scanned the treelines and horizon carefully. That watchful gaze widened and whipped away as she sprinted to action. A break in that line coalesced into a group of [...]