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Part of USS Denver: Mission 4: Can’t Come Home Again Part: 3 and USS Denver: Mission 4: Can’t Come Home Again


July 15, 2374
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Órlaith paced the brig.  She didn’t like being held like a caged animal.  Her brother Ian lay on the bench that served as a bed snoring softly.  She gave him a disgusted look.  She didn’t understand her brother.  His ability to be so cruel, and then just switch it off and go to sleep in a situation like this.

She pulled the hair tie out of her blonde hair and shook it out in agitation before pulling it back into a single pony tail.  It was still a mess, but at least the loose strands had been regathered up and out of her face.  She absently wondered what she’d look like if she cut it all off.

Jeter sat in the ready room as he reviewed reports from his teams across the ship. Over the takeover went without any major issues. There had been a couple of small firefights and a few deaths but that was expected. He was now fairly confident that those who had been offered to join his side had meant it while those who refused sat waiting for their fate in the cargo bay. As he did he tapped his screen and an image of the cell appeared on the screen. He watched for a moment as Órlaith paced the small space.

He was interrupted when his door chimed, “Enter,” he said absently but his hand drifted to the phaser on his hip. ‘Never hurts to be careful,’ he thought to himself. The door opened and in walked the con officer and one of the security officers he first recurited, “Sir we have arrived at the coordinates, what are your orders?”

Jeter stood up and smiled, “Perfect, are the resources gathered that I ordered?” The security officer nodded. “Good, there should be a class L planet in the system. Let us find a nice somewhat hospitable place for those misguided individuals in the cargo bay.”

The con officer looked at him for a moment, “We won’t be executing them sir?”

“No, I know that is what Bellitor and Dominus would do but I think they might have a change of heart after some time. And as for Órlaith  and Ian, let’s put them down on the opposite side of the planet shall we?” The two officers nodded and agree to find the locations before turning to leave.

As they left Jeter looked back at the video and made up his mind. He quickly left the ready room and made his way to the brig.

Stepping through the door he stopped and looked at the two prisoners; as the madman Ian slept he could tell that Órlaith was in no way able to. “I trust you are comfortable,” he said as he stepped up to the forcefield.

She scowled at Jeter, “What do you want?”

Jeter smiled and let out a low laugh, “Such anger.” He paused for a moment and looked at them both and then around the room before continuing. “I wanted to let you know that we are almost at our destination and you will then be moving on to your new accommodations. I DO need to get back to my fleet after all.”

“If you think keeping us alive will shield you from my mother you are mistaken.”

“I am not worried about your mother, she will have her hands full soon enough, if not already. They stupidly like to draw attention to themselves. It is why they are endlessly having to run away.” Jeter said with a low chuckle. “That is here nor there really now. Normally I would tell you to get your things packed but, well, you don’t really have the need now. That said I thought about it and figure you and maybe your idiot brother could take a single thing from your quarters to your new home.” He paused for a moment and continued, “And now, a weapon will not be allowed.”

“I have nothing that can’t be replaced,” Órlaith said simply.  “No need to waste our time with that.”

Jeter shrugged, “Ok, just remember that.” He turned and stepped up to the security station before he pulled up the current status of the ship. “Good,” He muttered to himself before looking at Órlaith, “Looks like a suitable location has been found. I do hope you enjoy your new home and that your brother is adequate company though I doubt it.”

He tapped a few quick commands and then opened a com channel to the transporter room. “Jeter to the Transporter room, get a lock on our two wayward prisoners and initiate transport to these coordinates.”

Glancing back at Órlaith he smiled, “Bon voyage,” just as the force field dropped and the transporter initiated taking Órlaith and Ian to their new home.