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Human Female

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USS Denver



July 23, 2424

Unknown location


Órlaith is the daughter of Dominus and Bellitor. She and her brother were conceived in a lab. Using Dominion techniques to accelerate growth she was fully grown in thirty days, and certain knowledge was genetically incorporated into her her makeup.




Órlaith Sarah Murphy (b. July 23, 2421) is a Civilian attached to the USS Denver. Her official Federation records shows she was born on a remote colony planet in 2356, as the daughter of Sarah and Sean Murphy. The Murphy’s are cousins to Captain Rebecca Talon. 

However, the truth is her true origins with the help of Lieutenant Riandri Nalam a new identity was built. Órlaith is actually the daughter of Dominus and Bellitor, alternate reality versions of Captain Nicholas Ryder and Rebecca Talon. Using Dominion artificial growth and genetic memory techniques she and her brother Ian were artificially aged to adults. In July of 2374 she betrayed her tyrant family and saved the lives of several of the Denver crew.

Aboard the Denver she begain working with Lieutenant Marcus D. Ming as his apprentice. In late 2374, she earned an “Acting Ensign” commission from Captain Talon. She served in Ming’s wing as a junior pilot until the end of the war.

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